New Yamaha Concept: T7

On 5/23/2017 at 0:11 PM, Polar Nomad said:

Passenger pegs?  What the hell are those.  They need to ride their own bike.  That, or if you're looking to ride with a passenger, than you likely don't really need a bike that is designed for a much more aggressive off road bias style of riding opposed to many current Adv bikes.   

Negative, bunny pegs are awesome. 

C'mon, we all know it's a boner-bike.  It will never be made as you see it, just like that rally-like CRF1000L concept Honda was fluffing us with less than a year before the final butterface model came out.  Oh right, sorry @Polar Nomad  :lol:


Ok! Now, this makes everything clear. I won't be lying. I was a bit scared posting kinda raw research based on two different pictures, no matter I tried my best to scale them up to be as close as possible to real size. This is Adrien Van Beveren Official Yamaha Rider. Height: 187cm. Yes, that's an official information( We can clearly see that getting off the bike he can't reach the ground. I'm 186cm and I can reach the ground sitting on XT660Z. Though, it is still way too much for many riders who would love to buy Baby Tenere. That makes me feel that the work I've done comparing these two machines (dimensions-wise) is very close to being true. Even though I've never had a chance to see it or sit on that beautiful, well, horse. Coz she is definitely not a pony.


Fine with me 'cause I'm 193! ;) 

I think everyone realizes this is just a concept bike and the real one they launch will be more ridable by the masses if also not more boring.

New video. From Germany this time.


Too bad I don't speak German

Well. I tried to use voice recognizing translator. Didn't work well though. But there are numbers. Something about 175-185kg. Wheelbase 1555cm. Something about the price of 9999 - 11500. Euros I guess. And sure the guys are super happy overall.


PS, the only butterface around here is you Eric. :-P

On 6/26/2017 at 9:53 AM, Eric Hall said:

Fine with me 'cause I'm 193! ;)

I'm 200, but inseam is the more critical measurement.  I only have a 34" inseam, so mostly torso.  I have 1" riser links on my DL1000 and can just flat foot it.  This bike looks very interesting, curious to see the final product.  I wasn't impressed with my buddy's Africa Twin on the road, but off road is is very impressive!

Im only 180 something, but I dont ride with my feet draging on the ground. Any real off road adventure bike needs good ground clearance. A dab with one foot is completely different to sitting idle trying to flat foot it.

I loved this concept when I first saw it, but more and more Im fearing the worst... a new F800. I can only pray that the chassis does not change and some after market companies will offer a parts kit that will convert it to the prototype.

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