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  2. Eric, I am only responsible for my own words, not for what impressions you may glean from them. That's on you. I'm sure it would have helped if it was a real conversation rather than a FB messenger one. Just to clarify, I DID NOT ask for any information about any riders - I merely offered some publicity to riders that you might be promoting, as a thanks for the tire favor. If you have interpreted this differently, too, again I offer my apologies for not being clear enough. And as for the thanks, my deepest apologies that I'd not expressed my gratitude enough. Please let me compensate by saying, thank you so much, Eric, for putting us in touch with the tire company! I appreciate the favor; please let me know if there's anything I can do to return the favor. "But then I wasn't miffed at not being thanked; it was that you weren't going to post anything after I'd helped you out because our forum is too sexist for you" - again, these are your words, not mine. I can only repeat what I said before - I am not responsible for such bold interpretations, only for what I said. If you'll excuse me, I'm extremely busy this week so I'm going to leave this conversation now. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you ever need anything, and again, all the best in everything that you do!
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  4. You're correct, that was the impression I took away and not your actual words. Here's your actual words: Evergreen: aaah, now I remember why I never posted anything 😀 this was around the time you were racing Baja and posted a bunch of pics of scantily clad podium girls on xladv and I remember thinking, oh ok, this is just another dude-bro deal. Me: that's a pretty small slice there Evergreen: I understand, but these things get old real quick 🙂 for us females. I may also have become over sensitive due to all the WADVR work 😀 either way, thanks again, and best of luck! XLADV has sure become an influential voice out there. And after reviewing our discussion, you actually did NOT thank me for the tires. You did say "dang, now I owe you" and then later you thanked me for some other info I gave you on long term adv riders from my database. But then I wasn't miffed at not being thanked; it was that you weren't going to post anything after I'd helped you out because our forum is too sexist for you. Your riding partner has been very generous and appreciative so thanks are superfluous at this point. Was I off base there with my conclusion? I think most people would conclude similarly.
  5. "What I was hearing was you'd rather not tarnish your brand by putting content on my sexist pig of a site"-your words, not mine. This is literally not what I said. As for the rest, I'm going to hold off the commentary for obvious reasons. Best of luck with all that you do!
  6. Well I did leave you anonymous but since you've self-identified then I guess the cat's out of the bag. What I was hearing was you'd rather not tarnish your brand by putting content on my sexist pig of a site. Hard not to take that personally and then combine that with what I'd done for you and I was a bit bent out of shape about it. "PC" was my terminology; "SJW" is what a friend of mine (I discussed this with) added to the discussion after having read another piece (not sure which) you'd written. Most people I know see nothing wrong with photos of podium girls. It's part of this particular sport (rally raid), moto gp, enduro cross, etc... Google: moto gp umbrella girls: 432,000 results endurocross podium girls: 34,300 results dakar podium girls: 205,000 results podium girls: 2,000,000 results I'd post them again but the fact is they're not engaging; they don't generate above average likes and/or comments. I understand that some find it sexist but it's not really a goal of mine to be as PC as possible and cleanse anything and everything that might cause offense. I learn as I go as we all do. There's this guy (I think his name is Mike Schram) who posted a photo album on Facebook of his travels somewhere, perhaps Eastern Europe (I don't recall). One of the photos was of an attractive young woman in a short dress and I think the caption said "people watching in the local square." The poor guy got excoriated for his "sexist" post. There were many who defended him including myself. It's a part of travel; part of the human experience. I don't pass judgment on what some 19 year old finds interesting when he travels. I found that interesting when I was 19. I still do! lol I do respect your feelings on this. I'm not saying you're wrong for feeling that way. But in the spirit of this thread I was sharing an anonymous story about yet another rider I've helped who's not posting any content in return. I shifted my tactics on this last spring when a friend (who's never posted here) asked me to help him get a new Sena. My first reaction was "why should I help this guy? What has he ever done for XLADV?" I realized that getting our name out there and helping anyone I could was great for awareness but it wasn't really building community here. I figured if I want to build community then I need to focus on helping those who've invested time and content here. The IG feed was nothing more than what I termed a "like factory" with little purpose before that.
