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    Okay, I submitted my first photo to the wrong thread. Yeah I'm a newbie. Post photos of your XL dual-sports getting down and dirty... Woods ride last Sunday in Tennessee.
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    Our buddy Eli over at BikeBandit put this piece together on the top 10 moto camping essentials. Okay, he might have had some help
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    7th Annual! FB event page here and registration link here. Description: (Limit 80 riders) In the heat of summer, experience the cooler temps (6800' elevation) and epic big bike riding in the High Sierra. Gourmet catered meals (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts), professional photography, firewood, adult beverages, hot showers, bathrooms, nearby hot springs, general store. Vendor-sponsored raffle prizes! All to benefit Motorrad Angels(motorradangels.org), a charity that provides clean water filtration kits around the world. Trails for all abilities from scenic pavement to easy, intermediate and expert dirt. Highlight is riding to the 12,400' summit to see the White Mountain Research Station whose gate is open this one day per year. Beat the traffic and be home Monday for Labor Day with your family. New this year: T-shirts, Silipint cups & two breakfasts! You are an adult paying for a good time at a campout and are free to explore the area on self-guided gps tracks on public roads and public trails at your own risk. XLADV, Motorrad Angels and Brown's Owens River Campground accept no liability for your safety. By signing up and paying for this event you are in acknowledgement of these terms and waive any right hold hold aforementioned parties liable. Only registered riders can attend. No exceptions. Do NOT invite your friends to come free. Do NOT "rogue" the ride by camping nearby and shadowing us; it's in poor taste given this is a charity event and a lot of work goes into it. Refund Policy: This year it's one month out, or by end of day, July 31st, 2018. Absolutely no refunds after that date. It's extremely hard to organize an event this size with countless last minute cancellations and then a scramble to add in last minute additions to fill the gaps. This is a volunteer deal and it benefits Motorrad Angels so consider that if you have to cancel within two weeks of the event. $199 this year but I'm adding in tshirts, silipint cups and two breakfasts! Sponsors (so far): BMW MOA Attendees: @Vlad @Stan Iordanov @renaissancerider Beth Dolos Vuthy Lat Olivier Cornet Tom McQueen Cosmin G Shane Bearly Moisey B Ross Wood John Howard Moshe Alex Scmauss @WarpedRotor
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    Great question! I am biassed by my experience with a sponsor of the project 990 bike, Antigravity Batteries, but I've been extremely happy with all their stuff. I use the Sena one too and like that because my older gen XP-10 doesn't register the lower amp draw of my Sena and will turn off thinking nothing is plugged in, so I charge it in combination with my phone (it has two usb ports) and that works fine. I've had this XP-10 for over three years now and it's like some kind of miniature nuke plant or something! They claim it's the number 1 selling item in the US. It will jump start a freight train and lasts about 5 days of just charging my phone and other stuff at night. However, most motorcyclists prefer their smaller ones like the XP-1 or the Sport. My kids love it so much I couldn't keep them from hogging it so I bought another one. I know it's a big category. I know they're all made in China. I know some have exploded or caught fire (no Antigravity ones to my knowledge) but it helps to pick a trusted name. My first one did swell and they replaced it with no questions. It may have been my fault; it could have been exposed to excessively high temperatures.
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    I just did a live cast on IG about this but wanted to talk about the keyboard on the SpotX. People comment "looks like a Blackberry!" or "It's a #ktmberry" and yes that's funny but only after the first 2 or 3 times. People keep saying that and it gets less funny each time. So stop it! What's going on here is that Spot's actually done their homework and come up with the best solution. Blackberry's were very popular but went obsolete because larger smartphone displays made it easier to just type on screen so buttons weren't necessary anymore. But the thing is, a smartphone is NOT ruggedized for this type of use and would quickly break (they're also very expensive). A ruggedized display doesn't have the same tactile granularity as a smartphone screen and you're just not going to be able to type on it very easily. Plus, the screen would have to be larger and that would cost a lot more, eat more battery life and be even more prone to breaking. Thus the qwerty keyboard solution. It works. It's tough. It's waterproof. That's what you want when you're in the middle of nowhere and depending on the solution working when you most need it. As to battery life, I'm told basically the same as the Gen3 or about 10 days of normal use which would be something like 12 hours/day with tracking activated at 10 min intervals. Many of our bikes have usb charging ports now so that's an option or you could use a solar charger or like I have, the AntiGravity Micro Start XP-10.
