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LightingElectrical Sena BlueTooth Communicator Question: Quality Degradation?

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SMH10 units. Brand new, so just full day's ride on them. My riding partner and I noticed that communication quality was better the first couple of hours of the day. By the last couple of hours, they worked perfectly, but voice quality and clarity was noticeably worse. Units were charged a full 8 hours the night before, so battery life didn't appear to be the issue.


Any knowledge/experience to share?



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My wife has the SMH 10 and I have the 10C  Quality has been good on every ride.  

One thing I would try is see if your cellphone call quality is bad.  Bluetooth is just a protocol that runs over 2.4Ghz just like most WiFi signal.  Its susceptible to interference from other WiFi transmissions and even microwave ovens.  

It could be possible that one of your Sena's is defective.  I would guess sound quality would be bad on Cell phone use too.  Pair up your cell phone and walk away from it awhile on a call to test.  


Thats all i got off the top of my head.  


Last year at High Sierra I talked to the Sena guys about using WiFi with mesh networking instead of bluetooth for just helmet to helmet communication.  I figure if someone could get the software part to work, they could daisy chain riders helmets together for up to a mile or so.  So if you were spread out in a group, each helmet Sena would relay to all other helmets in the mesh so the leader and the rear could commuicate without actually being directly(wirelessly) connected.  Just crap i think about, but have no development experience to try out myself.  

Sena does have a ham radio adapter.  If we all got ham license, would could put 7 watt radios in our backpacks and get several miles or 100's of miles using a repeater.   :ride:

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That last there is Voodoo talk, Mate. I'd put the radio on the bike as I don't put ANYTHING on my back except sometimes armor.


And as others have said Bryan mine have never failed at all until just recently and that is battery/age related. Since I've gone to the AT-950 as my main helmet I just throw some Outdoors Tech CHIPs in there when I want sound/phone/nav and earplugs when I don't. I'd check with the folks at Sena for sure.

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