  7. Hi Eric. what an I interesting reaction to a conversation which, I thought, was very civil, pleasant and fruitful. May I point out that: - we had that chat on FB messenger, which is private - since you decided to post it publicly anyway, may I ask that you either post all of it, or none of it? Because what you did here was taking things out of context which is neither fair nor honourable. - I never asked you to post anything 'on my behalf'. I asked you to share some Women ADV Riders news which would have been for the good and interest of the community-not me personally. - re the podium girls comment, I merely remarked that it made a lot of women feel uncomfortable. ADV riding is about ADV riding and we are all riders first, men/women second so posting pics of half naked podium girls just seemed very out of context, especially as this forum and XLADV Instagram account IS very civil and it's a great improvement comparing to others. - comparing women's experiences and issues to 'PC' and 'extreme SJW warrior people's is very thoughtless. -finally, I appreciate your help getting the tyre contact, and I'm not sure why did you choose to omit the fact that I thanked you repeatedly and asked you (also repeatedly) whether there was something I could do for you? Which I would like to ask again, and would be happy to do whatever I can. I'm hoping that perhaps this is a bit of a misunderstanding and I'm happy to discuss or clarify whatever got lost in the conversation.
  8. I updated the Repost app and now it's working fine. I think Instagram changed something and it took a week for Repost to adapt. Yeah I need to keep the IG feed about stories and community and not just "ooh pretty bike" type crap. On a separate note, and something I discussed with you (michnus) online, I wanted to share a story of an interaction I had the other day from someone wanting me to post on their behalf. I said "sure I'd love to... how about you post some of your content on our forum?" They said something like "oh I remember now why I didn't post on your forum" and said that they took offense to a pic I posted of some podium girls from the Baja Rally. I responded "well isn't that a very small slice of what this forum is all about" and they basically said "thanks anyways." They said they thought this was some kind of "boys club" etc... I felt bad they thought that way but then again I don't think that's an accurate portrayal at all. I have 6300 posts on IG and Baja Rally podium girls are maybe 3 of those over two years. We have plenty of female forum members and I've never received a complaint before. While I won't always be PC or kowtow to the extreme SJW people, I think we've always been respectful here and I've heard that over and over again about this forum; that it's NOT AOLrider and they really appreciate how civil people are (acknowledging civility and content are two different things). I did post a photo on IG once that got a lot of negative feedback but I stand by that post still. She's (candy_rides_moto) an accomplished nurse and fitness model but still a legitimate rider whom I respect. She's been very nice to me and welcoming of XLADV and tags us. She's been to the OAA training in Calgary and has done a few solo (with her dog) trips. She happens to be very pretty. So what? We don't need to shun people for the way they look, good or bad. Besides, sex doesn't even sell at XLADV; her pics of just her bike and dog get WAY more likes and comments which says a lot about our followers. Well, I couldn't help but then point out that I was the one who got them a tire sponsor so I asked how the tires were working out. Another lesson for me that leveraging this community to help people who don't want to be a part of it doesn't build community; it's just a waste of my time.
  9. Worn only 500 miles or so on several short day rides. Just in time for cooler weather, this jacket is perfect comfort! And it's inexpensive. You get the pads. You get the durability. You get the prestige of the BMW logo on your riding apparel. All at a fraction of list price. I really like this kit, it's currently my go-to jacket to grab and go. Plenty of room inside for layering and my heated vest. However it's just a bit too long in body for me, so I'm going back to my Rukka jacket. You will not be disappointed. Includes all armor including back armor. $300 plus shipping, PayPal or Cash. E-mail me: [email protected] I can text as well if you e-mail me ahead of time. I'm in Socal.