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    Yo what’s up XLADV peeps! I’m stoked to be here! I live in S Oregon and put about 20k on my bikes annually. I like it to be mostly dirt, but very happy with scenic twisties and fit in lane splitting when appropriate. My favorite rides have been just about every ride I have been on: bits of Oregon Back Country Discovery, BC, essentially all up and down the West Coast. Haven’t done Mexico yet but helpfully soon. Just getting into doing the rally’s starting off with this years Mammoth Aug 31-Sept 2 rally with none other than XLADV! For money, I used to river raft guide, then became art teacher, now professional artist (pottery, paintings, and water features). I’ll be making some limited edition mugs for the XLADV rally! I’ll share a link to check them out when the first one is done: www.rossbenjaminwood.com I ride a 2006 BMW GS 1200 and freaking love it. Most versatile bike. Take the wife two up on multi day trips. Then rally the twisting with Ducati friends, then bomb the off road Oregon roads with my KTM friends. I’ve had my fair share of mistakes but have learned that attitude and mindset are the best tools for just about any challenge.
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    Loren asked me the other day about getting a new jacket and I told him I liked my KLiM Overland jacket (and pants) but my only complaint was the sleeves didn't vent well. So KLiM has come out with a new jacket (and pants) called the Carlsbad that DOES have vented sleeves plus is made from an even lighter and stronger material. This is going to be more for the off-road adventure rider than the tourer (stick with the Latitude). This may be my next jacket. It starts at $549 and comes in a variety of colors. I'll let Spurgeon from Revzilla tell you all about it:
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    Once again it's @isaac doing an amazing job at Erzberg on his F800GS
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    @michnus at that point I was kind of running out of items that I typically bring but I have found the axe to be handy for use as a hammer for tent stakes and to make kindling from wood I bought at a local town or dead fall. Mine has a plastic or nylon handle and isn't that heavy. I don't take it with me all the time though but always when car camping. @motochefarwi it packs really flat and it's kind of a treat to be able to grill a steak you found at a local town like when riding a BDR or something. Most times you're done riding about 3 pm, go to a town for groceries/beer, get to campground and set up your grill, etc... You know how many friends you make when you have good food to share
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    Short weekend getaway up to the Eastern Sierras with my buddy Leo on his new Rally GS. Base camp at Lundy Lake, then we crammed a lot of really good riding into Saturday. This post is all about the ride Saturday, June 2nd. Friday and Sunday were travel days. We got up early and made coffee Saturday morning, then hit the trails. From Lundy, we went to Virginia Lakes. We skipped the Copper Mountain run through Jordan Basin because the trail is overgrown, and I didn't want to make Leo scratch up his new bike. And also because the entire run is sharp rocks, and my rear tire is nearly bald. So we slabbed it to Virginia Lakes. Then over Dunderberg Pass into Bridgeport for breakfast at the new Three 95 Cafe (formerly Hays Street Cafe). Super good breakfast! From there we took 182 to Masonic Road and stopped by Chemung Mine. Then up to the top of Masonic Mountain (a first for both of us). Amazing views. We could easily see 60 miles into Nevada and Walker Lake (and beyond). From there into the old Masonic townsite, then a short backtrack to Bodie-Masonic Road and a great ride into Bodie. After poking around for a while, we left via Cottonwood Canyon heading for the north shore of Mono Lake, where we jumped off Cemetary Road to De Chambeau Ranch. It's an old ranch set up like a museum (similar to Bodie). They used to supply all of the meat and produce to the mining operations in the area, including Bodie. From there we went into Lee Vining and up Tioga Pass to Saddlebag Lake, which is still frozen. We went up 120 a bit further to see the sights, then came back down and went out to Mono South Tufa and Navy Beach. Then a burger at Mono Cone before grabbing beer and ice and heading back to camp at Lundy. It was a full day. 160 miles, about half dirt. Conditions were near perfect. Great traction, low dust, clear skies and temps in the 60's and 70's. We had the trails all to ourselves, only seeing one other vehicle all day. The pics are a mix of mine and Leo's (shared with permission).
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    Might also just be the times we are in currently, people rage out on everything and have no self control or restraint. And many does not know they can just keep scrolling.
