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    Excellent interview with swiss camera man from LWR, LWD and LWU:
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    Hello from Houston Texas. I am new to the adventure touring world. Currently I have 2 bikes, a BMW 1200K (1999) and a HD 1200 Custom (1999). Been looking at adventure bike as they ride in areas that mine cannot go. At same time looking for some areas in the South Texas region that would make for a great ride.
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    Tom and I made it to Lima and spent a few days getting Dennis’s bike sorted and today we flew to Cusco to finally start some riding. Hope we can get the bikes sorted tomorrow and go but worried about the batteries. Did an interview with Eduardo in Honduras yesterday about the two hurricanes they got slammed by. Huge need there now so we got a fundraiser going on FB.
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    Made it to Medellin and have done a bit of riding here on a ‘13 GSA just like my old one. Went to see some waterfalls. Encountered a single mom (Venezuelan) on the street selling candy and we talked to her a bit then gave her 100,000 pesos which is about $30. She cried. [emoji26] Have my own riding partner here too [emoji6][emoji106] Leaving for Peru tomorrow to get two bikes back and do more water projects.
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    Spent two days in Puebla doing mostly nothing then rode back to Mexico City in the morning to pick up some laundry. Turns out even though they had it for 5 days they said it wouldn't be read until 6pm! So I waited around until then and visited the local Triumph dealer and said hi. I rolled out of Mexico City to go back to Queretaro (quieter, less expensive, less gritty) and traffic was a total nightmare! Took me 90 min to go 20 miles. I could split maybe 20% of the cars but the trucks were just too wide. Then once I got out of the city it got really cold, down to 41 degrees. My heated grips and seat worked well. The seat at one point was too hot so I turned it to low but then later got so cold I turned it back to high and that really helped. Got to Queretaro in about 3.5 hours for what is normally a bit over two. Saw a nice winery the next day with a riding buddy. Great food and wine! So I finally got a ticket to fly to Miami on Tue then Medellin Wednesday to join Tom Palmer (Motorrad Angels) in his quest to get some bikes back from Peru. I may be in Medellin for about 5 days then a short trip to Bogota then we'll go to Lima to do some paperwork stuff for Dennis's bike and be there for a few days. Cusco we'll fly to and get the two bikes there set up with new tires, oil, battery, etc... then start riding them back. Tom says he wants to go through Bolivia to see the Uyuuni salt flats which would be cool. I was there in 2014 but we skipped Uyuuni because it was the wet season. Tom wants to be able to camp but it's a lot of room in my carry on to bring my tent, bag and pad so I'm going to push back on that one. It may take us 2-3 weeks to get back to Medellin and I'm sure we'll do some water projects along the way. I will most likely stay in Medellin until after Christmas and then fly back to Mexico City in January to resume my trip. Tom wants to ride to Ushuaia at some point but not sure if I'll join him. He was also mentioning Asia which would be amazing. We'll see!
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    Ride with a club from CDMX called Comunidad Discovery that Dubanok introduced me too. Day ride to Puebla and I ended up staying here. Saw Popocatépetl for the first time. It was smoking a bit too. Will head back to CDMX today to pick up a few things then return to Queretaro. Kind of in a holding pattern until I head down to Peru to help Tom retrieve a bike. Will ride it back to Medellin and stay there a while then fly back here and resume the trip.
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    KTM costumer service is the worst that ever you can get!!!!! I have so many problems with them, after 3 months of many claims no answer at all!!! never again
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    I'm funding my own trip but you're right, Tom is going to pay for my flight. But it's only $188 lol. I'll be here a few more days. Met a friend of [mention=3957]Justin Mackie[/mention], Dubanok, here in CDMX who runs a moto shop for a Chinese brand called Zontes. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CG3RcPepf4P/?igshid=6ekaerjq447o Great drone shots too https://www.facebook.com/eric.hall2/videos/10164472600205215
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    I vote to fly to Peru, especially if its funded by someone else!
