Heading out from LA to GC and Escalante beginning of September.

..anybody wants to tag along for some of the ride?

I'm on a 990, plan to be camping and cooking, but heading in to civilisation every day.

I have done the tracks last year and I'm heading out again because they were amazing.

I did the ride through the Arizona strip, Kanab wilderness and smoky mtn. Rd solo last year. But with the risks involved in riding alone I'd prefer some company.

If you up for it give me a shout.

BR Peter

We have our High Sierra ride Sep 1-4 but I was considering a UT ride in Sept at some point

We have our High Sierra ride Sep 1-4 but I was considering a UT ride in Sept at some point

Unfortunately I can't make it to High Sierra.

I'll probably not head out until the 9th or so.


Work plans have changed, I'll be heading out about a week later.

Still expect first stop out of LA to be Valley Of Fire, NV.

So if anyone want's to bring some loaded up big bikes along the north of the GC let me know.

I Expect you to be able to handle yourself, but that being said, once we're there in the dust I'll help us out with anything, out there it's no joke.

Will go about the same route as last year, but we'll plan it out as we go.

RR from last year:


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Haha, well plane ticket's booked for LAX on Monday.

Heading out middle of next week, might hang around Kanab and discover a lot more of the GC if weather permits :-)

Any recent reports on road conditions in that area?

Trying to pack..


It all went really well..


Would love to see a ride report

Would love to see a ride report

Yeah me too, but I'm quite busy with getting the shipping of the bike back to Europe sorted and then work..

Few snapshots, might do a ride report when winter hits Denmarkia and I'm not too busy with wrenching :-)








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