Unused threaded holes on 2016 XCX

Hello all,

Hoping someone might know what the intent of the engineers was for these threaded yet unused holes on the Tiger's swingarm (both sides)?Appreciate any insight you might have!


They are for swingarm bobbins, allowing you to get the rear tire off the ground with a poddock stand. Here's mine:




I have use the Bikemaster stand. Works well.




Thank you Bryan! Much appreciated!

Thank you Bryan! Much appreciated!


NP! How long have you had the Tiger?

Have had her for about 4 months now. Long enough to know she needed new tires and a few other add-ons, but otherwise is an amazing machine!

I will say, the TKC80 tires did wonders off-road. Really made the bike come alive on the trails. Of course, at 70 mph on the highway they are grainy and drone. But, not where I prefer to spend my time anyway.

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