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    Finally escaped from California, started a new job last week at Intel. need a computer to adjust my profile, bt any addicts in the Phoenix area will have a new person to ride with soon.
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    FYI- snow level is still 3500-4500 right now throughout the cascades/WABDR. It’s melting quick but seeing lots of people having to double back due to blow down, snow, and deep mud.
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    2007 KTM 990 Adventure 45,500 miles $6500. Located in Eastvale, CA 92880. Please don’t be concerned that this is my first post on XLADV. I’ve been on other sites and was introduced to XLADV recently. This is a great bike and I should keep it, but I bought an Africa Twin. My wife would [emoji2962] if I sold the Africa Twin to keep the KTM. Link to Google Pictures https://photos.app.goo.gl/nWLVon46RbDDuFMU8 Suspension 101 springs and valve work for 190lbs rider KTM Heated grips KTM touring windscreen KTM stock windscreen Moose Racing shorty windscreen KTM Euro headlight Cyclops 3000 lumen Led High and Low beam bulbs Led Aux lights Guglatech fuel tank pre filter Midwest Mountain Engineering clutch lever PDM 60 ABS on/off switch Garmin Zumo 660 with Touratech locking mount Touratech rear brake master cylinder protector CJ oil drain hose CJ foot peg extensions CJ tail rack CJ tool box, in place of left exhaust CJ axle puller Hammerhead shifter Larger clutch oil jet Highway Dirt Bikes hand guards and mirrors BRP upper triple clamp Scotts under bar damper Rottweiler intake system with pre filter kit Rottweiler snap out kit, easy access to air filter Rottweiler Dog house storage box Rottweiler quick flip mirror mounts with CRG arrow mirrors Happy Trails Denali panniers. Same width as the handle bars. KTM Tank protectors KTM tank bag Two radiator cooling fans Lower temp thermostat Tune ECU cable SAS and canister removed G2 Throttle Tamer Oberon clutch slave Side-stand cut out installed Two into one exhaust with Remus titanium muffler Water pump rebuilt with CJ harden shaft, cooing system flushed Seat Concepts two up tall comfort seat Seat Concepts two up short comport seat Stock seat foam and cover Under seat tool tray Skid plate Crash Bars Mosfet Regulator Rectifier Pelican 1450 top case LED blinker bulbs ($25 per bulb, not cheap Auto Zone bulbs) Clutch master cylinder re-sleeved lined with copper 33K miles New rear brake master cylinder, and pads 37K miles New chain, front, rear sprockets, crush drive, clutch and frictions plates 40K miles New Front brake pads 43K miles Newer tires KTM shop manual on DVD and printed KTM briefcase Bag of extra KTM bolts and misc parts Extra Fuel pump
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    New price $5900. It’s a great bike!
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    Hearing that, I think I am going to give the RallZ a shot. Tread pattern up front is a good bit different, and from what I understand works way better than the original TA, or the TA MK2. Rear looks much more open and id suspect be better in mud etc. I was totally geeked about the 823. Ive had a couple sets of the 723 and really like them. I suspect you would like them as well. I doubt you would get the mileage out of them that I have (you are much more abusive to tires!), but for how aggressive they are, getting the mileage I have out of them is impressive. The 823 sounded like it might last a tad longer and perform the same or better. Ive been emailing back and forth with Dax since I first heard of the 823's in March. Originally it sounded like late spring early summer to hit the US, but now he is saying September. I REALLY wanted to try those out.
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    Guess you need to get it on that road leading in and out of Goldpoint to know...
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    BTW this bike is obviously too small for Chris so for bigger riders still 1090 should be better option I think.
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    Got kicked out of the carwash after the ride too... They didn't like the mud
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    Tauerntreffen,Austria,Jan 2014
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    JetBoil contributes to groups shutting down responsible vehicular access to our public lands.
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