Clearwater Lights


I like how Rich mounted these new Clearwater lights on his GSA




I like them better there than lower where they get crunched in a tip over.  I also like their "can opener" that lets you tap into the can bus as well as take advantage of the existing handle controls/light switch/horn switch.


They are a bit pricier too than my Rigid D2's but they are pretty cool :)

One of my next big purchases will be a pair of the Darlas by Clearwater, for my 990ADV. Pretty pricey but they come with a full dimmer control. I like their rather compact size for their output. Safety studies show bikes are more recognizable to oncoming traffic when there's a triangular headlight arrangement. A single headlight often appears to be lost in a following vehicles lights making an almost invisible situation to oncoming traffic.

I met the dude that makes these at a trade show a while back. He's very passionate about his product and what goes into them from what I recall.

Just received a pair of Darla model light package from Clearwater. Initial impression is high quality complete kit w/ a generous assortment of what's needed for the install. Fast shipment in protective packaging. I choose this model for its lighter weight and compactness and dimming features. Not sure if I'll find the time to install before the end of the Northeast season.

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