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    Been dreaming about a Ohana's 395 Burrito and good beer from June Lake.. Can't wait! All signed up and wife approved!
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    Looking at work schedule… I’ll probably get there on Wednesday, chill before the crew gets there, scout a few spots, the usual. Keep you all posted.
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    I did it. I got my ticket. My first rally !! Super Tenere 2012 (T12) Newish rider. Be gentle LOL
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    I get that question a lot from first-timers and I should probably include a better description but it's simply that we camp in one place and explore local trails during the day and gather for a meal (not catered this year) and socialize at night. We typically have a riders meeting in the morning about 8:00 and we simply have a show of hands for who'd like to ride easy or moderate or hard trails and then people can self-organize with those wanting a similar type of ride. GPS tracks are posted here the week of the event. This year we will do one prize drawing on Thur and Fri nights and then we have the main raffle Saturday. Tickets for that can be purchased at the event for $10 and all of those proceeds to go benefit Motorrad Angels, a 501.c.3 charity.
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    I'm in. Vacation approved. Wife undecided on going still. @bob smith going ear
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    I'm trailering with the trusty old Chevy volt again this year.
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    lol... +1 on trailering.
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    Hello from Paso Robles. Just found out about this event and bought my ticket. Sounds great and I look forward to meeting and riding! I'll be on my 2007 KLR 650. Any other thumpers in the group? Do most people trailer bikes in or ride in?
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    I've been a Motoz fan boy since I put the first Tractionator on my 950Adv, but always wanted to try the Dunlop D908 rear tire. However up until the last year or so, the widest 18" they offered was a 140. Personally, not an option for me running 4.5 rear rim. Then the 150 width finally dropped and I spoon'd one on. It went on easy which was surprising considering how stiff the sidewall felt. I did a few short rides just to scrub her in and the first thing I noticed was how quiet this tire is on the tarmac. "Quiet" is certainly a relative term when discussing big blocked knobbies, but the closest comparison I have the the Motoz Desert H/T (which I loved off-road, but was unbearably loud on the hwy to get to said dirt). After about 30 ish miles on twisty pavement, I became very comfortable with the road manners. Nothing unpredictable, and very sure footed. Next test was miles and miles of baby head rocks. Other tires have quickly tossed chunks on this section due to my tendencies to heavy right hand but the D908RR faired very well with no noticeable damage. Racking up about 1000 miles on short trips, now on to the real test, the Colorado BDR. The fully loaded 950 with me on it weighs about 800 lbs. When all said and done, the COBDR provided lots of different terrain, rocks, sand, loose and hard pack dirt, including about 400 miles of twisty pavement (50 of that in a torrential down pour) . The D908RR carried us through without incident and did it very well. The D908RR can be had for about $160 at the time of this review, which is a smokin deal compared to my other "go-to" Motoz RallZ at about $210. Bottom line, I like it, and think I may be a convert. I'll leave you with the attached pic, post COBDR, just shy of 2700 miles total.
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    Hi Stephan, There are some good vids on the Tube from last year. This will be my 3rd.... can't wait.
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    We can survive. @motochefarwi it will just be like our birthday ride in Death Valley.
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    LOL, not anymore! That bike got totalled.
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    @bob smith just saying "trailering" sounds a bit like saying Rosie O'donnell is petite Somewhat of a slight mischaracterization...
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    @Jason R trailers mostly because he owns bikes that don't like to start in the morning
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    Real adventure riders actually ride in... πŸ‘ With that said, I'll be trailering...
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    Some more pics from Enduro Action Team's IG feed today... My initial thoughts are that is looks much like the Anakee Wild. Or the Karoo 3. Or the Bridgestone BattleCross AX whatever... etc... I will wait for more information but this tire is about 8 years late to a now crowded marketplace. I wrote this piece about how we finally have some new and interesting choices in big bike adv tires, much like the explosion of the craft beer category. Now I think we're also paralleling that industry with its sours, double black IPAs, etc... In other words it's quite a saturated market now and not sure how much room is left. I recall it being such a small offering that TKC-80 was about all you could find. The K60 Scout was "new" and I used to have to buy my Mitas tires from Canada. But Heidenau is a good company; a German company. I'm sure you'll see BMW's come out of the factory soon with these tires. And truth be told, most adv tires are rather good for specific purposes. "Good enough" isn't good enough anymore. You have to be great. You have to be different. I am anxious to learn more about the compound, construction, fitting, pricing, etc... I doubt it will be as hard as the Scout but let's see.
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    I'm wondering about what the "premium" cost will be.
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    Very important question, there will still be kegs of beer at camp, right?
