2011 Pacific Northwest Trip

In 2006, my brother got me interested in touring by motorcycle.  I've been obsessive about it ever since.


Now, I have ridden motorcycles for almost 42 years. But, until he said let's go ride around Yellowstone, I had never thought about travelling by bike.


In 2007, I met his friend from Tennessee - Jim Bean (goes by Frijole on several forums.  you can guess why).  Jim joined our merry band of bike travelers, often instigating the trip by suggesting a destination or three.   Fast forward to 2011 and the three of us, plus two other vagabonds we adopted over the years (crazy stories behind each of those.  Alaska was at fault), thought we would spend two weeks on the west side of the country.  I wanted to hit up most of the great roads in Calif, plus see the Oregon Coast, Idaho, and on and on.



Jim is the group photog.  Mostly because I rarely see anyone take better pics than he can.  We can stand side by side and take pics of the same subject and mine will look like crap, and his could sell for $$$.   He also started, with our first trip, producing videos to remember them by.  At first, they were slide shows to music, then gopro footage was added.   The man is an artist.


Here is a link to said 2011 trip.  It may affect me more than it will you, because I did that trip.  But, it is a great video anyways.


One of these days I need to get up to the PNW - looks absolutely beautiful up that way! What's the best time of year?

One of these days I need to get up to the PNW - looks absolutely beautiful up that way! What's the best time of year?


I grew up just outside of Portland Oregon. As a general rule, after the 4th of July through the 2nd week in October is nice. If you shot for mid July to end of September, you'd be golden IMHO. It is a GREAT place to ride in the summer. Green,  fresh air, not too hot, and tons of interesting sites & topography.

Our yearly trips generally take place first couple weeks of June, due to schedules.  I do know that the dates Bryan gives probably work out better.  We just try and stay away from crowds.

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Good times, Brother! Look forward to many more ADV's with you guys.

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