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    I ran these at the 2019 Geico Adventure Rally in Julian (Nov 7-10), and on the road and trails after that for over 7,000 miles total - still had plenty of usable tread, I would guess could make it 8k easy with bite left - These are fantastic tires, homerun Dunlop. The Breakdown... Handling, profile, cornering: I have been a sportbikes & track days rider many, many more years than I have been playing at getting my tires dirty. These tires on my adv have excellent street manners, you can chase down crotch rockets on your way to the trails just fine. They don't have as aggressive a fall-in while cornering as some of the other tires I have run, the front seems to have a gentler profile, just took some slight getting used to and they are fantastic on the road. Noise: None How do they work off-road?: I am just an Average Joe+? ADV rider, I will easily call these tires worthy of 50/50 title, all day, take it or leave it. I rode out to Font's Point and back which was relatively sandy the entire way with no "line" to speak of, and as long as I kept giving gas, I didn't fall on my ass, no herky-jerky feedback in the sand from the front, just pushed right through. Did Boulder Creek to the falls or whatever it's called and up to Eagle Peak, and that fap-worthy hard flat high speed dirt after that.... on the fast routes you can just riiiiiiiiiiiip, for the more technical black diamond bits, I never felt like the tires let me down. All the other blue routes we ran that had good-good dirt I think my buddies I was riding with would agree I was having a blast ripping around on these tires, the rear has such a consistent and predictable spin when grabbing throttle that you can probably get too comfortable going faster than you should be on a not knobby tire off-road. That being said I never felt like the rear or front were going to danger-level step out on me. Tire wear: At 700 miles, can't tell if any tread-depth has been used at all... the fuzzys are gone though. The edges of the treads are rounded off slightly from sand, and wheel spin in dirt, but I think after I street these back and forth to work for a few weeks they will be sharpened back up. The tread didn't tear, or chunk out at all during the rally despite being used.Sidewalls: The tread extends down the sidewall I am not an expert dirt or sand rider at all, but the tires did well in the sand I was in at my average level of sand things, I did feel more confident than I have in times past... Not sure if that's just a good day, or maybe these tires are doing something right with the extra grabby thingies on the sides. For you air-down types, these might be a good tire... seems like at least the rear has a much stiffer sidewall than I'm used to. Do they wobble in rain grooves: Nope, NOT ONE BIT... YAAY!... Not while cornering well north of 80 on grooves either. Do they look rad: Yes, I also rode them to the local dealership and you might say they brought all the boys to the yard. Speed test: If I was a betting man, I would bet that if someone had tested them in this manner... these tires are just fine above 3 digits. Balancing: I use a static balancer, these took a lot less time and weight to balance than big blocks, probably just luck but the rear needed zero weight. In summary, they did really well at the Rally, and continue to be great daily commute and weekend trail warrior tires at the same time. We hit easy, medium, and black diamond at the rally and I was never anywhere thinking to myself "F these tires", instead I was continually surprised at what I was getting away with that they were just doing the things that needed doing for being 50/50 - after 7,000+ miles they never lost their bite, and still had plenty of tread depth left. Eric just put them on for the next part of his SA trip... lol they might take him damn close to the end. In summary I will say these are absolutely the best 50:50 tire out there, and every bit deserving of that designation. They are NOT knobbies, they will NOT perform like full knobs, but if you want a tire you can comfortable cruise freeway speeds on all day, and then get away with a lot more than you might think off road all weekend... all while having ridiculous high mileage... then give these a shot. TIREPORN: Fresh set: Mounted on the 800: Rear tire tread shot: The Front tire tread: Balanced easily: End of the 2019 GEICO ADV Rally in Julian: Rear tire with over 7,000 miles on it:
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    I’m a tire snob and a tire whore.. let’s start there.. 2nd, I have a tendency to ride faster than one probably should on a loaded out ADV bike, especially on the street. I am not throttle conscious as it pertains to “save the tires”, I subscribe to the “fun meter” way of thinking and the meter is generally set on 11.. I am a tire ruin’er put simply.. TKC 80’s lasted less than 1000 miles on my bike on the AZ BDR, Kenda Big Blocks 1200mi in and around Death Valley, Pirelli MT 90’s 3400mi on a pavement assault of Northern and Central California, Motoz Adventures I can typically get 1800-2000 miles out of.. 3rd disclaimer.. I received a set of Dunlop’s new Trailmax Mission tires at no cost to test and review thanks to Eric Hall, XLADV and Dunlop.. that said I have zero obligation to report anything here on these tires but reality.. So.. on to the tires.. I am 2000 miles in this far.. just got home from their first trip. 7 days in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. 90% scenic backwoods pavement carving, 10% mountain fire roads putting up dust. Think, Teton pass, yellowstone, beartooth pass, dead indian pass, going to the sun road, lolo pass, bitterroot valley.. etc etc.. My setup was this for record. 2016 Africa Twin CRF1000L. Leo Vince full system and DynoJet Power Vision 3 Remapped ECU. The bike makes a bit more hp & tq than stock. Total weight with rider comes in right at 900lbs.. bike weighs 550lbs wet, luggage and accessories come in at 110lbs, I weigh 210 and wear 30lbs of gear.. pressures set at 38lb rear, 30lbs front. So.. to recap Dunlop Trailmax Mission tires. 