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    Humbug! So this floss dance thing is something I decided to make into a contest on the IG feed I did it because this particular video got quite a few views, likes and comments the first time I posted it; thus people found it engaging. Personally, I found it funny. Dancing is something uniquely human and represents feelings of joy, fun, artistic expression, etc... And this floss dance in particular seems to be something a lot of kids are doing which I find cute (I'm a dad and have two kids). Apparently not everyone agrees! I've had a few quite over-the-top negative comments and I've had to ban a few people from the IG feed and one from Facebook for their vile comments. This is nothing new really; there's always someone out there with a bad attitude about something. That's okay. But here at XLADV I've always tried to be light, humorous, fun, positive, etc... and have strictly policed the kind of negativity and criticism you'll see quite common on other forums (AOLrider) and social media. So if you find you don't like something, that's perfectly okay. You don't have to like everything you see here or life in general. But stick to your mom's advice of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Or you can simply say "I'm just not a fan of this floss dance thing." But if there's one thing I can promise you it's that humbugs are not welcome here.
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    I have a 2012 BMW Sertao for sale it was my daily driver. Has about 20800 miles on it. I have not had any problems with this bike. Has a new batter. And New back tire Michelin Anakee 3.The bike has an after market exhaust and has handle bar risers as well. I have the low and high seat just pick which one works best for you. looking to get $5000 for the bike. Location Leander Texas. Thanks for looking. Less
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    Off to OExWest tomorrow. See a bunch of others going too. I will post up whatever I see!
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    Spot will soon have out a new two-way satellite communication device with tracking built in called the SPOT X. $249.99 Messaging Tracking Compass Post to Social Media Check-in Illuminated qwerty keyboard 10 day battery life in continuous tracking (10 min interval) mode Alerts search & rescue 24 hours a day Rechargeable lithium battery lightweight impact resistant/dust proof micro-USB port Each device has its own UNIQUE number so other people can initiate a message--competitor devices do not have unique numbers which means the device user must initiate the conversation
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    Jackson Ellis, Jerry Gordon and Bart Muhlfeld at the top of the steps. Hard work getting the 3 bikes down, but worth the effort with the fantastic single track and double track leading both up to and after the obstacle.
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    Well said, Brian! I cannot fathom what reaction I would of had, had I actually convinced Scotty in 2014 to allow an ADV Class, and learn tht it would be a "Special" course! Same course for ALL bikes, Product Realization and rider skill are only determined via NO variable in course.
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    Great review of the "essentials". Ever since i picked up the Redverz Atacama Tent last March 2017 I have not looked back. Mind you most of my camping is no more than 1 or two nights in one spot. It is a bit of chore to haul, but one you set up it is great. I had chronic back pain for some time and to be able to stand up in the tent is really comfortable. I used a Eureka 3 man tent for 10 years for fly fishing trips, weekend camping and it served its purpose. The quality of the Redverz is unmatched. This version is really durable. I have tested it out in the silty sands of the Nevada desert, grassy forest hills in NorCal and some very windy conditions in Death Valley & High Sierras. I'll continue to use the Redverz. it does take up a little space on the bike, especially when on the F650 GS Dakar. But I have learned to save space on my bike in order to compensate for the tent space. I have learned that a good nights rest out in the field is extremely important. I agree, the axe may be too much, but I have not really had the use for one. The Helinox zero chair is nice. I bought a knock off one of the same style and I'm going to test it out this weekend. Well being a chef and all I'm intriqued at the portable grill. I havent' really put too much thought in that because you essentially need a good ice pack to haul your "flesh". But I do know Eric Hall enjoys his steak anywhere! Great food porn opportunity! lol! At the end of the day it does take a few moto camping trips to figure out if you want to "bring the kitchen sink" or not. Also when adventure riding you want your camping product to be strong and hardy. A fine balance when you get into harsh terrain and start dropping your bike, you will quickly figure out wether you carried too much or not.
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    Had a few failures with the Sena option... on to bigger & better tests...
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    Okay... who is recording Audio onto their GoPro footage without using the Sena Audio Pack? I have used a Sena 10C and was not too impressed with the video nor the audio. What are you guys using? I am about to go rogue... and record audio as a separate WAV file and attache it to the video in post. Thoughts???
