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  3. Yeah, at least they could arrange the clutch to be fixed (or pay the company that is fixing it at no charge right now) and fix the front-end of the bike. It'll make for better pictures of the GS in the future which in turn they can use for marketing again. Paid this time of course.
  4. I still follow Tim (despite him not following me any longer ) and saw that photo then on BMW's page as well. I'm in the same boat as you being an amateur picture taker but if he specifically told them no, and has record of it, he should be entitled to proper compensation. This does seem to be a stick situation but my initial though is hey I just re-posted a photo that benefits my company and it's a great shot. Will be interesting to see where this goes
  5. Ask Motorrad for some free least
  6. Copyright lawsuits are difficult and expensive. He needs to prove damages, but doing so is likely more than the cost of the work. It's why so few do anything about it. It's one thing to share with credit b/c you think it's cool and you're just fanning the flames of ADV passion. It's another if the photographer asks you to remove it or simply to buy the licensing to the image b/c it's part of a paid ad campaign. I'm sure BMW has a team of lawyers that would jump someone poo if the tables were reversed.
  7. Im wondering if this is a pattern? Apparently, BMW Motorrad used a photo belonging to Tim Burke not only without his permission but against his explicit wishes they not use his work without some kind of payment. I'm just a rider and amateur photographer and would be thrilled to have BMW use mine. I know they've used @Was.Once.There's a few times. But Tim's a professional photographer and he's invested quite a bit of time and money into his craft and this trip of his is about documenting that and finding a way through that to pay his bills. What's even more interesting is that is wasn't just a regular post of theirs, but one they've put money against to boost on Instagram. Instagram charges up to around $12 cpm so you can bet BMW put some money into this one; for the sake of boosting their brand and business. I'm wondering if this was an oversight on their part or part of a pattern? What would you do in his shoes? I'd send them a bill!
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  9. Live results here! As well as a map that tracks the event here Scott Bright appears to be the leader after days 1 and 2
  10. @Ballisticexchris yeah it might be that point at 3:20 where I dropped into it then stalled it.
  11. HAHAHA!!! At about 3:15 in I laughed so hard it hurt!! Right after I pause it to look at the Tenere. I hit play and faintly make out a word I can barely hear from another rider. Then in a crystal clear voice "Shade you can't say**** on video, it's on right now, you can't say ****" !!! LOLOL This is one of the best "local" riding videos ever!! It's really cool to see what these big bikes can do. I have to say of all those bikes the KTM is probably the best when the pavement ends. OTOH, I like to see the Tenere holding it's own. I'm not much of a BMW fan, but damn those bikes can rip through that stuff when the going gets rough!! And of course it goes without saying the KLR is always just plugging along in the nastiest of conditions!! I have a pretty good GPS track for that area as well. I agree the sand washes to the Petroglyph's are brutal!! I'm amazed and encouraged by just what these big bikes can do! I just did that ride about the same time you made this video. Did you guys hit that nasty G out toward the end of the wash near the Peyroglyph's? I almost went over the bars!
  12. I left this company 22 years ago, but I’m still proud I worked there and admire the way it’s run to this day.

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  14. yep, sorry dude, those are the ones I had to cut off my buddy’s foot after riding him 20 miles to the ER with a tib/fib fracture, it was flapping off on the side the whole way - nice visual. Same as my other friend had when he dumped it in the mud, then picked it up and rode himself home with a busted fibula. Me, gotta have hinges.
  15. I was wearing the Forma Adventure Boots. Don't get me wrong: they did a great job protecting my leg, and I understand after this post the various levels of boot protection now. (I only started riding dirt November '17) I would not say what I was doing was considered "hardcore." The dump did no damage to the bike, but my right foot was able to twist from the Lisfranc to the toes.
  16. Please post pics of which boots you were wearing and what exactly a barrel roll refers to. Too much room for interpretation. I have the following and anyone who thinks these are no better than sneakers has never worn these or sneakers. I don't think they are as good as a full mx boot but for ADV riding I am quite happy with the trade off. I wouldn't use them for hard core off-roqad but that is why they are called an adventure boot. NC
  17. RT @swear_trek:

  18. TiresWheelsBrakes

    I think I meant 70/30
  19. TiresWheelsBrakes

    I like paddles! And I have about 6k on my 805s now, probably won't make 8k, but for the price, I will probably get more of them!
  20. TiresWheelsBrakes

    I've pushed my E-805 really hard on the street and never even squirmed. I'm not a fan of how the tread pattern wears however - the shallower sipes in the blocks go away at some point and just leaves block "paddles" after that. I'm riding on the MotoZ Adventure Tractionators now and love them. They also have a 50/50 tire that looks a bit like the Heidenau - they have way more off-road traction and are estimated to last around 8000 miles versus the overly hard Heidenau which some claim 10,000+ miles.
  21. That's it! the Dominator Comp, not the Predator. my bad
  22. TiresWheelsBrakes

    I've been very happy with mine and railing around a lot of cars on the outside of on ramps! Haven't found the limit yet.
  23. TiresWheelsBrakes

    Really, what is the other 10% for? Or is it only for riding at 90%?!
  24. The BMW GS Pro boot is the Forma Dominator Comp 2.0. One thing i was noticing, at ADV days, is that Forma touts having the up down flexibility (for shifting braking dexterity, while having better lateral and rotational protection with their integrated double hinged “brace”. However, as we well know, for that Achilles’ tendon hyper extension protection... gonna have to try a different boot for sure. I snapped mine in a Sidi Crossfire 3. Gonna be researching some other brands to try for the next go around.
  25. Yeah the predators are much more sturdy but when I injured my achilles, I got something even sturdier on the back side because my BMW boot was essentially the Forma Predator.
  26. Are the Predators the more robust boots though that Eric just mentioned? I do love my Formas for fit and comfort, but I'll probably be looking at something else and converting my Formas to slab adventure boots.
  27. Just saw a few different Forma boots this weekend at Adventure Days. They do have more robust boots with hard protection (aka motorcrossish) that you may want to consider......or not.
  28. So it looks like Jeremy convinced me to make this next year after hanging out with him and many others at Adventure Days this weekend. I met so many people including Jocelin and Tiberio. Watching both Jeremy and Jocelin ride gave me more inspiration to push harder and learn more.
  29. Both fans kick on so that seems to be working properly. I am currently running Evans coolant, water pump looks good and I had my head gasket checked at a dealership with no issues found. I swapped back to stock parts that could possibly have impacted air flow but that didn’t seem to be it either. I definitely appreciate the help, I’m lost at this point.
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