  10. Drop me a line at [email protected] I might be your dog. Randy in Acton, CA
  11. Actually, Andrew Short was 17th, Samuels was 21st. Well done to both!
  12. Hi all! My name is Nora and I have a YouTube channel called Adventurism. I traveled from Amsterdam to Bali last year and vlogged about the experience almost daily. Now I am planning a new trip to go South through Africa and I am sharing the planning process on my channel and I thought a few of you might be interested. So here is the first episode. I hope you like it. If you have any ideas on topics or people to interview, let me know! I'm open to all ideas. Lots of love, Nora
  13. If @NBCSports is going broadcast the #Dakar2018 highlight shows and then constantly preempt them and not make them…

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    The new kid on the block – MotoZ Tractionator GPS – above and below This might be a company and a tire you haven’t heard of, but you will. They are from Australia and are giving Heidenau and Mitas a run for their money. On and off the road they just feel better than the other two…especially on the road it feels like a 100% street tire. In light dirt and graded stuff, they hook up. The biggest difference is in the wet, the Heidenau and Mitas let you know that they aren’t there for you 100%, but the MotoZ does. These are the tires we are running right now on our two DR650’s and we have ridden on pavement, graded dirt, dirt, rocks, sand, bulldust, light snow/ ice and torrential rain and not once have I had to think about the tires…they just do what you want them to do. To date we have 4000 miles on the set, the rear still has more tread left than a Heidenau or Mitas comes with, and the front shows virtually zero wear! Personal Opinion – I would buy 100% the MotoZ Tractionator GPS, for long distance national or international travel where I was going to ride 50/50 or less I have done a review on lots of the most common tires after riding over 400,000km on various bikes, different terrains and numerous countries, it here -
  15. We see how it fit. It doesn’t. Glad to be rid of him. #Arsenal

  16. I had the same issue with that App @Eric Hall so I am using the one you are using but it as ugly as sin as it is too big. Will see if there is one that is better looking when posted. As for # and copy cats, the copy and paste pages seems to have less engagement and have somehow started to fall in popularity. I think also the ones that just start up to monetize later on capitalize on other people's efforts will have not have it as easy anymore. XLADV will have to keep posting good content not just photos to keep growing and show to be community supportive.
  17. Honda and Yamaha with their CRF450X's and WR450F's respectively are about to lose-out on a niche segment! Again.
  18. I'd jump on it if I didn't feel the carbureted bikes were superior
  19. that's a shocker there. Really nice bike
  20. Still hunting for an equally farkled out 690 or 701 as a trade. Price drop to $8500.
  21. Confirmation from RMS that their nav kit I've already run on the 990 draws just 1 amp (12w). I will be fine.
  22. Uganda is absolute amazing!!!! One of our top 5 countries ever travelled. We planned a week there and nearly stayed two months. The USA was really our biggest surprise. I swear I was more scared to ride the USA than Sudan or Turkana route. People and friends really told me not to speak to cops and have Elsebie talk to them as they will throw my ass in jail for doing or saying something stupid. And it is true the fu((ing media is the worst a$$holes in the world doing the most damage to the image of countries. I have zero time for them and will keep on writing articles to tell people to go to places. I ask many overlanders why they do not go through Africa and all are too chicken shit scared. Africa is not a walk in the park but it is a wonderful adventure travel destination and one of the last proper RAW experiences. South America - Ushaia is a holiday.
  23. I still own a BMW. So I should still be able to participate in the GS trophy. Even if it’s a K 1600. I can rent a GS for the weekend
  24. Yup. Been to Mexico over 30 times on a bike and maybe 15 or so other times in a car or by plane and always had a good time. Bolivia too. On the other hand though, people in other countries seem to be equally misinformed about the US which I guess we can blame media for. I once asked @michnus which country surprised him the most and he said the US! I've met Japanese tourists who are afraid to drive on our freeways because they think they'll be shot.
  25. Would be nice to see you at the GS Trophy one day. Maybe BMW will start making more dirtable big bikes soon.
  26. One day I rode my GSA and wasn’t very happy. So I’m going back to KTM
  27. Another one drinking the orange coolaid...just like me.
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