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  2. Just hit 80k!
  3. Anyone find any additional news on this?
  4. Even if they DID fail to stop, they felt justified to use deadly force? Exactly what person's did their off-roading activity harm or put in real danger? My point is, even if they were in an area they were not supposed to be in, killing them is the solution if they don't stop? Not advocating for riding rouge, but the rationale for pulling one's gun in the line of duty needs to be proportionate to the threat of life. In this case, I don't see how their activity hurt anyone or was putting someone in imminent danger, justifying deadly force. I'm not aware that they tried to run over a BLM agent or anythink of the sort. If so, that is a good way to get shot for sure.
  5. " Mulitiple shots were fired after officers claim the off-roaders failed to stop,..." um, ok.....
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  7. To each his own, I like to pack as light as possible so my ultralight backpacking gear does double duty for motor camping. The type of backwoods exploring I do is the reason I like to be weight conscious as sometimes you have to pick up a dropped bike or pull yourself through some muck etc. Its amazing what you think you might need to what you actually use camping is evident after a trip and you unpack and realize you never used some items you've brought. Ive really invested in the Sea to Summit product as its quality light weight gear.
  8. This 701 E loves to run the Adirondacks of northern New York!
  9. Ah, NOW I remember why Joel Campbell was such a disappointment #CRCvSRB

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  11. Sums it up in one heart-breaking photograph. These helpless children are now bargaining chips in a cynical "deal" b…

  12. Looks lime the 18 has the my ride unlocked for free. I opted opted out of the other items for $600. Now if i could just get the app to load from Google play
  13. @orphaned_annie

  14. Worse than the incorrect use of the New Testament (which is all about love) is the use of the Bible at all to justi…

  15. As a Jesuit-educated person, I appreciate Fr. Martin's words to remind us that religion is often a cloak for sin. T…

  16. In my book, that's an understatement. BLM leadership is rotten IMHO, based upon the things I've seen & read over the years. I can't say I'm surprised, sadly.
  17. That is a rather vague re-tell of their story. Did BLM render aid? Did they have to drive down the mountain with a flat tire to get help? Were they fired on because they didn't have a proper spark arrestor? Do they have a lawyer yet? Gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!
  18. Neat!
  19. Update here where the couple gives their side (still not sure what the officers' side is) saying they had a flat rear and were stuck, mistaken identity, they were no threat to the officers and were just fired upon for no reason. I think the Sherriff and BLM have a lot of questions to answer. Also, this "reporter" seems to have slightly less than a high school education from all the spelling and grammar problems in the article.
  20. Anyone have one of these tents that I just saw on Facebook?
  21. The way you find out what digital display firmware version you have is. Press the SET button when menu is closed Press the UP or Down button until Preferences is marked. Press the SET button to open the menu. Press the UP or Down button until Service is marked. Press the SET button to open the menu. You'll see the next service in this menu and also the display firmware version. The most up to date firmware version is 133.30. The older version is 033.33.
  22. It looks like I am about to live this nightmare. I told the dealer at purchase "if it has it I want it turned on" After some time waiting, I told them at the first service we will work on it. Dropped it yesterday around noon and waiting on a call Is there any way to find out what the latest software update is? Lug
  23. If you think this country hasn’t changed in the last 18 months, this might change your mind.

  24. This item is clearly haunted.

  25. Not the first time BLM seems to make bad judgement calls...
  26. This just in: Trump is promoting Men's Health Week. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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