Date w/ the garage this weekend!


What bits of AltRider goodness are on the box? ;)


Did you get a new crash bar and skid plate???????? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's worth the time spent installing it!

Do tell! 

Crash bars... But, I suck! Life happened and I didn't get to the install. Always something poppin' up that is a "must do".  :thumbsdown:  Can't wait though... Look like NICE bits! :thumbsup:

Well, I took the L O N G way around on this project. Unfortunately Altrider had the wrong product in the right packaging. I ended up with 2015+ crashbars (mine is a 13) and the kicker is, they fit GREAT until I went to install the lower radiator shrouds. :wacko:  So, by the time I worked out the issue with Altrider and did a 10 day vacation to the Pac NW, the correct crash bars are now installed. They fit great, are solid as a rock, and IMHO compliment the bike well. You be the judge... Good news is, since I've technically installed and uninstalled Altrider crash bars twice, I could do it again in my sleep. ;)






Those look really nice!

Well built and engineered IMHO. A bit of a pain to install the upper mounts. But, not b/c of Altrider. Triumph uses a bolt with inner nut for the upper engine mounts through the frame. So, instead of being able to thread the bolt into a fixed, threaded piece from the outside, you have to get a nut started on the inside. Well, that happens to be above the header and behind the radiator and fan assemblies (tight quarters). And, on the right side, the nut has to be threaded on with the bolt recessed inside a tube. You can't get at it with a long, straight extension, so you have to use one with a universal joint, using masking tape to keep it from getting too floppy. Just a lot of finagling and futzing around. But, the mounting locations are right and very, very solid. So, worth the trouble IMHO. Altrider did the best they could with Triumph's design. I expect them to do their job well.

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