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    Hi there, Canadian ex-pat living in the Los Angeles area. I rode as a kid then didn't for decades. Moved to Southern California 7 years ago and realized I had to get back on a bike. Had a DRZ400 for a few years and rode LAB2V three times. Came off hard in 2017 and fractured 6 ribs. Sold the DRZ and bought a 650 v-strom. Rode that for a couple years. Totally reliable and comfortable but I needed something more. Sold it a few weeks ago and bought a pristine one-owner 2014 Super Tenere. Great bike!
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    Welcome! Sweet Tenere there. Hope to see you at XLADV events.
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    battlewing front tire 90/90-21 removed w/38 miles on it $55 givi black trekker side cases 46 liter like new $595 bar risers/setbacks $25 photos available located in washington 98620 for pick up or will ship you pay reply [email protected]
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    It's official so it gets it's own thread now! Pricing $9999 and availability are out (May/June '20). And some specs!
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    Does the jacket some with some kind of armor, or is it extra?
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    The Sena 10C Evo ($369.99) is the next generation of the 10C, or the "comm with a camera" feature. This latest edition is basically a bit sleeker (helps with wind noise) and records in 4k 30 fps. It has a longer range, up to 4 way Bluetooth intercom. I just got one of these and am going to use it on my Central and South America trip! I've taken this for granted for so long but keep in mind that Sena is basically the only solution out there for video that integrates your audio in the recording. GoPro isn't that easy to set up an external mic and Cardo is still voice-only (no video). It's great to be able to talk about what it is you're seeing or to capture a conversation or just talk about whatever you want. Their Prism Tube camera does the same although it lacks the rider to rider connectivity and the Prism camera is basically like GoPro but sync's with your helmet com so you'll get your helmet audio onto the video of whatever the Prism is recording.
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    I tried one of these and liked it, but there is a big weakness compared to a standalone camera. You can't swap the batteries out and that becomes frustrating on long days. I'm running a Drift Ghost X, mostly in "dash cam" mode but with the optional mic plumbed into my helmet. The setup works pretty well.
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    Wow six ribs! I just broke two and it was medieval for like the first six days lol! Glad to see you! Keep our High Sierra event Sep 3-6 in mind!
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    Intro: my name is Mike and I am an admin on a FB group called New England Riders or NER. I ride a 2016 BMW R1200RT and a 2012 Super Tenere. If you ever need anything while in New England it need riding info please feel free to reach out as well as visit newenglandriders.org THe NER website is packed full of great info about riding most of the eastern US but with a focus on New England. It is free.
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    Hi Eric. Hey is the day the observatory opens up the gate Sunday or Monday? Just trying work out some details.. thx
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    Sounds awesome Eric. I'll be there for you as I can. For the AV/Photo/Documenation check out ItchyBoots and Races2Place (Poskitt) videos for samples of things people have really engaged with. While it might be a PITA, what about inviting "sponsors" to accompany you on segments? Working with a local tour operator… In any case I'll check out the Patreon link. See you in the Sierras.
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    Apparently my invitation was lost in the mail but last week they had the US intro of the T700 right in my back yard and the one and only Jimmy Lewis was in attendance to give his observations on this one day exposure to the bike. I'm sure with more time with the bike he can offer a lot more insights but his is the best review I've seen next to Llel's at Brake Magazine Much more depth here in his written review at DirtBikeTest
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    In 2019 my travel plans were completed with a multi-day trip in mid-June to the Alps region, mainly to Austria and northern Italy. It is a popular motorcycle destination, which while not requiring much preparation and organization, is not inferior to other destinations in Europe or the Balkans, mainly due to the inconceivable beauty of the mountain routes. I chose to debark in the northernmost italian port, Venice, without a route plan to follow, but having a general idea of what i want to see and where to go.
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    Day 1: Venice – Lago di Resia Highlights of the day some of the most famous mountain passes: Passo del Tonale, Gavia, Umbrail and Stelvio. Passo del Tonale, SS42, 1.884 m. Passo di Gavia, SP29, 2.652 m. Passo Umbrail, SS38, 2.501 m. The mountain pass on the Swiss-Italian border connects Santa Maria in Val Müstair with Bormio in the Adda Valley. On the Italian side, it is connected to the Stelvio Pass, while it is the highest asphalt road in Switzerland.. Passo dello Stelvio, SS38, 2.757 m. The day ended near the small Tyrolean village of Curon Venosta, on the border with Austria. To be precise, the whole village is submerged under the water of Lake Resia, except for the church bell tower.
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    Leatt has been very kind to XLADV over the years with allowing us to review many of their products and I'm pleased to be able to finally get to review a knee brace! My knees are fine right now but I really want to avoid any problems and a knee brace is really a good insurance policy. Consider the pain, rehab, expense and time off the bike should you blow out a knee! I have a few physical therapist friends and they recommend these highly. The brace I chose to evaluate is the their C Frame Pro Carbon that retails for $529.99. I've been a bit hesitant to fit this thing but I just watched the fitment video and it looks quite easy so I'm going to get that done. Leatt's been around since '06 and made a name for themselves with neck braces, another piece of kit I own and highly recommend. I also have their GPX 5.5 armor, GPX jacket and some new slip on knee/shin and elbow guards I'll be reviewing later.
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    Why earplugs makes riding motorcycle safer and a review of the Alpine Hearing Protection Motorcycle earplugs. If you want to walk around when you are old with impaired hearing and keep responding with a “Whaaat did you say?” to your kids cheating at board games, then keep riding without proper earplugs. I am sure in this day of our lord 2018 there is enough information available on the WWW, for the majority of people not living in caves, to know that wind noise and noise levels while riding motorcycles can cause permanent hearing damage. In case some people are not aware of it let me give some reasons and arguments as to why wearing earplugs is a very good idea. Remember it is not only for ear-protection, it makes riding motorcycles safer. Also those foam plugs, they aren't what it seems More: https://www.pikipikioverland.com/earplugs-makes-riding-a-motorcycle-safer/
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    I've been using Nonoise for a few years now. They do a pretty-good job at reducing wind noise yet allow me to hear my music and gps guidance from the helmet speakers--a gutted Sony headset. Also, I can converse wearing them to some degree. When I refuel and have to go into the store, I usually remove one of them. The only problem with the Nonoise is the short tube for removal.
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    I had a set with 3 sizes in them, and 2 sets of filters. Tried the smallest but was still not very amusing. But yes, I am slightly more worries of losing the custom ones, but them being attached together with a small string helps. Also, they keep the 3D scan of the plugs at the company I bought them from, so I can order new ones are a reduced price without getting new molds made. But at the bottom line, you're right, earplugs are in the ATGATT list for me :-)
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    Was the tank guard misaligned, or was that something wrong on the 990?
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    If you originally created your account using a social media login (Facebook,Twitter,Google), your account may not have a password. Since a password is required to login on the mobile app you will need to create one for your account. It's very easy to create an account password. Just visit the password reset page and enter the email address associated with your XLAdv account. This should be the same email address associated with the social media account you originally used to login to XLAdv. Once you've set your password on the website, you'll be able to log in to the mobile app using that password. P.S. If you're not sure which email address is associated with your XLAdv account, you can find this information in your account settings.
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