New Yamaha Concept: T7

This looks really cool







It seems too cool for them to ever build it.  =(

So what is so exciting about this bike?

I see all the hysteria on FB and the web in general and I try (in vain) to figure out what exactly causes it.

Oh yes!

Oh yes!

Yes what, exactly?  :huh:

Looks like Yamaha took a look at the KTM950 Super Enduro and the 650 then said," We should make something like that!" Well from the desk it looks cool, I am still sitting here waiting for KTM's new, dare I say it "Mid" sized Adventure machine!



I recall reading somewhere that Yamaha stated that they would have a production bike build by 2018 based off the T7 concept, and that it would come in under $10k. Is my memory foggy or did Yamaha actually claim that?

I'm rather fond of the FZ07 engine, so if they make something even half as badass as the T7 I'll likely buy it if it has the FZ motor, adjustable suspension, and proper wheel sizes. I wonder if KTM will ever make that 800 adv...

We should see KTM's "790" ADV in November at Intermot is my guess


This just out from Dueruote, an Italian magazine on the T7 (Italian) including cool video!



It's good to see that it doesn't have a double front rotor. 

I like.  If/when Yamaha builds this thing it will be interesting how much of this concept makes it to production.  Can't wait to see what the 790 looks like too!

I need it. I don't know what I need it for exactly, but I just know I need to have it when I look at it.

16 hours ago, tss118 said:

I like.  If/when Yamaha builds this thing it will be interesting how much of this concept makes it to production.  Can't wait to see what the 790 looks like too!

Same here, especially the front fairing and lights. I'd be surprised if the four lights made it on too the production model. 

what Visorhead said on the IG post:

Man. I love it so much, but I spent some time trying to analyze to find out how close the road model could be to what we see in this concept and it doesn't look like that much. There are so many things in fact, that looks really strange. Starting from super long seat with no place to attach pegs for passenger. Just have a look. Its like one meter seat. The rider's foot pegs look like about 4inches higher than on XT660Z as well as seat height is about the same 4 inches higher than on xt660z which is quite tall bike already. Also, from the same guys who made this new video, there is a one photo where we can clearly see tank design a bit from the top and there is not much room for legs, as the tank is really wide in the place where knee should be. Means, the bike is huge, but kinda not really comfortable for tall guys. Will see, but it looks like there are many changes will be done to current construction.

I'm not sure I get Visorhead's critiques. It has a long seat because it's a dirt machine; the early KTM 950s had a fairly similar seat before going with more of a stepped style. Tall seat height and peg placement are consistent with this being intended for real dirt use, although I wouldn't be surprised to see this compromised in final design. The rider in the pictures doesn't seem to have an issue putting a foot down, but I don't know how tall he is either. Passenger peg hangers would mount to the subframe the same as any other dualsport does, like how the exhaust is mounted in the pictures. The tank does seem to flair out a little earlier than I'd prefer but from the pictures below it does not seem to splay his knees too much. I doubt it will come to production as-is, but besides throwing on turn signals I don't see why it couldn't.




Passenger pegs?  What the hell are those.  They need to ride their own bike.  That, or if you're looking to ride with a passenger, than you likely don't really need a bike that is designed for a much more aggressive off road bias style of riding opposed to many current Adv bikes.   

Hey, guys. Here is my original post. And those are just thoughts speaking of the final product.
For those who in love with this absolutely beautiful concept from YAMAHA.
Since I'm riding XT660Z myself and I love the way T7 looks so much, I decided to compare these two machines.
Many people keep their best hopes to see the final, road legal model as close, to what we see right now in T7 Concept, as possible.
But is it going to happen?
Let's see closer.
Those, who had a chance to ride little Tenere know, that bike is not that small in fact. It's really tall and, probably, one of the best options for big and tall guys.
So straight away we can see, that new machine is a bit longer. Like 2-3 inches roughly.
What else?
Seat. You probably have noticed it already. Looks like it is good 4 inches higher. Well. That's kinda too much. Don't you think so?
Foot pegs. And again, it looks like those are from 3 to 4 inches higher. Is that good for balancing the machine with such a high pegs point? Don't think so. And riding with knees bent that much, especially if you are quite big guy, not an option for sure.
Tank. From some new photos on web, I've noticed, that tank is really wide in the place where rider's knees should be. Means, taller riders should slide them self a bit backward, what can affect rider's position on the bike.
Well. Coming back to the seat again. Have you noticed, that it's like sooooo long. Like you can sit two tiny passengers behind you, but. I can't really see the place, passenger foot pegs can be attached to this frame. Even one pair, for just one passenger.
As we can see on T7, there is only one front brake disc rotor on the left side.
Rear wheel looks bigger what makes me thinking of motocross standard. 18"?
So yeah. Looks cool. But not quite useful to be a road model and will see many changes, most likely. Hopefully, they will keep that crazy rally touch yet will be able to make it practical.
What do you think guys?

And few more things. Speaking of long seat, we can clearly get rid of 2-3 inches to make that tail look better in my opinion. I can photoshop it for you to have an idea of what I'm talking about. And perhaps some people see this machine as a hardcore ride, you must understand, that in Europe Xt660Z is one of the most popular adventure bikes and many riders are waiting for this new more powerful yet light enough Tenere to continue their adventures. So what I see here, this bike either will be more adventure oriented or they will bring us two slightly different machines. Like T7 or 700 and T7 or 700 Rally. Any thoughts? Thanks. Roman. T7vsXT660Zwide.jpg.0c8625b1e9622c0d8c4cb5d64a8da471.jpg

This is the picture I'm referring to speaking about the tank.



Some news from Motorrad Magazine

Should be at EICMA Milan this Nov 12, 2017



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