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    I have met so many great people at several rallies but the one rally that keeps me coming back every year to see so many great friends, riding, eating and hanging for a good cause with Motorrad Angels is this one! Epic Tracks to pick from and so much terrain. Plenty of options that have challenging sections with sand, hill climbs, two tracks, forest roads, rocks and dust. Oh did I mention the hot springs & June Lake Beer? Breathtaking views, sick trout fishing and Mountain fresh air. It truly is an awesome place. Here are some clips I caught on this adventure. Enjoy! Part 1 of XLADV High Sierra 2019
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    Morning shots And then later in the sand wash
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    This is my fourth Baja Rally. I covered it twice as media, raced it in 2017 and back now covering it. I will follow the racers along four days of stages that will take us from here in Ensenada east to San Felipe, south to Cataviña and then north to San Vicente then back to Ensenada Saturday. It’s scrutineering today with an early start in the morning. Rough work!
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    Extra medium..... 701 found some water still near Fort McDowell, AZ
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    Really fun day 1 today. Got lots of great pics and got to ride the entire course! That was so much fun! My shots were used for a piece in Race-dezert as well as AOLrider
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    Teamwork makes the dream work!
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    Hope he is getting back in the saddle soon! Bummer, but all part of the adventure!
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    Nothing too gnarly but a decent mixture of paved and dirt / rock. Only did about 100 miles in total, but it was good to get out on the scooter for a bit...
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    Update! So I got some great big bike friendly route suggestions from Jimmy Lewis through the Mojave National Preserve and I’m sending off that permit request to see if they approve. Just to catch you up, the challenge has been finding an appropriate route on day 2 because there are so few options created by Ft. Irwin, Mojave National Preserve and Mojave Trails National Monument. If MNP approves then we are a go! And just to let you know, your own responsible riding st our two past Mojave events may make a difference as the rangers there like how we conducted ourselves and it has given them an example of what a day of about 50 adventure motorcycles on their easiest dirt roads looks like. I’m optimistic.
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    For anyone wondering, Dad is ok. Only a fracture at the base of the fibula, which he rode home on 300 miles before going to the doctor. Graham’s have been accused of being stubborn in the past...
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    Stephen Gregory uploaded all his pro shots to the gallery section. Check them out! They are amazing. If you post to social media please tag him at gregoryimagery.
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    @Harsimran Baweja made this incredible video!
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    Hmmm, I just put a tube in my tubeless front tire on my V-strom because I keep denting the rim and blowing the bead off, even with 35psi? Seems to work and in WA I'm not worried about temp.
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    Here they are! The new Trailmax Mission adventure motorcycle tire from Dunlop being launched today in Lake Arrowhead, CA. They are saying it’s a 50/50 tire. Mike Thomas got a set in December and will be posting a review soon. I will have more details later today on pricing and sizing...
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    Dude... I rode this little bike recently on the "hard way" up over the Cleghorn OHV Trail system. I have ridden this on my Africa Twin and my KTM 1190 Adv. R... and the ride on the CB500X was So Easy compared to the other bikes. If you are curious to see it in action, here it is: https://youtu.be/h2jATnjBo3k
