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1200GS LC 21 fender modification

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Taking after Woody, I've decided to begin my fender mod a couple weeks before my new wheel arrives. I'll post pictures as I do work here and there.

Next I'll apply heat and bend the fender, this'll add clearance between the fender and the tire.

Also I'm working on plans to shield the brake cables.









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Its been raining here non-stop so I haven't taken it off-road yet, but yesterday I finally pulled the bike out and what I've noticed so far is I can hop a curb or any obstacle very easily now. One negative would be, with traction control on and riding pavement the TC light will blink at me when accelerating, you can also feel the throttle being limited.


Can't wait for some trail riding!

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Did remove the original brake line and went around Spiegler custom made , Woody wheel and add fender the patient R1200GS rally.

The rim sealed with "seal all" and "goop" seen that from an earlier post from a KTM rider , did 2500 km no problem so far.

Did also remove one brake disc, because I always drive solo, layout for the bike is for 2 up and gear, never get to 40% of the total allowed load including myself

Next project replace the rear going a bit smaller 150-70/17 also W918471737_21frontsingle_1.thumb.jpg.73c979288bbbd92d9db3dc98637ffdd4.jpgoody wheel 

21 front single_4.jpg

brake line set _3.jpg

brake line set _2.jpg

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