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Rowe Electronics PDM60 - Power Distribution Module Reviews

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Nate J.


I really really wan't to give the PDM60 five stars, but I just can't - Read on (A product must be pretty flawless to get five stars in my opinion)

I installed the PDM60 to provide power for some auxiliary lighting, my GPS, and the coil of an ABS switch relay. I will be writing articles on both the PDM60 installation and the ABS switch shortly, and will provide links to both articles here once their written.

The PDM60 seems robust, and is fully encapsulated to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture, and it does what it's advertised to do. I programmed my lights to come on 15 seconds after ignition on so I don't wear out the lights when I leave them on during start, and I programmed the GPS output to automatically provide power to the GPS 15 seconds after start, and shut down 30 seconds after vehicle shut down. It works great!

Why four stars rather than five? The programming interface and cable are a bit problematic. 1st, you can only program the PDM60 with a windows PC, and with a specific version of .NET framework installed. I'm a MAC guy, so I had to dust off an old windows laptop, get it running again, get the right supporting software installed, etc. Programming capability on multiple platforms would raise the bar to five stars. The programming cable is also problematic. On the PDM end its a pin style connector that can be plugged in two ways - one way works, and the other way will damage the unit. There is a warning to this effect in the instructions, but a simple keyed interface would alleviate this potential destruction of your new toy, or even a mini-usb or other such connector.

To their credit, the instructions are VERY well written, and if you follow them step by step you won't screw it up. I could see a computer challenged individual having trouble getting the unit programmed however, as a little knowledge of COM ports and such are necessary to get going.

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Had one on my Dakar and bagged the crap out of it with heavy loads, low/high voltages, over current, shorted grounds, wet, frozen, mud, grit, abrasion, vibration, and extreme heat.. they're bomb proof! I fried it when the main ground bus connections shredded and shorted intermittently over the course of a week in frozen Northwest Territories Canada. They replaced it as soon as I called them.. they said it was only the second one they have ever had problems with! My fault, but awesome guys to deal with!

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