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  2. Looking to get involved in the Adventure scene here in Georgia...who's out there?
  3. My name is Nick Driscoll, I am the Sales Manager of KTM of South Georgia.  We offer great service and love the ADV scene...its my personal dream to do the great trek from Alaska to Argentina on an adventure bike with my 2 sons.  I hope we can offer everyone some insight and start some great relationships here on this forum.  Make it a great day!!!


  4. We have plenty of 790 & 1290 Adventure's in stock! Give us a call at 229-396-4050 and start making memories! Click here to check out our inventory.
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  6. FLY & RIDE package is ready! Together with our partner BikeAdventure, we gonna provide our clients a perfect solution for participation in BAJANORA 2020.Around 25 different ADV Motorbikes (BMW, Honda) are available for the event. More infos and prices on request. Please visit www.bajanora.com www.bikeadventuremx.com #flyandride #bajanora #bikeadventureMX #bajabound #visitsonora #diesproadv
  7. Erin posted some cool photos here too
  8. Norm has some vids too https://youtu.be/AGx5W7gMKoQ
  9. Eric Hall

    KTM 390 Adventure

    Slow talking Andrew Riemann just did this intro video
  10. Yeah this route will be clear by April. We're going to have about 4 new route options and it will be epic through death valley for the beginner route.
  11. @Joshua Jones and @Steve_Kamrad doing some scouting. Looks familiar lol. Snow will be gone by Apr though I'm sure https://www.facebook.com/joshua.jones.7921/videos/10158404186763352/
  12. Eric Hall

    Dakar 2020

    Got to go to Baja HQ which I think was hosted by Cameron Steele/Baja Assassins on Wednesday where they had a great party for Ricky and the other American Dakar winner in the SXS class. It was such an amazing experience to see the entire So Cal dirt and rally family there SO HAPPY for Ricky and all his and his team's hard work. Also a great interview with Ricky here
  13. The guy likes big bikes for sure! 👍
  14. I now just do group ADV rides in my local area & rail line service track rides when off the bikes build & custom bikes for the fun & challenge
  15. back in 80's -90's (46yr as bike rider only) don't have a tin top license) use to race (Also members in family uncles/cousins raced MX /enduro/Australian wynns safari & dakar so in the blood) 500mx had 2 x YZ465H's No:7 later were made into street legal enduro bikes one had a TT600N disc front end 12/24hr enduros in Darwin N.T Australia on IT200 No:700 Raced Thumbper nats on a XR630RN No:700 Above bikes KTM950SER was my main transport just finished the referb of installing the 450RFR tower etc KIT690RFR was prepping for Australian Sunrasia Safari but never happened due to work accident broke my back had surgical replacements once was able get around i spend 3 hrs a day during rehab finishing off the build (before was able to get around out of a chair i took up Diecast 1:50 crane collecting setting them up to keep brain sane from boredom - not sure which hobby cheaper model cranes & heavy haulage or bike building LOL) 2018 KTM1290 SDR (1290Sueper Enduro R) was a 4 yr later project build . . . . Some more past builds - all bikes before these never owned a camera
  16. 🤤 Dude! Are you one of us mortals? Or did you descend from Valhalla? lol Looks like you've raced these. Where?
  17. Been using the 39mm FCR's with home made single pull cables (No push cables) , G2 Quick action 1/5 throttle tube , mikuni vacuum pump golan fuel filter & inline tap just before the fuel pump as i use CPC QD fuel cuplers on my PCP tank , since 2008 been faultless
  18. 950 SER with 450RFR rally tower & fairings
  19. finally got around and finished my High Sierra 2019 video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHnnT6GOhDI
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    • This video came out a few weeks ago and says things we already know about how great this new bike is and how eagerly anticipated it is.

      It also points out some interesting things...
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    • In the heat of summer, experience the cooler temps (6800' elevation) and epic big bike riding in the High Sierra. Gourmet catered meals (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts), professional photography, firewood, adult beverages, hot showers, bathrooms, nearby hot springs, general store. Vendor-sponsored raffle prizes! All to benefit Motorrad Angels(motorradangels.org), a charity that provides clean water filtration kits around the world.
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    • This mirror is the product of much frustration- I spent years breaking other designs and wondering what was going on behind me on the road. Eventually, when I dropped my bike and found myself buying two(!) new master cylinders as a result, I decided it was time to make a really good mirror, one that would function well as a mirror, and also protect the bike (and me) from damage.
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    • Time, 05:15 h. My alarm clock rings and it’s time for me to get my breakfast in my stomach, take a shower and jump on my bike! The 1,5 hour drive to the TT race track in Assen took me to the TT junior track and the CRT Holland training ground for the CRE track training. Here I met with 37 fellow Suzuki riders. Greeting us where the men and women from Suzuki Motors Holland who set up this training day.
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