I have a goal to install a PDM60 on my Super Tenere to control some lighting and accessories. Of course I want to control some of those outputs with some accessory switches. My vision is to find a handlebar mounted switch cluster containing 3 or 4 accessory switches that I can wire to the PDM60 to facilitate further control of the outputs. I've searched and searched, and all I can really find are some chrome, brake/clutch reservoir mounted switch packs that really don't fit the genre, or single switches. Does anybody know of anything that might fit the bill for what I'm trying to do?


Thanks in advance!

What do the crayon heads that are poking through the body do? :D  That looks like an interesting bit. Do you run this?


I've not used them myself, but have seen them other people's bike. Looks like some well made kit, and the only thing I've seen that meets the ops needs.

That is PERFECT, and exactly what I had in mind! Simple, robust, and functional. I'm going to use a red button for my ABS kill, the middle button for my driving lights, and the third button... for well I don't know yet, but I'll think of somethin. I searched the interwebs for hours and never came across those - great find and thank you.

No problem, glad it was useful. Next wiring project I do, I'll be ordering some.

I've run the switches, as well as a gauntlet of Highway Dirtbike's other products. Great stuff, absolutely bullet proof. Here's my current dash setup on my DR650. Excuse the dirt, it gets used.




Just added one of their top clamps/hand guard set ups to my 1190 with two switches and a powerlet outlet. I'll get some pics one of these days.

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