"50/50 Tires?"


Um... I don't get this article from ADVMoto on "5 Hot 50/50 Adventure Tires."


I wouldn't call any of them 50/50 and they left out at least three I would call 50/50 tires (K60, E07, Tractionator GPS).


  1. Motoz Tractionator Adventure: 70/30 dirt/street
  2. Michelin Anakee Wild:  is marketed as 50/50 but we all know it's at least 60/40 and they said a year ago it was a 70/30 tire
  3. Mitas E10: 60/40
  4. Shinko 804/805: 60/40
  5. Vee Rubber VRM-401: 60/40

I read it yesterday and was thinking these are dam aggressive 50/50's. Maybe to them a K60 is a road tire? I read the article anyway because I am a tire review junkie I think! Oooo, Aaaa, Knobbies!


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I've combined a Tract. Adv. 90/90-21 front and Mitas e-07 Dakar 150/70-18 rear on my 990 Adv. From the feedback I'm getting from these tires I would agree that the Motoz is a 70/30, the tread depth is deep! The Mitas rear might lean just a little past 50% dirt because of the shoulder knobs and openness of the tread although it rides fairly smooth on pavement, IMO. So far ,not getting a great degree of road noise. After about 1200 miles on these ,I'm satisfied so far. We'll see after several thousand more.

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