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    Sounds good but feels like extra work one could avoid if Sena/Cardo would allow direct pairing with the GoPro units. I have been using the Hero 5 for my recent attempts at Motovlogging and have learned the hard way not to use the quick capture or you lose the audio. Also the big audio adapter for the 5 is a pita. If enough people request these firmware updates the communication industry will eventually listen
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    Is it that time already?? Whoo ha!!!
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    @Brent Smith forwarded me this GoFundMe campaign this morning about Vasilisa Komarova who was attacked in Bolivia nearly a year ago and stayed to fight within the system for her justice, which she finally achieved recently in this story (use your browser to translate). She could use a bit of help. I admire her strength and fortitude! I will NOT let stuff like this happen without a response from the larger community to support her so please do what you can. We also have some people from @MotorradAngels helping out.
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    INFO HERE: https://advtours.com/ponderosa-lodge/ This ride is Limited to 12 Riders because of Lodging Parameters. Lodging is Single Occupancy. 5 Meals are Included. 3 dinners and 2 Breakfasts. A Hot Springs Pool Pass is Included. T- Shirt, Finisher Pin. Camaraderie of Like-Minded Enthusiasts. Your Significant Other is welcome to attend. Your welcome to ride on your own or with a friend if wish. We will not ride in one group. Unless everybody wants to. There are Multiple Options for rides from this Outstanding Location. For a Quick overview on the Event Calendar go Here: https://advtours.com/event/ponderosa-lodge-adv-moto-tour/
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    New toy May 2018!
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    No, I'm keeping it. It needs work, though. It's going to be the spare for buddies. A couple of their bikes are down right now and they're all depressed about it, and I figured it would be a nice loaner bike. It has awesome suspension and other goodies, and I would take a huge loss selling it.
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    My favorite part of Cali. Nice ride
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    ACD Racing US makes some very good skid plates at a very reasonable price that we've seen for the oil head and LC GS bikes, Yamaha Super Tenere and now they're introducing one for the Africa Twin! If you have an Africa Twin and would like to receive one of these new plates, please let me know. I need to make sure you're willing to receive the product, write a review complete with photos and an installation video and then post the review to the forum.
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    +1 for the Micro starts. I've used one myself and it's a great dual purposes item when you need to conserve on space. If I'm traveling somewhere close I just bring along my cheap amazon Power Add system, 20000mAh capable of multiple cell phone charges. Link: Power Add battery pack I don't know if it's the best out there but I know it survived a month of hard use riding in Alaska.
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    Some time ago we were given a small Sena powerbank to use on charging Sena headsets as a gift. In no time it got used to charge phones and cameras. It actually was quite a damn nifty thing to carry on the bikes with us. But not 2 years and many charges later its time is up. The question is which are good brands for powerbanks and any suggestion on a small unit that is compact and maybe a 10000-160000mah charge?
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    Contest winner! I suspect the OP got his daughter to do the dance for him as lots of kids are doing the floss dance online. Just barely edged out this one
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    @Eric Hall you are kidding?! People got upset over the floss dance? What possibly could offend them? Dear lord it is as harmless fun as eating grass
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    Sunday on Memorial Day weekend some of the Guys with Exit Tours Motorcycle Club did an Epic Ride to the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado's San Luis Valley. A Pre-Ride of Day 1 of the 5 day HotSpringsADVTour this Autumn. We departed Cottonwood Hot Springs in Buena Vista and headed up Trout Creek pass to Dirt and Aspen Ridge. Took Aspen Ridge and its epic views of the Continental Divide south towards Salida, but then took a left and headed East in the dirt towards Cotopaxi and the Arkansas River. Gas at Lunch at the Store in Cotopaxi, then took 1A to Hwy 69. Hung a Left on 69 and then picked up Gulch road East towards the Royal Gorge. From there it was some excellent paved twistys and then multiple fun dirt switchbacks into Temple Canyon Park. From Temple Canyon Park your almost in Canon City, but if you take the correct route you can avoid the city and you end up on Oak Creek Grade. After an supreme climb up the Mountain , your then headed down into a canyon and neat rock formations on your way down to Silvercliff in the Wet Mountain Valley. Fuel and snacks in Silvercliff and then again down Hwy 69 to Medano Pass. Nobody