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    yeah a few have mentioned that. I think Dunlop is aware of the issue but try Rocky Mountain ATV. I know they carry sizes for that bike. As for the K60 I can confidently say that ANY tire out there is better than a K60. It's plastic and is horrible in the wet, hard to mount, etc... This is a 50/50 tire that will compete with the K60, GPS and E07. In my opinion based on what I've seen so far, it's a capable tire at a decent value. I'm not a 50/50 guy so I can't say how it performs vs those other tires but I'm positive it's better than a K60. Riding the AT yesterday in dirt and pavement (dry) the tire seemed pretty damn good. No chicken strips for me on the pavement and I was very hard on them. My goal was to try and "break" the tire and show how it slipped or chunked or somehow failed when pushed but it held up great. Even a full street pressures I was expecting it to skid a bit off road or break traction but it never led to any loss of confidence. It would break traction a bit when braking downhill on loose gravel but c'mon every tire does that too.. Like I said, I'm not a 50/50 tire guy but I would DEFINITELY use a 50/50 tire like this if I were going on a long trip like to Alaska or Cabo or Central & South America. I'd really like to try the Motoz GPS because I've heard so many good things about it as well. They were a sponsor for awhile and may return soon so I feel I need to experience it first hand so I can compare. Mike Thomas tested the tire and will be writing probably the first review anywhere right here on XLADV so I'm curious to hear more about how it did in Baja and how many miles he got on it. They say their test bike, a Vstrom, got 8k miles on a rear and they think even the higher hp bikes like the GS and the KTM's will still get about 5k miles on a rear. That seems comparable to the GPS and maybe a bit less than the K60's. Here are some more photos of the tires from their site
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    Pricing released today in this PR piece: For Immediate Release October 10, 2019  Dunlop Introduces the High-Tech Trailmax Mission Adventure Tire Buffalo, New York: Today, manufacturers have bolstered their adventure and scrambler lineups with more offerings than ever. The high-performance of modern large displacement adventure bikes rivals that of sport bikes, yet they are also capable of offering impressive performance in the dirt—an amazing breadth of abilities that results in an unprecedented challenge to tire designers. With the proliferation of new ADV bikes, it was time for Dunlop to reinvent the 50/50 tire. Enter the all-new Trailmax[emoji2400] Mission. “This is a very difficult segment to tackle because of the wide variety of uses and fitments, but I believe customers will be surprised that the Mission delivers such a high level of grip no matter the surface and will also exceed their mileage expectations,” said Mike Buckley, Senior VP, Sales and Marketing. Re-Inventing the 50/50 Tire Engineers and researchers attended consumer shows, rallies and various events for years gathering data, and more than ten rider surveys were conducted among a vast audience. The result of the research showed Dunlop that the existing offerings in the 50/50 tire category presented riders with the ultimate compromise. You can have “this,” but you will give up “that.” The Falken Connection For the first time in its history, Dunlop tapped into newly available resources. Dunlop Motorcycle Tires’ re-acquisition by Sumitomo in 2015 gave the design team access to the engineers at Falken tires. Falken, a Sumitomo brand, has had tremendous success with the Wildpeak A/T3W, an off-road oriented light truck tire that puts a premium on ruggedness without sacrificing street performance. The Dunlop team was ultimately able to incorporate several Wildpeak elements into the all-new Mission. Development Two years in development, the Mission delivers knobby-like performance off-road, has impressive grip on the street, plus great ride quality and stability everywhere it goes. One of the primary goals was durability. Several months were spent piling on the miles—on the street, at the Huntsville Proving Grounds in wet and dry conditions, on gravel roads, trails, tire-shredding rocky terrain, and every condition Dunlop test riders could find. Dunlop also utilized a high-speed testing oval in Texas to put the Mission through durability torture. The result: Consumers can expect to get double the miles of some of the competitive rear tires, and more than that from the front. The production version of the Mission rear tire delivered 8,000 miles in testing.* A Mash-Up of Dunlop’s Best Street and Dirt Technology Combining the best of Dunlop’s dirt and street tire technology, the Mission is one of the most versatile tires Dunlop has ever made. One of the things that make the Mission unique is that Dunlop did not create a one-design-fits-all tire. Different bikes impose different demands on tires, so Dunlop engineers tuned popular fitments of front and rear tires for a diverse application of ADV bikes so that the tires consistently achieved Dunlop’s objective of performance and longevity. These differences apply to both the tread pattern and construction. Dunlop incorporated Staggered Step technology in both the front and rear tires. These steps give the side knobs more rigidity and lug stability to prevent flex, and create more biting edges so as the tread wears, the next biting edge “steps up” to grab hold of the substrate. In the rear, there are three different sizes and shapes of lateral blocks depending on tire fitment, a direct result of extensive testing. Common Tread Elements