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    It's time! This bike has served me well and I will surely miss it! There's really no other bike out there like the 990 for its power/weight ratio and sheer dirt-ability. This bike comes with about $8400 in extras and things that are extremely valuable like a set of Woody's Wheels (tubeless rear) that are $2400 alone or the $1800 in upgraded suspension from Konflict. Not to mention the performance upgrades from Rottweiler, guards, racks, lights, etc... 28k miles. Runs great. Frame 100%. Graphics will come right off to reveal pristine KTM graphics underneath. See all the add on's here. $14k
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    Event will be at Mohave National Preserve! Stay tuned! REGISTRATION LINK HERE Sponsors: SENA Signed up so far: @Jason R @greedyg Mike Thomas Steven Hernandez @Rogers Evan Brown Garret Ortiz Matt Norton Chris T Dave Elmer Christopher Moritz Monte Cottrell Ralph Wenger Troy Reeves Doug Stout 1 Doug Stout 2 Brandon Limb @WildTurkey @Kurt Asplindh Neil Reynolds Vlad Pavlov
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    Hi guys, I want to sincerely apologize for the comment I made. It was really stupid and I am very sorry. This comment was my own and in no way represents the opinion of REV’IT! and has nothing to do with the company. The comment was taken out of context from a heated personal facebook discussion about automatic machinegun laws after the florida shooting. I should have never used those words in this discussion. I have been apologizing personally by e-mail and facebook to all the people I offended with this comment. I feel very bad about this. REV’IT! has a US headquarters, distribution center and many US employees. The gear is top notch and we work very hard to keep our customers well protected on their bike. Please don’t be angry at REV’IT! but please focus your anger on my private person. I am to blame not REV’IT! I visited the US last year and I loved it. I am a big fan of the US and would love to explore more of your country. All the people I met where very nice and they certainly did not deserve their country to be called retarded. Please accept my personal apology. regards, Roderik
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    Howdy from Denver. I am the proud owner of a 2017 Africa Twin, and I ride every chance I get. Most of my rides are solo, so it would be great to meet up with some of you like minded weirdos for some Colroado and Utah adventures. My stable also includes an XR400R, which just got ran through the paces in Moab last week, and a CBR1100XX Blackbird, if your into that sort of thing. I bleed and ride red, Cheers!
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    Video of our group ride. @DimitriT @NavyNuke and Shane Bearly showed up. We saw Evan, Tristan and Matt at Starbucks when we started but they wanted to take another route. We ran into them near Inscription Canyon. Tristan had an off and hurt his knee and went home Some gnarly sand, a fun fast dry lake bed and a challenging hill climb.
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    That dude dont need no shelter, he can take refuge in his own beard
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    Saw this today... I think it is newsworthy and worth discussing but I really don’t take offense, personally. I know their US marketing manager and she is quite pleasant. He’s entitled to his opinion and even though I don’t agree with him, I know many Europeans don’t understand our 2nd amendment. However, I did take offense about ten years ago when I heard the ceo of Netflix criticize Americans while in Canada. I cancelled my membership there and then. I really don’t want a discussion about guns or mass shootings, I’m just curious if any of you see this could be a problem for Rev It?
