Horizons Unlimited - Yosemite Sep 22-25 2016

XLADV will be there.  How about you?


I will be there presenting on how to become a sponsored ride & manage that whole social media space.  I will also be presenting SOLO a cooking off the bike presentation.  Well, okay, I may have some help there.   :lol:


If you haven't yet gone you should give it a shot.  If you're more the adventure-enduro guy l like me then there will be some trails to ride but HU is more a social thing.  There's also lots of VERY scenic pavement given the Mariposa Fairgrounds is right on the western edge of Yosemite.


Seriously, you come to one of these and meet such amazing people that you build these friendships that span the globe.  Get to meet some of those riders you see post on Instagram or on the HU forum.  Our breadth and depth of international round the world adventure know-how just doesn't compare (yet) to HU's.


Register here!



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