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  3. rever app navigon cruiser app (made by garmin) google maps - both app and web, transferring directly to phone and/or converting and sending to GPS through basecamp basecamp - together with garmin zumo
  4. Hope I'm in the correct area of the forum. There's a totally new forum on the Backcountry Discovery Route site to check out. Very few posts yet but should be a good meeting place to check status of summer fires, road closures, etc. on the BDRs. Everyone register and ride a BDR!
  5. that's great you found a solution with Wunderlich America. Ed Plam from there will be at High Sierra and is an event sponsor
  6. Hope I win some new skinz
  7. got the black dog pegs on the 1150 too. H-U-G-E improvement from the original. see comparison photo ^^
  8. @motochefarwi hi. ok, here goes. yes, there is a locking mechanism. you will find all the seat + mounting parts detailed at the following link (basis is a 2002 R 1150 GSA):,0492_&diagId=52_2979 can't see too well, but it looks like your bike is missing the cable (part 8 on the diagram) from the main lock to the locking mechanism. hope this helps! if you need anything else, let me know. PHOTO 1 - it all starts right here (right side of the bike), with this lock, which you unlock with the motorcycle key directly. you will notice the cable to the left side of it. PHOTO 2 - this is the locking mechanism, in "locked" position. and the cable on the left, coming up from the lock on PHOTO 1. in the hole on the left, you will see the metal part that locks the seat - which will not show in the next photo, when the mechanism is in unlock position. PHOTO 3 - this is the locking mechanism, in "unlocked" position. i am turning the key here to the position i would turn it to remove the seat. PHOTO 4 - this is what my seat looks like underneath (rear of the seat is at the bottom of the photo - forgot to rotate it, sorry).
  9. @beener_bunny here is the current set up. Just sits in place for now. Wondering if it had a locking mechanism? Couple more pics
  10. i'll be going home in an hour or so. i'll take a few photos and post them here.
  11. yes it is!
  12. More video from Taste of Dakar 2017 of friends! Enjoy!
  13. is this the seat you are refering to?
  14. Transport Canada and the FAA's rules are very similar. With the growing popularity of drones the regulations are changing constantly. My understanding is in the US you really have to check right down to your local county for bylaws of drone use. As long as you are responsible, respect the rules and others it shouldn't be an issue. Check your local Craigslist, there are some good deals out there. Get a drone! It is fun, then you can get some great shots and videos! RPM
  15. too funny! I was just watching this vid the other day! That is a great idea to keep a few bits on the bike with you. Probably a couple of litres of extra oil is not a bad idea other! I'm slowly building this bike with farkles to get to where I feel it will be ready to ride to its potential. I'm staring for the ground up. Litterally at the pegs (Black Dog Cycle Works are on the way), Baseplate (found a used one on Ebay, not too many folks make aftermarket ones) and crash bars on the way too (Heed Brand). I supposed I should insert this thread in a different section now?
  16. Had the chance to ride some Northern California Single tracks up in Mendocino National Forest Upper Lake. Loved it up there! Challenged by single tracks, forest roads and some technical sections. Came across some good decents and climbs! This one in particular was a good one. At this point in the ride your are abit tired. My fitness is good at best, judgment (well not all of the time!) But for this weekend warrior I love when it all comes together. When I approached the hill I stopped and thought about all the "training" and coaching from friends. In particular Jimmy Lewis and Heather's points a few years back. This muscle memory is important. Insert word cloud here (on the pegs, stay in control, light on the bars, light on the levers, look well ahead, slow is fast, dont't wreck the bike you need to ride it home )Know your bike, know your abilities and one day you will have the "aha" moment. I probably over think things too much! During the ride the Sena and Gopro did not pickup what I was actually thinking in my head. I was chasing a 250 and 450 down this single track. Probably my first mistake or was it? anyone else have "calculated downhills to share?
  17. @motochefarwi never had any issues ( so far) on the right side. i suppose that sometimes it is probably worth taking the whole lot apart, cleaning it up and checking everything. and replacing the o-rings, etc., while it's in pieces. just did a major overhaul on my 1150 GSA (2002), bought a few months ago. no big or bad surprises, but a few things that needed to be dealt with. we also changed all the fuel lines and connectors. she probably would have started leaking fuel in the coming months. to come back to the leak at the plug level... from what i have read - and this was so annoying, i really researched it a lot... the only oil filler plug system that seems to be really leak proof is this one: so far, by replacing the plug, the pipe and both o-rings, the OEM parts seems to be doing there job on mine. i now carry some spare o-rings, just in case. should it start again, i'll probably relent and get this wunderlich kit. hope this helps
  18. ozone

