F800GS Long term or common issues?



I have not seen much here on the F800's. Granted, I am new to this site. I wanted to start a thread on common issues or problems with the F800GS bikes. I ride them a lot but still less than one year owning one. I want to know what are the common issues so I can plan ahead (parts and what to avoid). Anyone have good long term experience they would like to share? 


- Has anyone switched to tubless rims? 

- Has anyone done upgraded the suspension? 

- The clutch is pretty stiff and riding on dirt for long amounts start to hurt the hand... Any one have suggestions on what they do about this? 





I will try to get Mike or Landon to chime in.  I saw Landon put some kind of cam chain tensioner on his bike recently.

So far, the only part I needed replaced was the front fender.  After a ride a mounting screw was lost and it broke in a couple places.  It got replaced under warranty. 

Hey @N The Biz,

Nita rides an F650GS Twin - and we can speak to some of the area's you're interested in. We changed out her wheels to a set of Woody's tubeless and they've been a great addition to the bike. We travelled 2.5 years around the world and those rims took a hell of a beating - especially towards the last year of our journey. We wrote about getting the wheels here: 



And on HUBB


We also upgraded Nita's suspension to the Hyperpro spring kit from Touratech which is without a doubt the single best upgrade we've ever made to a bike. It's a totally different beast with an aftermarket suspension. We could only get the spring upgrade because her bike is lowered but we got the TT Extreme on my 1200GS and it's worth every penny. You can read that story here:



Finally, there's only one recurring issue that we've run into and heard about from other distance travellers - the stator burns out on this bike with some frequency. Nita's started to go out at about 55000km and died at 65000km. Others have replaced the stator 3 or 4 times in 120000km with the first failure as early as 22000km. In Canada the replacement and install is $1200 but it's a simple job (we've done it roadside) with an non-oem part. We recommend this bad boy that's worked like a dream since install and for $199 you can't beat the price:




Once we installed the electrosport we had her burnt one rewound and keep as a spare. For the clutch we just installed an adjustable lever which takes some stress off the fingers. 

Anyways, I hope this helps and if there's anything else I can do to help just send a note or post here!


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Thanks everyone, good info! 

The biggest issue I have experienced thus far has been with bearings.


Steering head bearings & the rear wheel bearings have gone sour on my 2012 with 55k miles.

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