Info Needed for Russian Visa

Hi there has anyone RECENTLY obtained a Russian Visa to ride as a CANADAIAN CITIZEN in Russia? How do you get around the 30-days-only tourist visa if you're planning to ride all of Russia in a summer season? Obviously we need more than 30 days to ride across this massive country.


Thanks in advance!


I did. Not so easy. Easiest might be to get a 30 day multiple entry. Depends on what area of Russia you are planning, but I would highly recommend to cross over to Mongolia for a few days. Danger with that is you might not wish to go back to Russia.

Not recent experience (2009), I expect things may have changed but this may help. Single and double entry tourist VISAs were easy to get when we went but we needed a 3 entry (into Russia originally, out into Mongolia, back into Russia, out into Kazakhstan and then back into Russia). We ended up needing a multi-entry, 6 month business visa which was a nightmare to get. We got all of our visas through and they had some suggestions that ultimately worked and we got what we needed. Visa HQ was a good resource, check them out if you haven't yet.


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