LAT: Water is Wet

Charles Fleming over at the LA Times tells us something we all pretty much already ("Motorcycle companies cash in on the adventure riding boom") know but we're certainly glad to see him tell a larger audience about this thing we call adventure motorcycle riding.


He quotes AltRider, Motoquest & RawHyde.




Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 1.56.27 PM.png



What I think, it's that, as clothing, trends and neon colors, even the 80s motorcycle scene is coming back in full force. Think about it. My dad back then had BMW GSs, Super Teneres, Teneres, Africa Twins, Dominators, DRBIG, and so on and so forth.


Pretty much the same stuff. Except this time, I have the feeling all this is going to last a lot longer. Especially since, down here, asphalt riding (and bikes, such as sportbikes, sport tourers, etc) is becoming almost impossible. Roads aren't well maintained, lots of bumps, cracks etc, speed limits are absurd (I saw places with a 30km/H limit) so in my opinion it's only natural that riders would look for other playgrounds to use their toys.

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