rides or enters the Great Sand Dunes from this direction. No Rangers and no fees on this end of the National Monument. After passing bye where the Buffalo Roam, and a leisurely ride, Your then challenged by the switchbacks up to the top of 10,000 foot + Medano Pass. From the Top of Medano your headed down the Medano Canyon drainage into the back of the Great Sand Dunes. Multiple Creek crossings which where quite low for this time of the year. The Sand is quite soft on Medano Pass road and if you dont have a 21" inch front wheel, are not adept at staying on the Throttle and maintaining momentum, you will struggle. You May want to avoid to Medano Pass and take La Veta Pass around Mt. Blanca and come into the Dunes from the South. Word of warning. If you can ride and have a suitable bike with a knobby, by all means take the challenge of Medano Pass. Worth the views and a super fun ride. From The Sand Dunes we had made reservations at the Great Sand Dunes Lodge. Where views are spectacular and nights are quiet. But of course we had to visit the Great Sand Dunes Pool and their new Beer & Wine bar. Quite a few kids in the usually serene Pool. On Memorial Day weekend. So we avoided a dip in the pool. Sunday we had another Epic Ride that was not a Pre-ride, but fun nothing the less. Rode across the San Luis Valley and picked up a dirt road on the west side of the San Luis Valley and then up to Penitente Canyon, which is an Internationally recognized Rock Climbers Paradise. From Penitente Canyon there is a neat Pass west over the Mountains at 10,000+ feet thru the wilderness that takes you Hwy to 114. Old Cowtown Resort sits just a 1/2 mile from where Canero Canyon hits Hwy 114, and we had alerted the staff we where headed their way for Lunch and Drinks. The Good people at Old Cowtown Resort were quite accommodating, and after a a quick nap on the porch after an excellent meal, we headed East again. Old Cowtown Resort sits in a Valley and on a road that was the Hoagland Stagecoach stop used in the 1800s. Hence the Stage Road is the shortest route into Saguache and Fuel. From Saguache, the Little Known Ute Pass (1 of several Ute Passes) takes you up and over the mountain and drops you into the Bonanza Mining area. From Bonanza we took the Otto Mears Tollroad, (Which only had snow in a few small areas) up an over the Extreme West end of the Sangre de Cristo's and down into the the Silvercreek basin. Which then drops you out at the old mining town of Shirley and the East end of Marshall Pass. By the time we had gotten back to Buena Vista and Mountain Tech Motorsports after our last dirt Stint from Fisherman's Bridge on the Arkansas river to Trout Creek Pass we had covered over 500 miles. Captain Jack Bongiovanni, The Honda Africa Twin guy and Exit Tours MC Chief Instigator Michael Brown had an outstanding 2 days of riding and hauling butt in the dirt and on the pavement. Bongiovanni's '04 990 KTM may have had a few small issues, but the Africa Twin Never missed a beat. Other than his hard saddle bags almost causing him grief when the going got rocky. Brown's DR 650 was a weapon in the tight stuff and the soft dune road, and the DR's running out of gas once was the only issue for the weekend. See Fun Photos below and feel free to comment ?
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    A few more Pix of Heading in the back way into the Great Sand Dunes. Rocks on Canero Pass on Day 2. Route Map to the Great Sand Dunes Pool. If 5 Days of this sounds like fun check out HotSpringsTour.CO ?
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    I have a set of Mobius braces, I wear them on the XR mostly, but not the Tenere. If I need them on the Tenere it is related to bike weight and may transfer the injury to a bone above/below. On the Honda I play harder and am more likely to get a knee injury. That being said I did 90% tear ACL and MCL with good quality braces about 9 years ago. Basically ended my racing endeavors after that.
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    So, in the video above, I am recording audio & video in the Movie Pro App in my phone & then using that as the overlay to the matching secondary GoPro camera....
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    Anyone with experience on this new #xsadv bike? I've heard two problems so far but there may be more. One was a friend's boyfriend went over the bars on his on the freeway after it lost power and seized up or something. Another today is with a poorly engineered side stand that will bend the frame over time. I did some searching and found quite a large variety of issues with this new bike from BMW. One example is this bike-specific forum. It indicates problems ranging from transmission to idle to sidestand to loss of power, fuel, etc... Just curious what others have heard so far?
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    Just saw this! What do you all think about the huge Dakar type shroud? I kinda like it
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    Well, the more aggressive tire is here! The Tubeless Motoz Tractionator Desert H/T tire has landed in the 150/70-18 rear and 90/90-21 front. Take a look: https://www.chapmoto.com/motoz--tractionator
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    I don't know anyone who can ride like that. I think this video belongs on a red bull site.