2000mi of scenic twisties, open hwy and fire roads, 900lb bike with rider, 100hp on tap, giving it the goat... Install. Tires feel a bit heavier duty in the carcass than all other 50/50 tires I’ve ran. Carcass is more Motoz ADV than Pirelli MT90. Rear was a challenging install even with a tire stand, proper tools and copious lube, uber stiff bead and sidewall. Proof I believe this tire is built to last. The front was a typical 21" install most could do blindfolded. Front and rear both balanced with just 1/4oz. of weight with the lite spot dot aligned with the valve stem. The least I have ever seen, further proof of a superior manufacturing process and product result. Looks wise I think they look smashing on the bike.. First impression. My first miles on these tires was a pre-trip shakedown run out of Vegas to the Hoover dam and back. I noted two important details.. #1 this is the first tire I’ve spooned on my Africa Twin that induces zero head shake oscillation at 90+mph.. anyone that rides an Africa Twin at the upper nend of the speed spectrum knows what I’m talking about. This tire is planted.. period, right up through 120mph where the Africa Twin says enough already. #2 noise.. or lack thereof. Asphalt, seal coat, smooth concrete, grooved concrete, none produced any detectable road noise. Turn in is predictable and linear. They feel slightly heavier than Pirelli MT90’s in rotating mass but that’s a just barely feel and not a hindrance in my opinion. They have a lighter feel in motion than Motoz ADV's. Off to see the wizard. We trailered to Idaho Falls from Vegas, as our launch point for the ride North. Days 1-3 were all high speed mountain passes and backroads through Jackson Hole, The Tetons, Yellowstone and Cody, Wyoming. We did a bit of dirt two track to camp on night 1 that included a steep and totally blown out hill climb that was about a mile in length. There were rocks, dust silt, holes, gravel and hard pan. This was my first foray with the Trailmax Mission’s off road. I was very very pleased in their performance.. I found them to be lacking nothing. Forward drive was great, the front provided ample feel and the rear broke loose on command when desired but remained highly controllable with throttle input. I was able to step out the rear on the exit of dirt corners predictably, the rear did not show signs of high side danger from power slide slide lateral hookup when pushed, even when throttle was chopped mid-drift. Pavement manners were absolutely brilliant.. I pushed and pushed and pushed these tires on the road. Loading the front tire hard mid apex at speed by chopping the throttle, upsetting the chassis at lean angle, the front never seemed to care in the least. they were as reliable as a tires could be. 100hp and 75lb ft of tq isn’t a lot but with traction control off, its enough to spin up a rear on the pavement once a tire is heat soaked and pushed with irresponsible corner throttle control in the case of most tires. Especially when you are transferring the weight of 900lbs through the corners. I tried diligently on multiple road surfaces to break the rear out of corners. Simulating even the most panicked mid corner squid moves I could muster. I was never able to break the rear on any non dirt road surface, they seemed totally un-fowl able. Wear. One issue I’ve always found to be true with tires on my ADV bike is that they don’t go the distance. I am generally a rear tire per trip guy and front tire per 2 trips. Heavily loaded and flogged adv bikes are really hard to keep tires under. Guys that claim to get 5-6k miles out of tires I wonder if they are even having any fun? These tires showed very little signs of wear 1000 miles in, despite my attempts to bludgeon and beat them mercilessly. Dirt. On this 2000 mile trip we road approx 200 miles of dirt. Each section was a mountain pass two track road of hard pan, gravel, river crossings, open faced imbedded rock and dusty dirt highways. I pushed and pushed and pushed these tires. The rear I found to be incredible in its performance off road, despite its non-aggressive appearance. It performs off road as good as many much more aggressive looking tires I have flogged. The front was near equally impressive, I was able to find its limits off road only after trying to purposely find it. There were just two instances I was able to break the front loose off road. The first was on old backroad ranchy two track, my line to keep was filled with a mixture of sand and dust silt ahead a top hard pan. Loose sand and silt is always a difficult proposition on big bikes, this was no different. Maintain speed, add throttle when you hit it and power through.. the front hunted for center, wallowing a bit lefft and right. The second incidence of this was again on hard pan with heavy dust silt atop the hard pan.. aka dirt road black ice. Mid corner throttle chop loading the front tire I was able to tuck the front, it would immediately re-track and regain traction once throttle was re-applied and weight was rebalanced on the chassis. The second instance was only replicatable through sheer squid moves mid corner, in an attempt to find the limit. Would a more aggressive front have done the same? From my experience a more aggressive front such as a tkc80, Kenda Big Block, or Motoz dirt variant would have held out a little longer before letting go in this situation offroad, but probably not much longer. Personally those little tucks of the front when ham fisted in tough conditions off road I am more than happy to accept, in exchange for all of the other times and places these tires outshine the competition in the 50/50 tire segment. 2000 miles in I couldn’t be happier with their performance. Their wear is barely showing and the wear that is occurring is very linear across the tread on both front and rear. This weekend I will put another 1000 miles on them in the Sierra’s at High Sierra Rally. I will continue to report back on their performance until they are toast. 2000 miles in I give them 4.5 stars. They are to date the best well rounded do it all tires I’ve ran on a big bike. I have a feeling that opinion isn’t going to change. But we shall find out. Some video while testing.
