Woody's Wheels are legendary.


Isaac shows here why you'd want a set for your bike



If you ride your big bike off road a lot and are tired of changing your tires from knobbies to road tires and back, it may be a good investment to get a second set of wheels.  Besides, they are lighter and stronger than your OEM rims and will stand up to the abuse.  I have run a set of them for about three years now.  No complaints :)

I had hoped to learn who makes the wheels for my 13 Tiger 800XC, but no dice so far. The spokes are rather beefy, but I know that looks can be deceiving. I was hoping for an Excel logo somewhere on the hoops. Of course the hubs are OEM Triumph, so who knows how weak/strong they are. So far so good, but to be fair, we have next to no rock in Florida, so they don't take much abuse.

Still more...


and more...



Isaac is pointing out an important feature of 21/18 wheels in that your tire selection allows you some fantastic grip off road that was just out of reach before given the choice of tires in the 19/17 range.  He also mentions bike is easier to keep vertical and rolls over obstacle easier.

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