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Big Bikes at B A J A R A L L Y!

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Coming Oct 10, 2016.  The BAJA RALLY™!




I think we got four guys so far on big bikes entered and a special secret guest rider yet to be named.


Brian Englund (KTM 950SE)

Casey Hilliard (HP2)

Lawrence Hacking (CRF1000L)

Keith Billings (KTM 990R)

Chris Ambrosio (riding KTM 640 but not considered "adv" class for some reason)


I will be down there covering each stage live and will try and post up photos and stories from each bivouac.


I will post a tracking link shortly.

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I will be down there supporting a friend who is riding in the rally!  Going to be fun riding down the coast to the Baja from Vancouver Island!

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FYI, there will be live tracking beginning Tuesday morning, Oct 9th at 9:00 am!


Live Streaming, Tracking and Daily Updates: 

4th Annual BAJA RALLY, October 10-15


Watch BAJA RALLY 20016 Live All Week

Live Streaming, Live Tracking and Daily Video Highlights On www.bajarallymoto.com. Each day for 5 days, race fans worldwide will stay up to date with all the action and drama as it unfolds!


4th Annual BAJA RALLY - The fastest growing motorsports event in North America spans the entire week of October 9th to 15th with Live Streaming Video, Live Tracking and daily highlight videos. Engines will roar as the sun breaks the darkness in the horizon, and the 80 competitors from 13 countries will take their first green flags Tuesday October 11 from “Restaurante Acambaro” at 9:00AM PDT. Don’t miss any of the blood, sweat and tears spilled onto the 1,500-mile racecourse this year! Watch the riders blaze down the Baja Peninsula from our Live Streaming and Tracking Pages then check out our Instagram and Facebook pages regularly for photo, news and video updates!




The BAJA RALLY is the first and only FIM style navigation rally raid in the Mexican State of Baja, CA. Modeled after the world famous DAKAR RALLY, the BAJA RALLY has been endorsed by federal, state and municipal governments as an “eco-adventure” racing competition because of its low impact on the environment and through cooperation with federal regulators. Four years since its inception, the BAJA RALLY is branded as a human experience designed to test racers’ stamina, skill and mechanical prowess.

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Just had a great interview with Lawrence Hacking who is riding his Africa Twin. Tires not changed yet but we still have time.

The big bikes will most likely have an abbreviated course given the level of energy required to muscle them along vs the smaller bikes.


And then here's Keith Billings' 990R. He and Lawrence may ride together as much as possible.


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Got an interview with Casey Hilliard and Brian Englund. Hope to get that posted soon.

We talked about the abbreviated course for the big bikes, their strategy as well as this being a huge opportunity for the future of big bike rally raid racing. They really sense that they are the pioneers here and feel the responsibility resting on their shoulders to put in a good showing.

Then we helped Lawrence Hacking set the bead on his rear tire.

Casey at work


Brian at the side of his 950


Casey running a fresh Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T


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Today's stage is a prologue that won't count for time, just tomorrow's starting order. I'm going to try to get some good photos and video but bandwidth will be an issue.

I will try to livestream the start this morning depending on wi-fi.

Not enough rooms tonight either so I will be camping

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There is a video dropping later this morning from the Baja Rally Facebook page that is kind of a daily summary for yesterday.

Also, live streaming as well as racer tracking is over at bajarallymoto.com

So who are your favorites?

Lawrence Hacking - CRF1000L

Keith Billings - 990R

Casey Hilliard - HP2

Brian Englund - 950SE

I'd probably say Casey, Lawrence, Brian, Keith but we shall see!

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