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    My objective was simply to encourage other adventure riders to consider trying a rally raid event. The story here wasn’t that I’m some kind of professional racer but that I’m just a regular guy; a 50 year old dad from Irvine who likes to ride adventure motorcycles. I wanted to tell the story of what it takes to prepare for an event like this as well as race it from the perspective of an average rider. What did I do to prepare? I think I did a fantastic job of getting fit. I started a year ago when I went back to the gym (had taken a year off due to a broken wrist). I lost nearly 30 pounds by mostly changing my diet (paleo) but also put on a lot of muscle working out at a local gym doing mostly traditional type weights, floor exercises and cardio (HIIT on a treadmill). I think I could have done a lot more riding but didn’t have a truck or trailer and was getting help from Garrett Offroad Racing so I had the bike at his shop for the entire time so that limited my ability to go out and ride. Riding long distances over desert terrain would have been really good for me. I felt my fitness was really good but there’s certain things you get on a bike you can’t get from a gym like conditioning your hands and forearms to the standing position for long periods of time. I am extremely grateful to have received as much help as I did from Honda for loaning me the most excellent CRF450X as well as Garrett Offroad Racing for all his help prepping my bike. I didn’t realize just how much time that was going to take and I’m extremely grateful and feel indebted to him for all his hard work. I learned so much from Garrett about being a better racer and I’m incredibly impressed with his knowledge and work ethic. He wasn’t afraid to hold me accountable too and give me the hard truth when I most needed to hear it. I really appreciate that. Of course I got help from others like suspension tuning from Konflict, tires and mousse from Motoz, bars/handguards/pegs from Fasstco and a seat from Seat Concepts. Those all made the bike perform much better for my size and reduced fatigue by a large amount. I think they got their money’s worth as we’ve been able to generate quite a bit of views, impressions and reach across both XLADV’s and ThumperTalks’s forums and social media network. We still have a lot of photos and video to share but right now we’re at about 300k in impressions just from Instagram. Sonora Rally was truly an amazing experience for me. The organization is very well run and the terrain was just fantastic. The dunes and the open desert tracks we rode were so much fun. There was really very little that I look back on and think “that wasn’t fun to ride” even though there were a few things that were tough to get through. I was told it’s not as technical as Baja Rally and I’d agree with that. The course is more laid out linearly with longer sections between turns. Reviewing each day, day 1 was the prologue and I ended up doing extremely well, coming in 9th (provisional results). It was a short simple stage and I did well simply because I navigated properly and kept moving. There were many guys faster than me but they made the wrong turns so I ended up beating them. This is the essence of rally raid in a nutshell. Day 2 was special stage 1 where we got our first taste of the dunes in two sections. Section one was pretty challenging. I found myself with waypoint 48 showing about 300m ahead which I judged to be beyond a large dune. I went down in the bowl and actually picked up the waypoint but didn’t realize it so I was going to go around the right side of it and try to get to the other side but ended up stuck in another bowl for about 20 min. I should have trusted the Rally Comp which was showing waypoint 49 was next, meaning I’d already picked up waypoint 48 but my problem was I wanted to start my hunt for waypoint 49 from waypoint 48 so I went back on the course a bit (not that far). So I resumed my race and finished 17th which I was still very happy with. The second dune section went very quickly I think because I paced behind a side by side and it was helpful to see the lines it took and what the other side of each dune looked like from what I saw it doing. If it looked like a sharp drop then I’d slow down but a smooth descent had me staying on the gas. Day 3 was not just more dunes but EXTREMELY large ones! I ended up getting over only bout half of them and going around the other half (maybe 15 really big ones in total). What really could have helped me here in retrospect was a 120 width tire instead of the 110 I was running. The bike had plenty of power but I found only pinned in third gear did I have enough momentum to get over the biggest ones. I came over one and was just floored to see about a 1,000’ drop straight down! It was like a sand avalanche so I just pointed the bike down and rode with my ass on the back all the way down! My heart was in my chest of course but it was fun. I got to the gas stop about 1:10 before the 2:15 cutoff and was just spent. They wanted to check my bp and hr and said it was high so they kind of talked me out of continuing. I don’t really regret that. But the 75 mile or so return on the highway and the 110 tire contributed to the reduction in life of my rear mousse. Day 4 was flat desert and long at about 190k of the special stage but had a lot of pavement liaison sections that further degraded my rear mousse. I came out of the gas stop and felt a thump thump thump and realized it was on its way out. I nursed it for about 60k and just 10k short of the finish it melted and the tire came off the rim and was not rolling due to it hitting the chain and swing arm. I got a ride in from one of the crew that night. I also got a bit lost on the course earlier and opened a few waypoints but when I got there they weren’t at road book notes so I still wasn’t exactly sure where I was until I spotted another rider (Gil Shoham) and asked him. Had I finished stage 4 (edit: and stage 2) I think I’d have been closer to 15th overall. Day 5 was short, fast and pretty easy but I just wanted to take it easy. Garrett loaned me his rear wheel off his spare bike and I didn’t want any drama. I just rode conservatively and finished with Kent Choma. I got a bit off course early but quickly back on track then followed another rider who took a wrong turn and then I ditched him and got myself back on track again. In hindsight I would have done a few things differently. I’d have ridden more long days, run a 120 width tire and brought another rear mousse and changed after 3 days. I will defend my Motoz mousse still because like any tire, you have to be aware of the positives and negatives and plan accordingly. I am a heavier rider, was running a narrower tire and had more pavement than I thought so I should have changed the rear mousse. They do this at Dakar all the time. There are other mousse out there that last longer but they also contribute to a “dead” feel (Motoz is very supple) and I know Michellin mousse needs extra lube to keep it from drying out. I wished I’d also run my foam “grip buddies” grips like I did in Baja. No blisters thanks to my Klim Dakar gloves but they were still a bit sore and the foam would have helped a lot. I’m really just grateful to have finished and met so many wonderful people along the way. I don’t have even a single bruise on my body and while I did lay the bike over many times in the dunes, I never wrecked and there’s not a scratch on the bike. I just have two blisters on the second knuckle of my thumb from the grips and my knees and hands are a bit sore but not even as sore as they were after Baja Rally. That’s saying a lot right there! It was a total bucket list adventure and I’d highly recommend any decent adventure bike rider try something like this too! Heck, I’ll even pit for you! I know there’s a lot of riders out there better than me too, so I’m confident they will do well; even top 10 potential.
