For sale - 2010 KTM 990 Adventure S White $7700 near Seattle

2010 KTM 990 Adventure S White


  • ~45k miles, almost exclusively highway to/from Edmonton/Palm Springs
  • Looks like it has about 10k on it, every part I open up looks perfect
  • Water pump has been recently rebuilt and it has an upgraded clutch slave (the 990's known weak points)

Handlebar area mods/extras

  • ABS switch mod (toggles on/off from dash and stays until you toggle back, not on restart)
  • Oxford heated grips 
  • Double Take mirrors

Body mods/extras

  • Suspension tuned by Precision Concepts
  • Scotts triple clamp, bar risers, ready for dampener
  • BDCW skid-plate and adjustable side-stand

Engine mods/extras

  • Rottweiler intake, pre-filter, doghouse, O2 sensor delete, fueling dongles (smoothes out power curve at 5k rpm), and glovebox snap out kit 
  • Quick oil drain hose so oil changes take 20 mins, not 2 hours, I forget the make
  • Antigravity lithium battery

Misc mods/extras

  • LED running lights, LED head light, LED fog lights
  • Touratech tank bag with map pocket and quick-connect kit
  • Givi quick-disconnect luggage rack
  • 80% Motoz Tractionator Adventure tires

Price is $7700 firm for configuration as listed above. If the buyer would like, they can add Wings exhaust for $300, Renazco seat for $250, and assorted Wolfman/Klim gear, otherwise the Wings and exhaust will be up for grabs and the gear will live on with me.



990 side.jpg

990 dash.jpg

990 rolling.jpg

I may be interested in your Triple Clamp Sub mount if you decide to swap it back out.





I know the 21" Front guy.  He's pretty cool ;)

Good luck with the sale Eric - looks and sounds fantastic. What are you replacing it with?

Was inspired by your Wings listing @Alon, started wriiting the post as just to sell my cans, turned into the whole bike!  :o  Eric needs to find his key before he could even think of selling his  :(

Sorry, did I say Eric? I meant rob...

So...what's going to replace it?

I'm moving to a cheater bike (690) so I can keep up with the guys I've been riding with. When I ride with my group of buddies on their DRZs, KLRs, and similar, I can roost them on the 990... but when it's guys like Casey Hilliard on his HP2, I need a 690 to have a chance at being invited back again.  :D  More seat time and I'm sure I'll be back to the XL class again for my next machine.  :thumbsup:

Don't torture yourself - there's no do it all solution in one bike; get a big bike and a little bike and then you'll have almost everything covered between the two of them without making big compromises.

Anyhow, I don't mean to hijack your thread - I do have someone who will buy your Wings mufflers if you'd sell them. Please let me know and I'll put you in touch with him.

Thanks and good luck with the sale - it's a nicely setup beast.

Ha, I have a 350 XCF-W that's my small bike, the 690 will become my large one, and I'll get back into the XL world again soon.


Cool, I'll PM you about the Wings to see what they're thinking re: price and timing. Thanks for the offer, might just work out (as much as I hate to take them off this bike, they haven't made their beautiful noise recently and that's a crime).

You know...if you're buying a new leftover 690, consider the Husky 701 instead - it's got the new double counterbalanced engine that KTM put into the duke 690 and it's very very nice...that and you get a whopping extra 1.5 litres of fuel capacity and a generous extra 25mm of suspension over the 690.

Edited by Alon

Tolga from Ride Must Go On is here staying with me waiting for his new 701 Enduro from Husqvarna to start his second round the world trip so that fuel range is key

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