Southeast Riders

I know it's hotter than 4 hells in the south right now but I'm looking to get to know some riders & maybe get in on some trips. Hate I missed the MMM in Tennessee this past March. I'm in the Golden Corner of SC at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains. Anyone close? Any trips planned?

Attached a few pix from a Parkway trip from last fall. Got stuck up on the mountain in a big storm. Still had a good time! Upgraded from the KLR to a Tiger 800 XCx.



Very nice!  Looks like a great place to ride but yeah, I don't envy you for the humidity there now.


MMM is a great event, I hear.  We do our version out here and I've heard good things about that one too but haven't gone yet.

I would love to ride out west sometime. May have to ship my bike out & back. I would love to ride out & back but I don't have the time for that long of a trip.

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