New "Adventure" Line of Products from Antigravity Batteries


I have a very good set of experiences so far with Antigravity Batteries.   I have their XP-10 from their Micro-Start line of jump starting/charging batteries and then they also sponsored our #xladvproject990 bike with a lithium battery.  I also have had a good experience with their Micro-Start Tire Inflator so I'm eager so get a chance to test these new products from their Adventure line.


I will try to get a few sets of them for our contributors to start trying out and report back.


So pretty cool lights, huh?  Well, they also will act as Bluetooth music players, hands-free speaker phone and as  powerbanks!


Multi-Function Lantern:




Ultralight X Multi-Function Flashlight:



Ultralight XA Multi-Function Aluminum Flashlight:


I would be down to test and review them, right now I'm using goal zero products and so far I'm satisfied though the powebank I've got has noticeably decreased in capacity. Also I'm a sucker for quality flashlights

The lantern with bluetooth is a cool idea. Looking forward to hearing out they work.  :thumbsup:

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