Hello from BC!

Thumpin around the woods around the Okanagan, stoked to find this site! Heard about it from the instagram posts.⚡️

Welcome. Glad to have you! Whatcha riding these days? Any pics to share of riding in Okanagan?


I've got an old '92 Yamaha XT350 up here. Good for bottin into the bush and back and forth to work.

Beautiful lake! I could be there about right now. :)

Welcome Brad, glad to have you here. You're going to confuse some members based on your location. Currently you have Washington listed as your location, and yes there is an Okanagan in Washington State, but your title says from Hello from BC so you must mean British Columbia. There are Provinces listed so you can change that to BC. In "Your Settings".

A solution that was presented to me was to add a more accurate location in my Signature. Besides my bike, my location is visible. States and Provinces can be so vast, it's nice to see where in the State or Province members actually are, I've met up with riders on other forums because their location and mine were visible and gotten to make some new friends and explore areas I may never have discovered on my own.


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