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    Been riding dirt for about the last 10 years. First on a DR650 then 1100 gs, and Vstrom 650. Now have 2018 BMW GS Adventure. Interested in the post about adventure route for lab2lv 2019.
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    That pricey! It seems to have the same power as the AT and 100lbs lighter. Can't wait to demo one. Maybe at TOD next year?
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    Agreed, mine has taken a beating. Have to pound it our occasionally during an oil change though.
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    The 2019 street model pricing was released back in Sept but nothing has appeared on KTM dealernet for the 790 as of this time other than an unclickable link in the parts finder. I read somewhere that dealers wouldn't even be able to order them until the spring of '19 which would push them back a few months after that. Then the top tier dealers will get theirs first, probably after the European dealers are filled.
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    The video was made by a very skilled South African videographer in South Africa for Mitas.
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    Ive had similar issues with "new" adv riding acquaintances who openingly break law after law on the pavement portions, including dangerous passing of cars on blind curves. I told them I cant ride with them. Aside from the law-breaking and danger, it gives us a bad image. To me, adventure riding is relaxed traveling. I have a stressful job. I want to relax and I want to be safe. I have no desire to ride past beautiful scenery at 110 mph worrying about a speeding ticket and crashing to keep up with riding partners. Trying to find compatible riding partners is difficult. I'm riding alone more often now and take as many precautions as possible for safety including the satellite transponders, leaving route plan with friends, etc.
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    KTM riding gear is made of Grizzly bear foreskin, and Dave knows it!
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    Aaaaah, the wave... love/hate relationship, going on here. First, we don't actually "wave" in Italy, we do some sort of a victory sign, but horizontal. It's kinda hard to put into words, we just call it the "salute". Anyway, back when I started riding on the road, I did that thing to literally EVERYBODY I'd see on two wheels sitting on an engine. Yup, I said it. Nowadays...meh. I'm getting tired of all this. So yeah, I may sound like a douche, but I only wave when somebody waves first. Look, I know it's a nice thing, positive vibes, really, it's cool. But some of the "wavers" are damn maniacs. You'll see them on sportbikes, almost kneedragging, and they still do the thing. I mean damnit, c'mon. Sorry about the rant, guys.
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    I think that's a good thing, we should have our own secret XLADV signal anyway! Maybe we just stand up every-time we cross paths? LOL…. The Wave was originated by the Harley crowd I believe, and they can have it.