Hello all from California

I am an ADV refugee looking for new horizons, a place to dicuss all things dualsport and adventure riding.

Happy to meet you all... :ride:


My rides right now...




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Welcome, a great number of us are in California, where more specifically are you?  I'm in north Orange County at the moment.



Nice set of..... Bikes! ;)

I'm in Acton Ca

Welcome! Have both those bikes really is the way to go. Sometimes you just want to skooch up on the tank, stick that leg out, and screw on the throttle in a fast sweeper.... ;) I miss that only having one bike!

You live where all the best riding is!

Yes, big adventure bikes are a kick.

I grew up riding desert then grew up again and went to school and got a job ;)

My desert and dirt riding fell by the wayside until about 7 or 8 years ago when  I rescued an R100GS.

Being I've Beemers since 1980 it seemed like a good idea...not.



Thinking about a more capable offroader I found a deal on a KTM 950 Adventure.

Really such a great bike!



That was a particularly insightful way to re-learn old skills. I finally realized I needed to get smaller...

So I went to a Husky TE610 for about a month which felt like a dog in comparison, then onto a WR250R which I completely decked out and rode for a couple years.

Another fine trailbike.



After that got bit by the Orange Bug again.

So I rescued a beater 400 EXC, which was very capable as well.



...but rode a friends '09 450EXC and was smitten. I didn't realize how good a dirtbike could be.

My skills re-developing help methinks.

I've had my '09 450 going on 3 years now. Always amazed at it's capability.

It's made me a much better rider, overall.

Had some great day rides with this scoot. Hoping before I keel over I'll be able to do some longer rides in different places like Bishop, the LAB2V, etc.

Here's hopin'...


Oh, and the R1200GS, that's my road bike, I've learned my lesson ;)

we may do a ride Saturday morning meeting at Starbucks (of course) in Adelanto on the 395 at 8:00 am if you'd like to tag along?

Thanks but I told an airhead friend I would go check out a bike for him.

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