Riding Full Circle - couple attempts two-year RTW trip

Hello to those also obsessed with everything motorcycle,


I'm Heather, formerly living in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada riding on a two-year round-the-world trip with my boyfriend, Dave, formerly living in Bellingham, WA, USA. Now we're just homeless bums riding bikes.


I started out riding a G650GS but it turned into a lemon so it was swapped for an F800GS.

old vs new.jpg


Dave rides an F800GSA.

daves bike.jpg


You can read about farkles, gear, mods, etc here.


Aside from a three-month hiatus to mend a broken bone, we've been traveling almost exactly one year to-date, so about halfway, and have ridden through the following places. Click links for stories on our website about these destinations:



Mainland Mexico


El Salvador



Costa Rica


(Flight over Darien Gap)







(Flight to USA)

Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR)

Utah BDR

Idaho BDR (link incoming Oct. 2016)




The next half of our trip will take us to Africa, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and probably other places we don't know about yet.


Why not follow along and see if we make it? We'll be posting regularly on xladv.com and our website, ridingfullcircle.com along with a plethora of social media platforms you can find links to on our site.


Thanks for letting us introduce ourselves to you. Please send comments, suggestions or jokes anytime.



H and D





Hey Heather and Dave ! - WOW , I have a GREAT respect for anyone that can gather the strength of mind and soul to embark on such a life changing journey. Very cool. May your journeys be safe and profoundly rewarding. You've got this old carpenters respect and attention! Motorcycle obsessed, YES!!!!!!!!

Ride on ............,,

Heather and Dave stayed with me for a little bit on their SoCal leg and it was great to get to know them.  They are quite accomplished at the whole adventure motorcycle thing and have done surprisingly well on a lot of really tough off road sections; something many rtw riders cannot boast of.

We had such a great time with you and Michelle, thanks to Motostays for hooking us all up and thanks to you guys for the heavily boozed drinks and delicious food! Hope to see you guys soon, real soon!

Thanks PeteMoto!

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