New Member (Sorta ;) )- Wichita, KS

Greetings to all among the XLADV community!


I was around for Eric Hall's brain child of this forum, and have to say it's taken a few years to get over here and sign in lol. Looking forward to catching up on on the "who's who in the zoo", and digging a little dirt in the competition scene ;)

LAB2V James Turning.jpg

Nice to see you here finally.  All you need is a bike now ;)

Exactly. I am thinking 690... Or back to 525 EXC. Would love to be on the 1200GSA again, but for what I love doing, I don't see me getting a GS for awhile. Know of any 690 Rs out there Eric?

Nick Livingston has one in KS but he's busy riding it 

Nice. We need to catch up, soon. IDK your schedule, but maybe need to take me a trip out to see ya !

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