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    Looks lime the 18 has the my ride unlocked for free. I opted opted out of the other items for $600. Now if i could just get the app to load from Google play
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    It looks like I am about to live this nightmare. I told the dealer at purchase "if it has it I want it turned on" After some time waiting, I told them at the first service we will work on it. Dropped it yesterday around noon and waiting on a call Is there any way to find out what the latest software update is? Lug
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    Keep in mind that LED's DO NOT photograph well at all due to the frequency. We have been asked to do a side by side brightness comparison with stock and for video it can't be replicated well because the stock filament will always look brighter on video because it doesn't blink at a million miles an hour like LED's. Trust us when we tell you that these are extremely bright. We looked long and hard for this setup and wouldn't dream of putting anything out there that is sub par. Especially when it comes to brake lights. You just have to see them in person.
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    Got the tail tidy installed yesterday and it took all of about 45 minutes. Less if you have no pannier racks. It's literally plug and play. Remove the right side panel and disconnect the tail light wiring assembly This template is where you put your license plate to mark the four places you'll file a bit off for space to run the led wiring Rottweiler puts all this together for you and here you can see the wiring sleeve they use These holes are where you'll re-install your existing turn signals if you want to keep them. I'm just going to go with the led turn signals in the license plate frame. I'm leaving the cross bar for the pannier racks in place just for strength and stability. We also put a small piece of adhesive foam between the Endurocell fuel tank and the frame simply to keep them rubbing. That's it! And of course a video to show you how it's done. Sorry for the dirty bike but haven't had a chance to clean since Taste of Dakar last weekend.
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    Seems crazy that it's taken 9 years of the 950/990 to get to this point but Rottweiler Performance finally has a tail tidy solution! I'm pretty excited because Chris Parker said he'd like to get one put on the project 990 tomorrow. So why would you want something like this? Well for a lot of smaller bikes this is a common mod. The rear plastics just look really clunky and can actually get in the way when riding off road. Your suspension compresses and maybe you get a rock in there and suddenly your license frame and or turn signals get mangled. There's also q weight savings but it's minimal. Here's what the site says about it: Finally, a production tail tidy for the KTM Adventure 950 and 990! This is unlike most tail tidys in the way that it is completely plug and play. Simply unplug and slide out the massive and ugly stock rear tail section and slide the Rottweiler Tail Tidy right in. Plug it in and that's it! Ultra bright integrated LED running lights, brake lights, turns signals and even the license plate light are integrated right into the frame. Totally water proof and ultra durable with a textured powder-coated finish. Want to retain your stock blinker lights if you are concerned about width legality in your area? No problem, simply remove your stock blinkers (2 nuts) and bolt them right up to the available tabs on the frame. Even that part is plug and play too! Just use the stock connector for the blinkers and our connector for the brake lights. Pre-wired plug and play straight to stock connectors. NO WIRING OR WIRING KNOWLEDGE NEEDED. All pin crimp ends are hand soldered for safety and durability. Ultra bright integrated LED lights. Even in the day time they are blindingly visible to ensure safe operation. License plate light, turn signals, running lights and brake lights integrated and sealed into the frame. Option to use your stock signals as well if legality of the width of the turn signals is a concern in your area. Ultra tough black textured powder-coated frame. (Identical to the black unpainted rear fenders found on 'R' models) 30 minute install. Hand made with care in the USA by Rottweiler Performance. Fits U.S. motorcycle Plate.
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    Was over at Rottweiler Performance today in Costa Mesa and got a sneak peak at a prototype tail tidy for the KTM 950/990: Also got to see James welding on some new Endurocell auxiliary gas tanks. When one does a 2:1 exhaust conversion, the left side is freed up to install their aux fuel solution.
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    We are going to put one of these Endurocell tanks on the project bike tomorrow. I will have a video demo of that shortly
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