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    Took me long enough to get back here on the site, right? Well, I'm in the SF Bay Area now and my KLR is stuck in Mulege until I get down there after covid restrictions. Aarg! Have been busy writing but not as much riding as I'd like. Wanting that to even out more. I mean, motorcycling is the new safe sport, right? I wrote the moto adv column in Discover Baja, if you're looking for great places to explore. It's mostly about the border to the middle of Baja, Loreto-ish. It's about 4x4 and trailering your bike, too. I did a 4x4 trip across from Loreto to Scorpion Bay that was epic. Camped on the beach and learned to surf (sort of). Highly recommended. And here's the KTM 450 EXC rigged for Baja - lowered, stabilizer, Rekluse, etc. Seemed like most of the time I just hung on and let it do its thing. I'll try not to be a stranger!
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    Dude! That Tomahawk and epic beaches. Bud, that is XLADV living. Maybe we start a moto food travel channel ... just saying. #livingyourbestlife #xladvlife be safe friend.
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    Mojave may not happen. Because of covid I’m not able to even conditionally reserve the site right now. They may reopen at some point but we’re 11 weeks out now and it’s getting tight. And my feeling is this person who approves the permits doesn’t want us there given she’s not been honest with me regarding when the tortoise hatchlings emerge (Sep not May). Harley is sponsoring the event so I will be bummed if we can’t make that happen. But if it does I will do my best to fly back and simply borrow a bike.
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    Maybe you can find a job! 😃 Or start another family...
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    Stuck here for another month as Costa Rica extended their border closure until Mar 1. I may just stay here rather than explore more of Nicaragua because this place is just $10/night and I feel the extra month idle means I should probably save my budget for later.
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    Welp... Costa Rica border closure extended to April 1 now. I met a guy in San Juan del Sur who lives here in Estelí and he invited me back here to stay with him so I took him up on the offer. I was told the cigar factories are closed to tourists due to covid but he said no, he can get me some tours. So I did a few of those and have been enjoying the area. Had a tomahawk steak for $10 Food here is super good too! Check out our IGTV channel for the entire tour but for some great pics of the Nica Sueño factory
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    I had the D908 on my KTM 690. It is a great tire in most off-road scenarios. I don't ride a lot of deep sand, but it seemed to dig in well when i did. It also gripped very well on tarmac. Not noisy on the freeways. I felt that they had a short life (under 2000 miles), but I did a lot of city riding and long freeway rides to the trails, so I'm burning through most knobbies faster than most. I'm using the Motoz Rallz now on my Scrambler 1200 and love them, but they are much more noisy on the road.
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    This is a nice pic a buddy of mine, Sam, got recently here with a girl he met locally. While my romantic activities have not exactly been as fruitful [emoji23] I am finding my time here in Nicaragua to be kind of a similar “romance” in the respect that I’m having a great time and will miss it when I leave. My place is just $10/day and I have to share it with a rather angry wasp who’s already stung my toe [emoji23]. It hurt like 10x more than a bee sting. Would not recommend it. A friend’s wife is Costa Rican and she said she called their embassy in Managua and said the border will open “next week” but most here say that’s wishful thinking. I’ll just keep surfing in the meantime.
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    Missing out on winter in the states at $10 a night is pretty good choice!
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    But make it back in time for Mojave ride right? [emoji38]
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    Not too much at the moment, balancing act with work. Outdoor dining back finally and slowly putting pieces back together. Going to be a long process. Wrenching on the 990 has been keeping me busy. TPS sensor needs dialing in along with a tune up soon. My happy place. Planning rides this season. Perhaps COBDR this year!
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    Wonder if the 850 is going to happen. It does seem to have a place in the market and even the CRF line-up.
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    I've used Citizenshipper last month now for transporting vehicles including one coast to coast. Both vehicles were picked up on the scheduled day, arrived in the same condition they were loaded, and delivered when they said they would be there. There were no surprises, or changes from the original quoted prices received. I'd use them again without question should I need to transport another vehicle in the future. https://citizenshipper.com/motorcycle-transportation
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    Intro: my name is Mike and I am an admin on a FB group called New England Riders or NER. I ride a 2016 BMW R1200RT and a 2012 Super Tenere. If you ever need anything while in New England it need riding info please feel free to reach out as well as visit newenglandriders.org THe NER website is packed full of great info about riding most of the eastern US but with a focus on New England. It is free.
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    Hello from newbie and welcome
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    @Jason R Still in process. Just put a BDCW skid plate and a few other things yesterday. So far all the Rottweiler stuff except intake. I will do that next week. The power of this bike is pretty amazing.
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    New guy here from Black Hawk, Colorado (about 45 miles west of Denver and then up about 4,000 feet). Current big bike rides are a Honda XR650R and a Yamaha Super Tenere. Howdy all.
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