New Product: Warp 9 KTM 950 / 990 Adventure Wheels

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – January 27, 2015 – (Motor Sports Newswire) –  Warp 9 is pleased to announce its latest masterpiece. OEM sized KTM 950 and 990 Adventure wheel sets.




The Front wheel is running the OEM size 21” x 2.15” Rim and the Rear wheel is also OEM sized at 18” x 4.25”. the front rim we paid special attention to and made the rim out of our best 7050 grade aluminum and then rolled it 1mm thicker than stock to produce the best front Wheel possible for the Adventures. Warp 9 then topped it off with ABS ready 300mm Floating Rotors on the front and a 240mm Floating Rotor on the rear.    Built up with oversized stainless spokes and nipples these wheels are ready for the back country.


About Warp 9 Racing

Warp 9 Racing is a Global leader in aftermarket performance wheels. For more information please contact or give us a call at 801 699-7979





Nice wheels!  I was going to add that but for some reason the pics weren't showing up.


Lots of people getting aftermarket wheels.  I have a set from Woody's  Wheel Works and am hearing more lately about RAD wheels.


If you like riding your big bike off road and have the means, I highly recommend a second set of wheels :)

I could not find these wheels on your web site. Can you provide a link or update the web site? thanks.

I'll see if I can get any info from Warp on this.... Stayed tuned. I shot them an email for you.



We have them and they are amazing. But the website is lacking. We are trying to build a wheel builder for them that shows the double rotor etc. but it is taking forever.  Just call us at 801 699-7979 and we will get you going.


Kevin Tanis

Warp 9 Racing

PH: 801 699 7979 FX: 801 255 2051

Do you make them for the 1190?

We just posted their press release, so you'll have to ask the guys at Warp 9 for details on availability and pricing. I'm sorry, but I don't know the answer. But, if you find out, report back. Thx!

They do not make them for 1190. I don't know why?


They do not make them for 1190. I don't know why?



Maybe try Woody's Wheel Works in Denver?

Tried to contact them(Woody's)for the last two weeks. With no response.... oh well, might have to get a set of OEM's

no one answered the phone?  (303) 936-0232

Left two msg. Via phone, and two emails.

 its ok though, I spent all of the budget on a full rumbux set and a truck load of other goodies!

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