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    That was a fun one! Really gets you in an “unconventional & uncomfortable place”. After a few time it gets really fun to do. But at times it feel strange because it is not at all “natural” for most to do. If In fact this was the drill that got nixed.
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    Hey! Yeah, the F800GS is working really well with all the effort and time, and money I throw at it, haha!!! I own also an R 1250 GS HP, but I don't plan to modify it for offroad usage, as the F800GS really works fine, it is light, powerfull and relatively cheap to fix/modify. On the 1200 everything is much more expensive and it is not so easy to fix or modify... but... who knows!!! Cheers!!!
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    Eric, found your next house where you can host Dakar rallies. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/01/25/photos-inside-doomsday-prepper-castle-in-the-nevada-desert.html
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    Yea, it was the most expensive of the rides I attend.
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    Also why couldn’t I find anything on their website about the cancellation? And the event link from a Jan 17 post goes nowhere.
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    Got kicked out of the carwash after the ride too... They didn't like the mud
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    and then camp in the Preserve.
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    Yeah Hunter Mountain is 50/50. Wyman/Silver Canyon peaks at 10k’ and there’s just no way. They used my Wyman Canyon tracks, btw
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    Snow could be an issue further north. I would hate to bypass the red lines, unless they are not doable on a big bike. I am up for two 3-day rides. Ride-1 Yuma to Beatty. Ride-2 Benton to Beatty. Ride-1 February 23rd and Ride-2 mid to late April or May. The midway point might need to change since it looks like it goes through Titus Canyon (one-way).
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    This is some nice big bike singletrack located in Tellico Plains, TN. Blur, Chris and I riding Trail 82.
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