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    Okay that was a fun video to watch and made me really want to be riding rather than at work
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    GRANBY, CO – February 21, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Third Annual Woman-Led 2018 ADVWoman Rendezvous (formerly Rally) dates announced for July 19-22, 2018, at Flying Heels Rodeo Arena in Granby, Colorado. Dates are announced for the third annual adventure rally organized by ADVWoman for women and their families. Held July 19-22, 2018, in Granby, Colorado, the event will include dirt bike and adventure bike rider training, classroom training, a variety of local dual sport rides, camping or hotel facilities, catered meals, awards ceremony, and a DJ dance party. All instructors are women. Men and families are welcome. “Last year’s event exceeded our expectations!” said Pat Jacques, Rendezvous director. We had international students and students who took our BDR courses then joined us on the first ever, all-woman Colorado Backcountry Discovery Teaching Tour, a tour we are repeating this year following Rendezvous, July 22-29, 2018. The rider range classes at 2018 Rendezvous feature more advanced dirt bike training as well as more advanced adventure training. “Our mission is to support women through off road riding and that definitely includes working with couples to so that they can fully enjoy riding together,” Jacques said. “Here is what one of our men attendees said of his experience at our 2017 event:” Kurt McCoy attended the 2017 ADVWoman Rally with his wife, MJ. He wasn’t sure what to expect. He quickly became a fan. “Leading up to this event I was faced with my wife selling her bikes. Now I am faced with her wanting a few parts and gear upgrades and her wanting to ride more…a lot more. My wife is my best friend, and this makes me happy. Pat said at the beginning of the Rally she hopes to teach a few things and to empower the ladies. She accomplished that in spades,” said McCoy. “Women teaching women is natural and transformative,” Jacques said. The retired motocross racer has high praise for her highly trained ADVWoman staff. “This year, Lisa Taylor joins us. Lisa is an expert rider and trained in our style of breaking down skills into manageable steps, allowing women to go at their own pace in a loving and supportive environment. Lisa is a person who is so easy to be with, riding with her automatically instills confidence, which is exactly what we intend to achieve for all of our riders. We are excited to welcome back Canadian Trophy Candidate and BMW Off-Road Certified Instructor Caroline Stevenson. Caroline’s quiet, confident manner and considerable skill has been popular with our riders. We are also thrilled to welcome back Kandi Spangler, an MSF Certified Coach and a woman whose bright and joyful personality keeps our students’ spirits flying high on the range and off!” Jacques said she is often asked, “Am I good enough to attend?” She advises, “If you can ride a motorcycle—release the clutch to take off, shift gears, and come to a stop, you are ready for our training.” Jacques reflected that in 2016 a new rider had only been on her motorcycle 4 times yet attended with her husband and both improved considerably. Classroom Sessions are open to all attendees and will run Thursday & Friday 3:30pm-4:30 pm and 4:45-5:45 pm, with several classes running simultaneously in different locations. Topics include trailside maintenance, trailside first aid, intro to GPS navigation, fitness and training for off-road riding, truck & trailer motorcycle loading and unloading, flat tire repair, how to pick up a bike, moto-camping and travel photography. Immediately following the Rendezvous, Jacques and her staff will lead a second All Woman Colorado Backcountry Teaching Tour, July 22-29, 2018. About Pat Jacques, CEO ADVWoman Pat Jacques is a ground-breaking woman in motorcycling who raced men’s motocross professionally. Retired from racing she still enjoys spirited single-track riding and adventure touring. Jacques’ passion is empowering women and getting families out riding motorcycles together. She is director of the annual off-road training event ADVWoman Rendezvous in Granby, Colo., a Keynote speaker appearing at the Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit, Women Creating Our Futures and a personal coach. Contact: Pat Jacques PO BOX 128 Granby, CO 80446 (970) 726-6830 [email protected] http://advwoman.com/rendezvous Source: ADVWoman Rendezvous
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    Love to see someone else show up and give it a shot. You can't tell me only 10 dudes in the country were willing to give it a shot on big bikes this year. Where are you big bike heros? Rogers, I'd love to see a 1200GS team, but I frankly don't think it's possible. I don't say that lightly either. Pro teams were turning 2hr laps on 450s this year. The course was utterly brutal. If it's possible, I doubt you'll find 6 guys willing to do it. Be interesting to see an attempt though.