PIAA’s New Ion Yellow LP Series LED Lights


PORTLAND, OR – June 14, 2016 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  PIAA has introduced two all new LED lights to the already extensive LP Series line. The LP270 and LP530 Ion Yellow LED lights feature PIAA’s world renown Ion Yellow color output. The 2800k pure yellow output is far less reflective than standard white light output allowing it to easily cut through rain, fog, snow, and dust giving drivers an advantage in a variety of harsh conditions.



Reflector Facing Technology and computer designed reflector of LP Series lights gives these lights a sharp cut off line that keeps the light where the driver needs while preventing dangerous glare for oncoming drivers.

Made from only the highest quality components, both lights feature an ultra-durable aluminum housing with a near indestructible poly lens. Both lights are 10g vibration rated to withstand any terrain, and the Ion yellow lens gives the front end of any vehicle a custom look.


The smaller 2.75” LP270’s come in a 30º driving beam pattern, while the larger 3.5” LP530’s come in the 30º driving pattern as well as a SAE compliant 65º Fog pattern. These compact LED lights are the perfect size for Jeep pillar mounts, OE fog light replacements, and lower bumper mounting. All PIAA light kits come complete with pre-assembled wiring harness which include a lighted switch and relay.

With the widest range of SAE compliant lights on the market, customers can use PIAA’s lights with confidence and less worry of passing inspection or costly tickets.


PIAA LP Series Yellow LED Lights

LP Series of lights offer the beam control of a halogen light with the low power consumption and durability of an LED light. Reflector Facing Technology allows for far better beam control and output than the conventional forward facing layout. In place of a traditional halogen bulb each light uses two high output LEDs producing a very yellow beam with a color temperature of 2800 Kelvin.

Models Part # - Color Temp. - Watts

  • LP270 Ion DRV 22-02772 2800k Yellow 9.3
  • LP530 Ion SAE Fog
  • 22-05370 2800k Yellow 8
  • LP530 Ion DRV 22-05372 2800k Yellow 9.4

Starting at: $299.00

Please see http://www.PIAA.com for more information.


An alternative for sure. I'll probably keep my Baja Designs for now on my bike as they've already spotted up two herds of elk for me at night this last year but Mama's truck might need a set.

I'm obviously a Cyclops guy given they sponsor the #xladvproject990 bike but I'll acknowledge there are some other good motorcycle-specific lighting solutions out there (like Baja Designs).


PIAA seems to me like maybe a Rigid; popular in the the world of off-road if not specific to big bike adventure riding.


One thing here kind of bugs me about these lights; the huge brand name blocking like 50% of the beam pattern.  That has a whiff of "Starbucks rider" to me.  Riders more concerned about what the badging signals than the light put down range will love this light.


And probably loved this bike when they were a kid...


Ha Ha,

Is that a mono shock Huffy? Friend of mine had one of those back in the day. Heavy as a round top refrigerator and wouldn't Moto AT ALL. Looked the part though, shocks fore and aft and fake number plate and all. Just was a sure fire way to get laughed at if you tried to run with anyone on a proper bike like a Mongoose or something. Poor bastitch, probably explains a good deal about how he ended up in life anyways.

I agree about the "styling" it reminds me of the yellow KC lites from the '70s and that probably will be a bit gauche for most of us discriminating ADV types. But probably great for the GS rider at the Starbucks who uses it as a canyon blaster up the highway to the mountain once a month. I myself am not too keen on that particular mounting as I'm liable to clip them off in a rut and that grille doesn't look too protective from stones and gravel but to each his own as they say.

Not sure a pair of fog lights know what they get mounted to. :P  I've known PIAA to make quality stuff that works. I agree the badging is big, but are you sure it actually neuters the output and pattern of the light? I'm sure a least one PIAA engineer considered marketing's desires against its affect on performance. Again, they are not some ebay only, fly-by-night mfr IMHO.

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