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High Sierra for Lost for a Reason - 2016

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Was the food not great?  Classy Cowgirl on Yelp.  Leave her a review! 

IMG 8935

Shane and Tiffany are probably the best two up off roaders I've ever heard of!  So nice to meet them.

IMG 8937

Westen, Rafe & Ross


Ron Grace




Mark, Darren and I goofing off


June Lake Brewing was great for lunch


Pretty little maids all in a row





Raffle time!














Food porn







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This is a bit sad but also funny...  Jim Gary came last year and had a great time but this year couldn't make it because he was attending a memorial for a friend (sad part).


The funny part is he's been giving the "sad face" not just on one or two posts on Facebook of this ride but like EVERY single post!   :lol:


An example:

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 7.54.50 AM.png


I hope he can make it next year

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Those are fantastic photos!  


Westen's GSA isn't the first to be housed in there.  That was my Redverz tent I bought way back in March of 2011 and it accompanied me on many adventures I have great memories of.  I'm honored to see his bike in there.  Makes me happy.


He just needs to park it leaning the other way so if it falls, it's not on him  :lol:

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Friday Morning was cold, as seen on Sean's seat above.  Jonathan put together and lead a good easy ride and I brought up the rear.

A quick run through the Mammoth Scenic Loop and cutting off on some dirt tracks that led us up to the June loop.





After some discussion on the route, we decided on the track guarded by the attack dog.  Did anyone get a pic of that dog?  The thing was still attached to my left leg as I rolled thru 2nd gear...
A lunch stop at the Deli and we were off to Bodie.



Did I mention that for this run we had the official photographer in tow?  If Steven's pictures are half as good as his GSA piloting skills, I'll be blown away...
Here he is on the other side of the lens


Pulling out of Bodie, we headed northwest on Bodie Masonic Rd towards Aurora Cyn, regrouping before descending into Bridgeport.
Along the way Jonathan was caught off guard coming in hot to an off camber corner and went down. "I was looking at my speedo"   After picking up the BMW Roundel (that may have been run over by an unnamed KTM rider), he continued on to lead the group despite a little bruised pride and a couple bruised ribs.





Fueling in Bridgeport, we headed south to Green Creek and what ended up being the 90 minute "short cut" to the upper Dunderburg rd.



 A sandy two track with a bit of an incline to boot.  An excellent challenge for rusty intermediate riders.   Here for some reason I became so exhausted, I failed to take any pictures...   :rolleyes:
Back up on the easy road, we pulled into to Dunderburg Meadow, a spectacular alpine scene.


Following Dunderburg, we stopped at Virginia Lake for a break, and then blasted back down 395 to camp.  Just in time for fantastic meal and to catch another amazing sunset.
Our fearless and injured leader in front of the lake

Jonathan Virginia









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We had a great time meeting everyone and riding through some amazing areas! Thanks Eric Hall for organizing such a killer event.

Day 0 -

Pulled into camp Thursday afternoon! Took in the beautiful area and fresh air while setting up camp. Ride over to Convict Lake for a delicious dinner at "The Resturant" while watching the deer graze outside the window.

Day 1-

We started our first morning with the Mammoth Lakes Scenic Loop which was a nice warm up. From there we continued on to the June Lake loop and then found some dirt that paralleled the 395 up to The Mobile at Tioga Pass. Here we decided to grab some good to go and head to Bodie.

Cottonwood Canyon to Bodie was a nice ride. Easy dirt with some pretty fast sections. Definitely worth it and not much more difficult than the 270/Bodie Rd.

Bodie to Bridgeport via Masonic Road and Aurora Canyon was great. Amazing views followed by a tight canyon. Unfortunately Jonathan was trying to set the land speed record and had a little spill but overall it was a great track.

Dunderberg to Virginia Lakes was interesting. Within the first couple miles we hit some deep sand and sandy hill climbs. We were able to make it through but some of our group decided to call it a day after a brutal battle of big bikes vs deep sand. Once we made it back up to the main dirt road it was easy going up into Dunderberg meadows. The views up there are breathtaking, we will definitely be going back to explore!

From there we dropped into Virginia Lakes, such a beautiful area. It was tempting to go for a swim but it was a little brisk and the ride back to camp wouldn't have been as much fun.

After a jaunt back down the 395 we were happy to be back in camp on time to enjoy the great catered meal.

Day 2 and 3 coming soon! Along with photos and go pro video of Laruel Lakes 2 up.image.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpegimage.jpeg

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I really need to ride that track.  There was trouble last year as well and I thought I deleted it and replaced with something Rob Day gave me.  But someone told me Rob said "nope" that it wasn't his track.


All part of the adventure, right?

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You guys are AMAZING!... I am really humbled by your hospitality and the hard work you put into putting this ride on. So many fantastic and generous people this will make a huge difference in the lives of the kids on the Navajo reservation !FB_IMG_1473103640265.jpegFB_IMG_1471990851741.jpegFB_IMG_1473103793281.jpeg

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Who wants to see my video?



Note:  I got two videos on my helmet cam before I got an error "memory card full" message so I only had video from that and my Prism.  I'm bummed I didn't capture more of our fantastic riding but I know others did.  Those who were there know this wasn't a "drinking" event so don't get all freaky about it.  Just being creative with what I had to work with.  ;)

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