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    How many people out there own adventure bikes that are far more capable than the rider? Some people just want to do a little trail riding. Nothing wrong with that. This would bring a whole new market in that has otherwise been left out. Sure, the bike looks a bit strange, but the wheel/tire situation, stock skid plate, hand guards with integrated blinkers is a good start. Harley carried the motorcycle market a long way for a long time. They have invested into EV and even bicycles. Lots of folks balked at the VRod when it came out but it did well for them. Now they’ve introduced 500/750 intro models to help bring new riders into cycling. I’m not into this bike at all. At All! But their attitude seems to be “let’s keep progressing the overall of cycling”. In the big picture, that ain’t so bad...
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    So new tire out from our friends at Motoz USA called the "Tractionator Rallz." Here's what we know now... Available now in 150/70-18 ($207) and 90/90-21 ($108) Tubeless 80% dirt/20% street so essentially positioned between the ADV (70/30) and Desert H/T (90/10) Even MORE tread lug (16mm) than the ADV (15mm) Here's what it looks like next to the ADV
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    KTM 690 is looking more likely, anyone interested in a moab trip? Probably trailer up with the Van but looking to put some trails under a new medium adventure bike.
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    My "normal" ride day is about 300 miles for my Tiger, serious off-road rides are about 40 miles (single track). I prefer to sneak off on weekdays so the traffic is much lower. I have frequently done over 500, but realistically, after 400, it is just to get where you're going, not enjoying the ride. I recently did about 4000 miles across Labrador, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, where we averaged about 350 per day. Some days that was too much, some days too short, but we also busted out about 600 in transit one day. I like hitting diners and out of the way spots, following the road less traveled.
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    Iliana Egea is a Motorrad Angel in Mexico who is about to embark on a new "trip" of her own as she battles cancer. Motorrad Angels has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser and it's our hope you can make a contribution if it so touches your heart as she as ours. Thank you!
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    If it's right after the KTM Rally Sept 14-16 I could join you on the way back
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    Keep fingers crossed
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    I used to have that problem too... 1.5K was the most I have ever gotten out of a TKC 80 or a Rally Raid tire. The Motoz tires, do last longer. Longer on my KTM 950 Super Enduro. Longer on my BMW R1200GSA. And longer on my KTM 1190 Adv R then any other tires I have run previously. Well, except for the K60 Scouts... but those were sketchy!
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    Cool, looking forward to hanging. Gtd. A good time!
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    My brother and I just did something similar on our Africa Twins, it was a great improvement. I have a tire pressure monitor on mine, the tire temps are about 10-15 degrees cooler than they were with tubes. We ride hard and worked the bikes hard over rocks and horrible dirt roads all the way to Flagstaff from Phoenix without any issues.