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    Another fantastic event! This was my 7th or 8th? Only Jeremy and I have been to all of them. Really good tracks too! Many felt they were a bit too long but that was really no matter as we bailed at 1:10 on Friday to highway to get lunch and then again at 12:30 on Saturday and skipped a lot. I rode the intermediate tracks Friday with @Jason R and @motochefarwi and a few others and really enjoyed it. The advanced tracks were mostly the same but for a few "extra credit" sections. Saturday I rode mostly with Jocelin Snow and Tiberio on the advanced. We headed out to the dunes after lunch but I took us the wrong way on the long loop they said don't bother with so we headed back to Tonopah and topped off then went out to the dunes. We heard from @motoguru that a guy had fallen and busted his leg and the sheriff was out there with a side by side or something getting him out of there. We went quite a ways but the wind was getting really strong and kicking up a sandstorm and Jocelin was really wrestling that big 1200 of hers in the deep sand so we just headed back and were fine with that. Our main speaker Friday night was Scot Harden and I really enjoyed that. He had some great themes, the main one was we really need to get at least one friend into this sport to keep it going! I also was interested in what he said about the French enjoying bringing Americans to Dakar to watch them fail. Kind of motivated me! Much more pics and video to come...
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    Had an issue while in Sidi Adventures last year. Moved to Sidi Crossfire2's for most of my riding and love the protection. Unfortunately, comfort/walking vs protection is a balance in boots. My adventure boots have become my pure road boot.
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    Hi all, My husband and I are from Buena Vista, Colorado, but we are currently in the middle of riding the Cape Town to Cairo route through Africa. I ride a BMW F650 and Chris is riding the F800gsa. We are having an amazing adventure and one of the best parts of our trip has been connecting with and meeting other adventure riders on the road from all around the world. We should be back in Colorado just in time for the summer riding season to pick up. If anyone is passing through Buena Vista at any point and wants to go exploring, look us up! Looking forward to hearing of other’s amazing rides and keep connecting with and finding new riding partners! If anyone is interested in seeing what Chris and I are currently up to, we have a blog that we are slightly behind with... www.distanttracks.com and you can find us on instagram. - Katelyn and Chris Barnecut
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    The only thing you missed is the fact that your friends are a bunch of sissys. Ride in
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    I’m in the same boat I have both a Hennessy Hammock and a MSR Hubba Hubba and both have their benefits and drawbacks. I love the quick set up of the Hennessy with the use of the snake skins and only needing a light sleeping bag or my tiny down filled blanket as I only use it in summer temps. It has its own built in bug net and ran fly if needed. I always bring a garbage bag to cover my gear and boots if it’s raining. On the other hand I love my tent and the ability to bring my gear and stuff out of the elements when camping and tuck them in the vestibule. When I bring my tent I also bring my exped syn Matt 10 which is bulkier and my one larger convenience item. My good riding buddy and I laugh that we’ve spent thousands to live like Hobo’s on motorcycles. Great thread !!
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    High Sierra - No trees Gold Point - No trees Desert - no trees Hammock, no bueno I guess since I car camp, I could try that hammock system that has the hangers under the front and rear wheels of my FJ...Might be OK.