Front and rear tire patterns have more in common than differences. One visual distinction for both front and rear is the prominent wrap-around side lug inspired by the Falken Wildpeak. These lugs have several advantages; they add rigidity and durability in rocky terrain; allow lower pressures to be run off-road with less risk of pinch-flatting; they help provide steering stability in sand, mud and gravel surfaces; and they have an uncanny ability to allow riders to steer out of ruts off-road, even on the really big and heavy ADV bikes. Additionally, the sidewall rubber is thicker to add higher durability and puncture resistance. Both front and rear tires feature a distinctly higher land/sea ratio with about 60 percent land for greater street performance compared to the dirt-oriented D606 at 30 percent land ratio. Increased tread depth over the Trailsmart adds to Mission’s superior off-road performance. These comparisons illustrate how different the Mission is compared to other Dunlop adventure and off-road tires. Construction To meet the performance and mileage goals, bias construction was used, with the line featuring a mix of bias and bias-belted tires as needs dictated. Bias construction is generally better for off-road since tread and sidewall elements are designed as one component. Engineers used heavy-duty ply material such as nylon, polyester and/or fiberglass belts that are similar to those used in tough touring tires such as the American Elite[emoji2400] and Elite[emoji2400] 4. The result is a tire with excellent off-road performance that delivers the desired stability at higher speeds. Designed and Manufactured In Buffalo The Dunlop tire factory in Buffalo, New York enjoys a long track record of building everything from high-performance racing tires to premium touring tires. The Mission is the first off-road capable tire designed and manufactured in Buffalo. The Mission tires incorporate a tread depth twice as deep as any other motorcycle tire made in Buffalo before, a huge manufacturing challenge. Mission Accomplished Dunlop tested many competitor tires and while there are a lot of good products on the market, no one tire can do all the things Mission does, as well as it does, on such a variety of machines. With the Mission, Dunlop stayed focused on delivering a higher level of performance, mileage and durability over a wider range of conditions and terrain than any other tire. Today’s ADV bikes, Scramblers and Crossovers make enormous demands on tires, and deserve nothing less than Dunlop’s best technology. The Mission delivers. Expanding Dunlop's Adventure Tire Lineup Within the Adventure/Scrambler/Dual-Sport/realm, Dunlop has targeted specific DOT applications, meeting a wide variety of riding needs with a broad selection of tires from the Dakar-ready D908RR[emoji769] to the heavily dirt-oriented D606[emoji769], the new Geomax[emoji2400] EN91,the road-oriented Trailsmart and Roadsmart III[emoji2400], and now the Mission, landing right in the middle, designed to cover it all. Available in a wider size range than any of Dunlop’s ADV tires, the Mission fills a void in the line for ADV bikes, Scramblers and Crossovers that are ridden aggressively off-road. MSRP will range from $131.21 to $285.23. About Dunlop Motorcycle Tires Dunlop is the largest supplier of original equipment and replacement motorcycle tires in the U.S.A. For more information on the new Mission, visit www.DunlopMotorcycleTires.com. *Test conducted by independent contracted riders on a 250-mile mountain loop. Tire sizes 110/80B19 front and 150/70B17 rear, on 2017 Suzuki V-Strom.
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    Nice looking tread pattern. I selected 2017 BMW R1200GS and the tire won't fit my bike. They appear to have a 170 sized tire so I am not sure what is up. I'd like to see a comparison between this tire and the Heidenau Scout K-60 by an objective reviewer, if such a thing is possible. NC Edit: Dunlop also needs to update the bikes in the drop down menus as they don't show Africa Twin either.
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    I can ride sweep and or EMT with who ever has a 4x4. 🤘🏼 Coz @@madhatter_moto 11is leaving me for Alaska.
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    Backstory on the tire's development here
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    Wow! Huge honor here for my buddy Lawrence Hacking in Canada who was featured riding the new T700
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    Looking forward to your coverage, especially since I'll be sitting this year out with a nasty case of strep!
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    Rise and shine bitches!
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    Cool video for sure, but it looks the same to me (I'm uneducated at best) and they didn't even hint at what is new?
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    This is one you'll definitely want to watch!