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    Quote from Enduro Action Team: β€œVery much grip even from asphalt. Coarse studs. Very good lateral support on the front wheel. Better than karoo 3 or TKC”
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    Of course he does... @bruinjon
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    @motochefarwi and @Dennis Hagerty and @Pat Thaiwongse... Jonathan and I spoke yesterday and he has a few ideas he'd like to discuss around meals.
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    Happy Birthday Eric ! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸ₯³πŸŒž
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    Thanks for the link to the video.. it looks like fun times.
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    Nothingburger Eric. Those that complained have already forgotten about it until they find the next opportunity to showcase their greatness. Virtue signaling on-line is at epidemic levels. #stayhumble
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    Got a response back from GIVI on https://giviusa.com/collections/tiger-900-20-21/products/es6415-sidestand-foot Although Revzilla lists it as fitting a Rally Pro, GIVI told me this product does not fit a Rally Pro. ☹️ The quest continues.... I am awaiting a reply from R & G Racing about theirs.
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    The Sargent seat is great. I got a prototype last September and it does include their own heating element and they measured the heat to be a third warmer than stock. Long days on the bike make a custom seat a must. I didn't think a heated seat would do that much but have found it really helps keep you from getting too cold. It's like your body's bucket of heat has a hole in it but with the heated grips and seat filling that bucket back up, the bucket never gets empty or at least takes much longer until you start feeling really cold. I have been in some cold passes in Montana and Idaho with it as well as in Mexico, Guatemala (Huehuetenango), Costa Rica. I've also done those 3 hour rides between about 50-60 where the cumulative effect can make you cold but the seat and grips really make a difference. I think it will be put to the test when I do more of the Cordillera Blanca and Andes. I'm sure I'll need a down vest under my jacket then. I have a heated jacket back home but it takes up more space so I left it.
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    I won't say I "liked" this comment, but thanks for the info. And glad to know your dealer took care of you. How do you like your Sergeant seat? Is it heated like the OEM (I live in New England so a heated seat is a great thing for me and my passenger).
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    Thanks for the answers. So far no dice for me either. There's a GIVI one that Revzilla thinks would fit the Rally Pro, but my guess is the same issue. All the dif Tiger 900's have dif feet. I think I will ask my triumph dealer what their thoughts are. What happened with your fork?
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    Hey Eric, Did you get your kickstand foot enlarger installed from H&B? I received a different brand that stated it worked on the Rally Pro, but it didn't fit. It seems like all the Tiger 900 models have different foot sizes? Just wondering if you had success so I could order that one. Thanks. Lots of nice gear upgrades on yours.
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    $$ in the pot... ready to ride & camp & hang out & "Event"... Thanks Eric
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    Looking for riders in South East Michigan
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    Welcome to the group!
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    Sargent was working on a prototype Tiger 900 Rally Pro seat and wanted to know if I'd help them out. Naturally I said "heck yes!" and this is what happened... So obviously the upper photo is the new seat with the lower one being stock. The stock seat "seemed" fine but then two hours on the highway on my way to Vegas for this Tour of Montana trip two weeks ago and my bum was not too happy. Reminds me of the stock BMW seat I had on my 2011 GSA. I have an aftermarket seat on the 990 from Seat Concepts and that has been awesome. This particular seat is unique in a few ways... The biggest advantage is simply long range comfort. The seat is made better, better ergonomic fit, not made to a dollar spec to keep costs down. Materials are better from the UV-resistant materials to the grippy sides to the foam inside. No gel here! Gel weighs more and is thermo-retentive. I dialed in a taller seat height (you can get whatever height you like) because I'm a tall guy and the Tiger 900 I can flat foot way easier than the 990R. Comes with a heating mechanism that delivers a top heat level 1/3rd higher than stock. I finally tried this on Beartooth Pass in Montana and wow it was nice! I got it after my Montana ride but before High Sierra and the best description I can give is it cradles your bum better and actually suspends it. Stock seats you basically will sink past the 1" or so of padding and be pressed against the hard seat pan creating hot spots that give you discomfort on longer rides. I'm going to be spending many long days in the saddle so I really was eager to get something like this.
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    Hi there, Canadian ex-pat living in the Los Angeles area. I rode as a kid then didn't for decades. Moved to Southern California 7 years ago and realized I had to get back on a bike. Had a DRZ400 for a few years and rode LAB2V three times. Came off hard in 2017 and fractured 6 ribs. Sold the DRZ and bought a 650 v-strom. Rode that for a couple years. Totally reliable and comfortable but I needed something more. Sold it a few weeks ago and bought a pristine one-owner 2014 Super Tenere. Great bike!
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    I agree with you on the redverz tents. Too big and complicated.
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    All good nice list. But an axe? Not even close to an essential. Leatherman tool is much more of an camping essential than a axe that just a piece of dead weight
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    Watch those hills! πŸ˜†
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