Broken Gear change shaft on XCX @16000

Well out for a spin on the twisties by Sweet Home I was going for a downshift when I discover the shift lever hanging.Thinking it is just the threaded rod from the shaft to the selector lever I am very surprised to find this :image.jpeg

Not real thrilling I can tell you. It was stuck in fourth so I was able to baby it to the shop in Gladstone where hopefully Triumph does the right thing. I will say that due to the torque I was able to ride it like that easily down country roads to get to the dealership. So now we wait for warranty service while my bike sits in the shop at Latus motors in Gladstone. Stinks. They had better cover it.

Not good to see that on a major component and during the fall riding season. Good luck with repairs. Doesn't matter the brand , they've all got their issues when you least want it.

We'll it appears they've redesigned that selector shaft anyways. The service guy and I were both amazed as splitting cases was NOT necessary and so the bill was only about 230.00 US inclusive of parts, which Triumph picked up under warranty.

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