Pie Run

Some Bay Area riders headed out down to Big Sur for a quick ride and a pie run. f99444aab9be045190be7263b80cea90.jpg



Anyone else go for Pie?

Nice!  did you use that YouTube stabilization thing?  I hate that.

yes, i'm trying to revert to original.  Video manager sucks.

Do you get any copyright warnings on YouTube for that song?  I get those all the time.  I would check "dispute" and then say I qualify under "fair use..." but I recently had two videos get flagged and because the titles were similar I thought they were talking about just one video and I ignored it thinking I was fine.  Wrong.  They gave me two strikes.  Three and I'm booted off YouTube!  I have to "play nice" now until like October for my probation to come off :)


I'm just putting more videos on Vimeo now.  And I heard Amazon is getting into video hosting so I'll check them out.


Bugs me because I'm not using the video to make money and I paid for the song.  I get it if a company like Sena wants to use a copyrighted song in a video they need to get permission and/or pay for the rights but some guy making a video of his weekend ride that's going to be seen by no more than 1,000 people in 99% of cases seems absurd.  It's not like people are going to watch your video just so they can hear Zeppelin's "Custard Pie" without paying for it.  I can do that already on Pandora or Spotify or Amazon Music or Google Play, etc...

It's frustrating. I got flagged on the last vid I made as well. So they plugged a bunch of commercials in there. I think you tube is using us as there way to get more media/advertising coverage etc. but I feel and know exactly what you mean. Beyondstarbucks has inspired me to make these vids. I bet my riding buddies think I'm a bit nutz too but who cares! It's all about having fun isn't it? And when you go to upload your vid. You need some cool music to go with it. Not some lame "garage band" beat box crap. I actually have no idea how to make that electronic stuff anyways! Ha! I just like to ride, have some pie, get dirty and share a few laughs. Maybe we should make our own hosting channel Eric? We both love food!

Actually I did get a copyright notice. I think I will have to revert the droning beatbox ridiculous background music. Also I think I'll open a Vimeo account and try it out.

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