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    I went straight to the AStars Tech7. I ride a big heavy bike and going off road I wanted big protection. I have to say that they are super comfy as well! One dab of the foot off road onto a small rock could ruin your day with a soft boot. I don't walk much in them and when I do I get lots of looks because people can usually hear me squeaking! RPM
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    Yes. The forma is a very comfy, but very flexible. I'd look at something like the Alpinestars Toucan ADV boot. Or, step into the off-road realm of boots like the Gaerne SG12, Sidi Crossfire, or TXC Comp Evo (what I wear). But, keep in mind that while full offroad or mx boots offer tons of protection, they aren't as good for walking, should that be something that you do much of on rides. But, I'd rather walk a little goofy or carry a pair of slip on shoes vs. have an injury like yours. I had the Formas, but did sell them b/c I felt they didn't offer up the protection that I really wanted when I switch to a KTM 690 Enduro R. Foot injuries suck b/c it's a complex part of your body that carries all our weight.
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    The map mentioned above can also be purchased on Avenza Maps and loaded onto your smart phone. It will track you so you know where you are and are going. A few guys used it in CO and really liked it.
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    Some photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0gkwu91rgi2viem/AACOvndOF88oByAao-eak5SYa?dl=0
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    Ok guys finally got my KTM My Ride and firmware version 133.30! It only took 2 months! I went to a different dealer (NorthBay Motorsport in Santa Rosa, CA) thank you guys! It did take a week of back and forth communication between KTM technical support and my Dealer, but they figured it out and return the bike just how I wanted it. It was covered under warranty and I didn't pay anything, but sadly the technician only got paid .50 for time from KTM. First day he tried the update it, but it locked up the digital display and they had to wait for a specialist to remote desktop into my bike. They were able to unlock the screen but when the specialist tried to ping my bike they wouldn't get anything. The decision was made to replace the Digital speedometer. Apparently the new display came with the new firmware version and it was just plug and play for the dealership tech. Very happy now!
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    Anyone planning to head to Taste of Dakar this year? I think I saw Eric Hall mention he was going to keep his 100% good attendance award. A few of us PNW regulars are making the trip down again for our spring fling in the NV desert (6th year for us.) Probably spend a few days riding out of Pahrump or Beatty before the event starts Friday, then ride the event Saturday, and finish up Sunday (and hopefully part of Monday) out of Gold point. Love the endless riding out there. And got to love the Gold Point experience. Hopefully with the event being later in spring we will not be limited on routes by the snow this year. Taste of Dakar 2018 on Facebook Altrider's Event Page Couple Photo's from last year.
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    Excited to be coming out! I'll be on my "light" adv bike! I just got a new Baja Designs squadron pro headlight so I'm hoping some might be down for a night ride!
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    Well after some debate and figuring WTH I'm now going to the rally and so is my buddy Alfredo from the @WeExplore2 page. Hope to see others up there.
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    Hi all, My name is Garrett and I'm new to the forum here. Looking forward to attending the Mojave National Preserve ride in May on my '18 Beta 500RR-S that I'm working to "adventurize." Look forward to meeting some of you on the ride! You may also know me from the SoCal Dual Sport Riders FB page that I help admin. Anyway, see you on the trails!
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    Comg from Phoenix it's an ass ride and wear on the knobbies I could do without... certified "trailer-pansy" right here. You also have the added bonus of getting home if you "send-it" during the Rally...or so I've heard [emoji12]
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    Just an FYI if you arrive early or stay late you either need to fend for yourself food wise, eat the tastie microwave bar food, or let them know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. They also take $10 (I think) for camping extra nights. Meals were like $15. Bring plenty of cash as that is all that is accepted in town.
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    I will probably be there Thur night and camping (because I’m a man).
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    I'll be going for the first time. Be gentle! Also, where is this cuddle puddle happening?
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    I have got to hand it to you Roderik, not many people would have the courage to search out and apologize to groups (large or small), as you have just demonstrated. Double thumbs up to you for taking the time and resources to set things right. In America, we would call that "Having huge huevos"
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    Im going to do that at TOD! hahaha
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    So kind of good news... turns out it was the immobilizer after all! Not sure why but there you go. What I was concerned about was it being a shorted wire in the ignition wiring. This is an easier fix. It’s on its way back to me now.
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    Skyler won his first ever rally Special stage today! I got 17th but clean. Had one waypoint I went back and thought I missed then ended up in a bowl. 20 min delay but got every waypoint and no penalties.
