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    Checkout this guy's comments on the front tire photo... danedeboer. I think he's confusing me with someone else because he seems to be saying that because I said "no wobble" then I'm somehow acknowledging that the old ones (that did wobble) caused his crash in the sand?!! He actually did say that I had told him that (I didn't) and that I don't know what I'm talking about. We did talk but it was about risers, not tires (I still have the conversation records). I did leave one comment on a photo of his he posted about the tires and I said "you're going to like those." I told him if someone did indeed tell him it wasn't the Motoz tires that caused his accident that I would have to agree! I've fallen in sand many times but it was due to my lack of skill, not tires. The old MKII's did have a noticeable wobble for me but on pavement around 70 mph and it went away after the first 100 miles. The Desert HT's also wobbled a bit and bothered me on the way back from IDBDR last year but never off road. Any dirt biassed knobby tire on a heavy adventure bike is going to wobble. Even my nobbies on the CRF450x at 65 mph on the highway wobbled. That's what nobbies do. Perhaps he can enlighten us on what he was trying to say but from the look of his feed it doesn't look like he has a lot of experience riding big bikes off road so I'm going to have to stick with my original hypothesis. lol
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    Welcome! I'm trying to put together a more tame adventure route for LAB2V this year so hopefully you'll like it!
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    sow and two cubs. One family of many I passed on the trip to Dawson City.One of the views from the Top of the World Highway.Crossing from Alaska into Yukon Territory via TOW Highway.view from an old mining road in the Yukon.
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    Out of curiosity what was the serial number of your bike? Mine is: VBKV29407EM902285
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    Hey Le Cler I ll be honest here. I had some challenges with my commuter bike and so my funds went in another direction. I put the brakes on buying the flexx bars for the 1100GS. I'm sure it would be a massive improvement. However after careful consideration even with a 19" wheel plus the flexx bars it was really not worth my time to invest further. I found it better to just buy a bike with suspension that was built to do the riding I love to do. So I went Orange with a KTM 990. Event stock handles amazing. Yeah Jimmy loves the flexx bars and Eric has them too. If I were you I would invest in them. I have seen your bike and they way you have it kitted already with the 21" it will be a great fit for your riding style. Yeah over time once you figure out your arm placement on the bars and get more aggressive or adventurous you out grow the oem set up.
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    I enjoy my 701, but it's not the greatest highway bike. Done a few 200 mile days on it with no mechanical issues, but kinda hard on the bum
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    Im going to explore the 690, 701 and 790. Who knows when I will see a Tenere 700 so its not on my list. Funny thing, I found a 2016 KTM 1190 Adv R new at a dealer in El Cajon. Least its on their website.
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