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    My buddy Dave and his Wife were in town 2 weeks ago and we took a 3 day cruise down to Durango. Railed along Route 149 to Lake City - great road with little or no traffic on it, follows a creek / gorge for a good portion of the way....
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    Looks like a great ride! Thanks for the pics too!
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    Added and updated with off-road information!
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    I had every intention of going to work today, but didn't. Instead I took a cruise around the 'hood.....
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    Riding through some of last winter's avalanche damage....
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    Yup, another Eric here. My Mom called me Earache as a kid. Dunno why.
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    Dana Brown (Endless Summer 2, Dust to Glory, On Any Sunday The Next Chapter, etc..l) put together this tribute to Carlin Dunne who passed away recently competing in the Pikes Peak race. I met Carlin at their Santa Barbara Ducati dealership when the salesman pointed to a Multistrada and said it had won the Pikes Peak race (~2011?) and ridden "by that guy behind the counter." I was blown away that this factory bike with just modified tires won overall but also by a guy who'd never raced Pikes before. Carlin went on to win again and again on an electric bike beating his old record and most recently for Ducati before his crash. He was an accomplished athlete all around and was known for his downhill mountain biking skills and even won the Baja 500! I saw him in another tribute video for Kurt Caselli when they did that Roland Sands KTM 500 bike. Our friend Mark Daniels is featured in the video as well.
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    I thought I’d kick off a ride report here for what was my second Motorrad Days Rally in Colombia. I got to attend last year as well and had a super fun time at both. BMW Colombia (AutoGermana) puts on a fantastic event that is truly an experience. It’s got all the best things from riding to great people to music, food and lots of fun on BMW motos! I’d like to thank our (xladv, Motorrad Angels) hosts Nicolas and Natalia of AutoGermana as well as Simon Rodriguez for all their hard work. More video to come shortly Quite a view in Medellin I never grow tired of
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    The stage setup was amazing. Great music with lots of dancing. Colombians love to dance! The school we did a water project for with Motorrad Angels food porn! Colombianas!
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    Wow, 220 people could have donated $10 each and did much better than $800.
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    I wanted to say something more about the riders who showed up as well as the cause we’ve chosen to help out. We raised roughly $38/person for a great charity. When you consider another event (that will go unnamed) boasted of raising $800 amongst 220 riders. You all beat that by a factor of 10!
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    Had a great time at High Sierra. I was lucky to be driven up and back and stay in a glamper for the weekend. Didn't take a lot of pictures, but got some video of Bob, Greg and Arwi. I would have gotten video of Tyler, but I just couldn't stay in front of him for long. Notice the smoke in background. So there is a small forest fire and Greg takes us on a route that had us exiting behind fire lines. I bet the Forest Ranger wondered how the hell we got behind him that day. Bob recorded that route so @Eric Hall you could add it to the routes for the 9th Annual High Sierra. The route is also on Greg's rever account. Its such a good route that when we got done Greg denied the whole trip was his idea! He was dehydrated and delirious. I don't think I broke my frame this ride, but not positive. I have not gone out to the garage to confirm this yet. I showed up with a 2018 KTM 1090R with only 200 miles on it. I have one thing to figure out. The traction control started to act up and wanted to turn on after starting the motor. It took turning the key on and off a few times and putting it in off road mode to get it to hold. I think I did the tough hill climb with TC on, even though it said off. I'm surprised I made it. Hopefully Arwi has video of it. Enjoy what images I have! 20190830_144217.mp4 20190831_113443.mp4 20190831_114031.mp4 20190831_114123.mp4
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    Sorry to have to say this but have to add Nemo Equipment to the list of companies supporting groups like The Conservation Alliance in shutting down responsible vehicular access to our public lands. These nutjobs at CA are even against mountain bikes. "human powered exploration only." No thanks, I'll buy my tent, bag, pad and pillow from Outdoor Vitals.
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    @Harsimran Baweja, check out this video ( https://youtu.be/SeR3vIeN8L4 ). Observe the bottleneck at around 38mins. It reminds me of Engineer Mtn Rd except we would be going up it.
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