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I think we've talked about the Rever app before but not part of its own thread. I wanted to take this chance to give it its own thread for a few reasons, the main one being that BMW just announced yesterday a partnership with Rever to aid in efforts to "build a global community of motorcyclists." That should certainly boost the global usage of that app and perhaps aid their continuing efforts to build out or featurize the app.

Rever has already shot past quite a few of their rivals in a very short time frame. I've used Rever for just over a year now have naturally been accused of cheerleading for them (the flattery of course of being made a Rever rider didn't hurt) but the truth is it's just a great app. Check the reviews yourself. I still use it regularly because it works and I like it. They have a 4+ rating and appear to have around 50,000 installs (give or take a few thousand).

Here's a video they just posted the other day that's an intro for you to get a better idea how it works.

Here are some of the features I like best:

  • Tracking & recording my ride so I can see later where I went, average speed, distance and then share with others
  • Finding friends' rides they've done to give me an idea when it comes to areas I haven't ridden
  • Planning a route from scratch on digital versions of Butler Maps.
  • Creating group rides like for our High Sierra event where riders simply go to Rever to either use it on their phone or download to their GPS device.
  • And the premium level lets you track your friends (who have the Rever app on) in real time; something we made use of at LAB2V

Screen shot of the app



Check it out! Let us know your thoughts.

And if BMW really wants to boost their "global online community," I know a certain big adventure bike community they could leverage to that end! :lol: I guess I should have been more careful calling attention to their recent sale figures. :lol: Well at least they respect us. Right? Right?!!

Wow, and now an article in Forbes


From the article:


Mark Roebke and Justin Bradshaw, co-founders of Rever, said in a joint statement that the investment will allow the company to expand and will give it access to the “network of talent and resources” to help Rever become a household name among motorcycle riders.


Can the app record your route offline (no internet)? 

I use it. Its simple and easy! I have the membership and love seeing these small businesses succeed. These young guys are far more creative that I was at their age.

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Can the app record your route offline (no internet)?

Yes. It will record and then upload the next time your phone gets a signal.

I must have something set wrong. When I did the ride with rawhyde at Morman Lake all I got was a straight line with two points on it.


REVER has their 3.0 version out today.  I loaded it up on the iPhone and there's a few new things to check out...

  • "New Ride Discovery" is basically new tracks from sources like Butler Maps, RoadRUNNER, etc...
  • "More Socializing" makes it easier to connect with friends 
  • "Maps, Nav & Live Friend Tracking" updated maps, tracking & Live Friend Tracker along with a customizable dashboard
  • Lesser known features: offline maps, safety texts, custom garage, web-based ride planning & geo-based challenges.


So check it out!

I've been using Rever for quite some time now and really like it for it's ease of use.  I only have one complaint that I have already pointed out to the Rever tech support group on multiple occasions :

If you are planning a route in the Rever app, it works very well.  However, if you try to import a .gpx file, often times that won't import to the Rever map correctly.  I experienced this issue several times, most recently a few weeks back when I took a group of N00bs out to the Husky.  I emailed a gpx to my sweep and he loaded it into his Rever app.  The result was the tail end of our group being routed into Black Canyon, which is not friendly to N00bs on ill equipped bikes due to the long stretches of deep sand.   :unsure:   That "rescue mission"  lasted well into the darkness...

Hopefully V3.0 will have addressed this potentially dangerous fault.



How does one load a gpx file into the app? I've done it via the website only and have never had an issue.

A GPX file of a track (not a route) will write to REVER exactly how it would to Basecamp or any other program.

Clarification:  gpx Routes is what I have had issue with (possibly a problem with differences between the source map and the Rever map?)  and as far as I know, you can only plan rides via desktop, not in the phone app.

I also always run my Garmin Montana as my main nav source, redundancy is always good in the middle of nowhere


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Yeah routes are the issue if the base map isn't the same. That's why I never use routes.

I planned a track for TOD scouting but ran into issues when I was planning to go where REVER showed there was no track. So I switched to Basecamp and that worked to draw a track wherever I wanted it.

I did a BDR with a guy who had his gps in route mode and it got our group lost like three times the first day. The fourth time I was like f that, im following the track. They showed up just as the sun went down and they weren't happy at all. They chose me to lead after that.


I like the Rever app, but it hammers my battery. Excellent for shorter rides. 

I usually use it only to record a ride and that doesn't seem to take as much juice but I did use it on the Honda CRF250L launch to track a pre-recorded track and while it worked great, I did have it plugged into a power outlet.

1 hour ago, Eric Hall said:

I usually use it only to record a ride and that doesn't seem to take as much juice but I did use it on the Honda CRF250L launch to track a pre-recorded track and while it worked great, I did have it plugged into a power outlet.

Admittedly, I've never worked out the power supply issues for my accessories. The vibration, and the bumps always moves my charger just enough to stop charging. 

Having learned a few things about the Rever app, I thought to share them here since the two points are related to what's been mentioned here.

If tracking has been initiated by tapping the "Start Tracking" button and later the "Pause" is selected, be mindful this pause does not end the tracking. So, if no more tracking is performed for a bit of time and the phone is off in a different area, a straight line will appear if the tracking is resumed. So, anytime a rider wants to end the tracking and finish-up the track, be sure to tap the "Finish" button. This can be done weather in or out of network. As mentioned earlier, once back in a network the "Ride" will sync with your account. Which brings me to my next point.


When I am traveling, my I set my phone to "airplane" mode to conserve the battery. The Rever app doesn't care--it's still recording the ride. Out west, wireless signal is can be unavailable, so why have a phone continuously searching for a network--or, even wifi if that is still turned on? 

Hope this helps someone.



Well....after posting that, I see it was my first post. How rude of me! I hadn't realized this. So, hello to all, and the two rascals who have posted in this thread that I met earlier this year: 556baller who let me change the oil in the Nissan at his house back in April, and Eric Hall whom I met at a gas station/Burger King in Green River, UT. 


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Ha ha! Welcome Marc! I was just telling that story the other day (of us meeting in Green River). Hope you are doing well!

I tried using REVER that day but I'd just loaded the 3.0 update and unfortunately it crashed on me but luckily I'd loaded my tracks on my GPS as a backup. That's been long since fixed, btw

Yeah, doing fine. You? How did that leg of the UTBDR from Green River go for you? Did you see Smith's Cabin out there? 

The leg went pretty well.  I was riding solo so just a nice calm pace but I wanted to keep moving to get to Escalante.  Found the camping place in town there full and they were rather unhelpful so I just wild camped outside of town and it was actually really nice.  Glad I did that.  The next day down to St. George was even better.  Not sure about Smith cabin though.

Just got caught up on your write-up about this leg. I understood incorrectly that you were heading north on the UTBDR--that is a section I had just ridden and was showing a couple of pictures. From there, I went and spent a couple of hot nights in Hite before heading over to Starr Springs Campground northwest about 15-20 miles. Much cooler up there for camping, but riding wasn't so good. Good place to pass through though. The Base Camp store was my lifeline in the area.

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