    Ahh. Never seen that spray! Do you have a link?
  19. Hello XLADV'ers anyone have an adventure seat hooked up on their 1100 or 1150 GS? My 96' 1100 came with the adventure seat and needs a new latch. I m not sure what part or parts it needs. Any pictures would be great! I'll post up pictures of my configuration. The oem tail luggage section was replaced with the 1150 GS tail rack to accommodate the adventure seat. Not sure how the things "locks into place? Thanks!
  20. ozone

    That's really interesting. I have a colloidal silver spray I use for that too.
  21. Beemer mcBeemface ;-)
  22. I'm working on the list with all suggestions (I'll make a Top10) and then create a poll here in the forum.
  23. Ozone disinfects, Yesterday i got my gear disinfected with Ozone gas. I'm pretty happy with the results. No more nasty smells and my gear even smells like the air smells after a heavy thunderstorm. How does Ozone do its job? The chemical name is O3. Which basically means that it has three oxygen atoms form a Ozone-molecule and it would love to set one atom free and return to its O2 state. That’s why it reacts with bacteria and viruses and destroys their outer shell. The Ozone keeps on attacking the outer shell until the bacteria or virus breaks up and is no more! It neutralizes the smells that bacteria produce by reacting with that as well. It turns the smells into harmless and odourless CO2. Can I produce Ozone myself? If you can rub two pieces of carpet really fast against each other you just might… It takes an electrical shock of about 10-20 KiloVolt to make Ozone molecules. So Keep rubbing! Ozone also occurs naturally in the air after a thunder storm. The smell that’s in the air after that is the Ozone you smell! This smell also lingers in your helmet for a few minutes before the Ozone has totally reacted with its environment. Want to see a reasonable boring video about the process? Check it out here: More on this sunday
  24. Group photo from the Dalton Arctic Circle sign. . . . #xladv #spiritofgs #makelifearide…

  25. This is potentially a very dangerous issue and with the serious injuries that riders have suffered in South Africa. wonders whether the UK Journalist - Kevin Ash's death after crashing during the LC Launch in 2013 has anything to do with the Stanchions failing....but of course instead of an Independent investigation being done. ....BMW did the check into the failure and refused to release the results of the findings. ....Kevin was a very accomplished rider. What concerns us all is the fact that the "Service Bulletin" which a lot if people mistakenly sees as a recall (it's not!) Also seems to place the cause of failure on the Rider (if you read the paragraph ) THIS is unacceptable and there's now a petition to get BMW to admit there's a design fault and a Class Action is now imminent... Check out this link and please get as many as possible LC owners to sign. Www.BMWFATALFLAWS. com By the way...the one chap that' had a serious accident at 45kph ....His story is there as well...however guess what...FB have blocked his account from further sharing or posting his HOW and WHO has that sort of influence. ...makes you wonder!
  26. @beemer_bunny Thanks for the tips on the oil filler cap. After the short ride home I did notice the oiler filler cap was spraying oil on my shin ever so slightly. There are a couple of brand out there like Wunderlich and Touratech that do boast thay their oil filler cap will solve the leak, but i'm not sure yet which one to buy. Still the OEM in there. As for the the oring I believe I have narrowed the location. it appears to be right on the side of the engine. May be number 10 in the picture. It is about a $50.00 cylinder head gasket. It may also be coming form the sensor below just above the sight glass. Still need to do some more investigation. I have ruled out the oil cooler and the o ring head gasket I appreciate you help! looks like I may be pulling out the whole cyclinder head to get in there?
  27. Was debating this, but oh well, come on 20k!

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