The New Ducati 950 Multistrada

Very interesting!


500lbs wet.  113 bhp.  More pics to come...




Need some knobbies ;) Nice looking bike !

More pics from the press launch in the Canary Islands



Steve Kamrad with a great write up over at ADVMoto Magazine.  Read the whole thing.


"As a package the motor and transmission work together better than expected, but what does that mean? In true Ducati fashion, they’ve somehow managed to squeeze an emotional feeling between the throttle, clutch, transmission and engine. Maybe it’s the massive howl from the intake, or finally someone’s figured out how to program magic into a ride-by-wire system, but whatever it is, it feels fantastic to ride."



I think this would have made a better Adventure series bike than their 1200 does. You never know, it still might happen.

Video review on the new 950 from Steve Kamrad who got to attend the press launch

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