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    I have to mention something about wrenching on the bikes last night. I mean, it doesn’t sound very glamorous working on motorcycles in a cold garage on a Saturday night but these guys Garrett Poucher and Skylar Howes are like rock stars in racing and here I am tinkering on my bike with their help and talking racing and Baja etc. listening to Suicidal Tendencies of course. It was a great moment. I’m really just a 50-year-old dad from Irvine who likes to ride his adventure bike and all the sudden I get to be a part of this incredible rally with some great racers. Kind of felt like I was backstage a concert. Epic.
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    that's it, I'm out
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    Okay so I did actually just book at site in the Mohave National Preserve for the weekend of May 4-6. It's a group site next to the Hole-in-the-Wall campground. I will most likely have to do a "special use permit" because of the number of us who will be riding around the park. They're going to want us to be extremely careful vis a vis the desert tortoise so there may be some enforced speed zones with a ranger or two to make sure we're being responsible. And it goes without saying but they'll want us to ensure no one will be riding off-trail. I explained these are adventure motorcycle touring bikes, not dirt bikes. They're plated, street legal, etc... and are not capable of doing "anything but the most basic roads in the park." I did this ride once for Jesse Kimball's birthday (he's the Flying Monkey rally guy) and Tyler of Everide came with his drone and it was by far the best three days of riding I'd ever done. It's scenic like Death Valley but the roads are much better; more fun. Yes, there's lots of sand in parts but that's part of the fun. At least all the roads are straight so you can really just accelerate your way through any issues. There's lots of easy grade 1 roads there too for the beginners. There are a few mines to see as well as a lava tube and I hear they re-opened Mitchell Caverns which would be fantastic to see. Funds will be raised for Motorrad Angels but my aim is to keep the price very affordable. It's by no means a commercial event. I still need to work out some details on the special use permit. There's also NO WATER (under construction) at the campsite but there is at the visitor center. I'll be sure to have plenty of potable water there for us. There's also a large fire place and covered picnic tables. It could be warm but it's also snowed in April many times so there's a chance it could be in the 80's or 50's. It's at 4,000' in elevation so it's anyone's guess. I will get a site at Hole in the Wall next door for Thurs night for anyone who wants to come up then so we get a full day of riding in on Friday too. I'll also work on a catering solution. Rider count limited to 30 people. Registration link will be live soon. Feel free to weigh in with any questions.
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    That's still on the cool side. When it hits 110+ everything gets done in the mornings.
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    Yeah Hennessy makes a good product. I've had my eye on the new Kammok Sunda which combines the best of both worlds.
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    Welcome Utes! On another note I can help save space by parking the 950 inside Raster's toy box at night...
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    A few from my Saturday in Central Utah.
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    That's the ride I mentioned in my original post! Can't wait for that ride since it'll be my first time through the preserve! I signed up last night! Look forward to meeting you Eric!
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    I would go down south more often but it’s 8-10 hour ride..:
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    Thanks for joining to apologize, that is kind of you. Would like to continue to see you around here if you have the time @Roderik van der Heijden
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    Yesterday’s provisional 9th became 15th and today’s 17th is now 20th
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    I was a bit concerned getting the bike across the border because it’s not plated which means it’s not registered which means I’d have paperwork problems if they stopped me. So I parked at a buddy’s house in Yuma and then he drove me in my car with the bike on the trailer so I could just ride across. I’ve found when riding they rarely stop you and it worked!
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    Thank you for the welcome! Good stuff! Having grown up in Utica area (actually Sauquoit, NY) I do miss that scenery for riding but I'm pretty certain the NW had a bit of an edge on it ... if for no other reason than the less frigid temps here vs NE! 😉 I've been busy with work and haven't quite gotten as many rides on my bike as I'd like. I see that changing soon as the weather is about to get perfect here - so I'll definitely keep ya posted how it's working ... or maybe more like how it's working me! 😂 After this summer, I should know exactly what I'm capable on it. 👍
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    Oh man, how am I going to explain this to my trusting ( trusty ) ol' KLR?
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    Well, I'll be with you, @greedyg, so Raster is safe. You, on the other hand, will not be. Vroom vroom!
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    Stage coach inn and casino in Beatty for wed and Thursday night. You’re ‘in’