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  4. Was talking with @Lord_Morgan and he says he's been tapped to organize this year's rally, which is over at AOLrider lol. WARPED VII in 2011 was my first advrider rally and even though I couldn't ride (still can't), I met a lot of fun people. And he was kind enough to post a link there in year's past for High Sierra so I'm returning the favor.
  5. ADV Rally is fun and doesn't cost as much as it used to (not sure how much now?) but they also have like 18 corporate sponsors and a huge marketing budget. Vendors are paying big prices/rider to be there. I forgot also that I used HD's sponsorship to buy down the ticket price for High Sierra the past two years.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Event costs have both declined (since we stopped having catered meals) and risen (from last year). 2021 was $128 and that was a huge decrease from the year before. 2022 was $160 but Owens River CG jacked up camping fees and then we added a silipint and added cost for water/beer since June Lake Brewing isn’t donating kegs anymore. They do only cans now and gave us canned beer in 2021 because they felt bad. Last year that had to be added as a cost. I also ended up short in 2020 when I set the ticket price before I knew the food cost went up. I understand the value perception year to year and catered vs no food. But if you look at other corporate events like ADV Fest at $499 then I think High Sierra is still a bargain. I like the idea of a waypoint competition and if that’s something you’d like to take the lead on then feel free too. I typically have little spare time at the event to track that kind of thing in real time. I have a bit of concern like with the ADV Rally in Julian of people getting in over their heads so maybe we limit it to the easier trails and points of interest. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Here's my observation. Event costs went up and the amount of amenities provided for that cost when down (catering, shirts, mugs, kegs etc.) Makes it harder to justify for a lot of folks, especially considering the addition of fuel costs to and from. For myself and several other gents that have been faithful attendees but missed last year, coincidentally, we all had scheduling conflicts. I love riding in the area and meeting up with guys I only get to see once or twice a year. The raffle for Motorrad Angels is wicked cool. What about an event refresh to add the "team / waypoint" friendly competition style?
  8. So what do you think? Should we do another one? We had 47 last year, down from 65 or so the year before. I heard many people cite gas prices as a reason. I love living down here in Colombia and saving so much money but I do have to come back to CA time to time anyway to take care of personal stuff like family and assorted other things. Plus, I just got the 990 serviced and it's good as new and begging to be ridden. I'd love to get up there sooner before it starts getting hot and do Baja or the new Wyoming or Oregon BDRs. We did get an incredibly high donation/rider for Motorrad Angels, which was nice and we're continuing to do quite a few projects. We're continuing our single mom w/kids rescue program where we give them a month in an apartment, food and a coffee cart business. We also are organizing a new medical project in Santander, Colombia with some plastic surgeons from the US flying down to do a week of free plastic surgery and of course we'll do some clean water projects in the same area.
  9. So I have like 13 episodes up already with 3 recently on rally raid. Have one on Baja Rally, one on Sonora and then a generic Dakar/rally raid one. Check it out on either Spotify or Apple.
  10. I also need new bike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  11. Hello please contact me if any of your mis is still available. I am new here so I hope I am doing this right. Thanks.
  12. New TrailMax Mission tires! Can’t find in Colombia still so I got them in Chicago on a business trip. Balanced and SO nice! Big improvement Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I haven’t been shy sharing issues with this platform from KTM. My main issue is wondering what type of adventure motorcycle is it really if I rarely see them traveling internationally? On paper the 890 is such an amazing machine and def a step up from the previous 950/990 generation. But it’s been plagued by many issues. That being said, it’s very nice to see KTM’s commitment to the platform and mirrors Honda’s similar commitment to their Africa Twin platform. Below is a list of new improvements for the 2023 model year: KTM has furthered the possibilities of the Travel and Adventure motorcycle segment with its sharp 2023 LC8 and LC8c ADVENTURE range. Joining the recently-unveiled 2023 KTM 890 ADVENTURE R is the new KTM 890 ADVENTURE, the bike that has made any trail, any trip, any road, or any distance an exercise of ease with just the right amount of adrenaline—thanks to unbeatable power, weight, agility, and specification—is now even better. The KTM 890 ADVENTURE has been crafted as the ultimate master of all conditions and distances. The raspy and responsive LC8 engine puts surroundings into motion, but the ride-by-wire delivered power is as assuring as it is thrilling, controllable as it can be wild, stable as it is spectacular. A low center of gravity with the 5.3-gallon (20-liter) fuel tank design pushes the slim form of the KTM 890 ADVENTURE to the forefront and accentuates the ergonomics in both sitting and standing positions. The robust steel subframe means that the heaviest of pillions and packages are a breeze. So, how can the best be made better? Well, KTM has put the bike into a 360 analytical spin and have pinpointed several ways in which the rider’s time in the saddle can be even more enjoyable and, just as important, unrestrained. For 2023, one of the most significant changes has been made to the front mask between the head of the bike and the fuel tank. A connected fairing section offers improved protection from the elements while spending long stretches in the saddle, and it is now further reinforced to offer more security and more load-bearing capability for larger GPS devices. Further along, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE has wider panels on the tank and side panels to give the seat protection against unwanted bumps or scrapes. For handling road and offroad duty with equal adeptness, reworked WP APEX 43 mm front forks now come with adjustment for rebound and compression, accessible from the top caps. The APEX shock, engineered and slotted into the bike to minimize height, has new settings orientated for the demands of adventure riding. The use of a new 9.3 mp ABS unit feeds from the 6D sensor to enable full braking power in a range of scenarios. The improved ABS is synced with the ride modes, allowing OFFROAD ABS (maximizing braking control through disengagement on the rear wheel and lowered intervention on the front) to be activated automatically in OFFROAD or RALLY mode. The KTM 890 ADVENTURE can be clicked into STREET, OFFROAD, RAIN and an optional RALLY mode to adjust engine and traction control character. An innovative DEMO setting gifts the rider the chance to try the full gamut of optional Rider Aids for the first 1,500 km before deciding whether to purchase and keep them permanently. KTM has streamlined the ride due to a new, higher screen that offers increased wind protection and is inspired by the product used on the KTM 450 RALLY. They have also packed more comfort into the 2-part seat with a new soft foam structure and a slimmer front fender for superior aerodynamics and rain protection. The overhauled 5” TFT display draws particular attention, not only for the revised hardware (bonded mineral glass for extra scratch and glare resistance) but the redesigned software system of menus and infographics that make alterations to the behavior of the KTM 890 ADVENTURE even simpler. The backlight changes intensity as it reacts to the environment and better synchronicity between the TFT and the KTMconnect App means seeing Turn-by-Turn+ navigation directions, listening to audio and taking calls has never been easier or more intuitive. A 2023 feature now enables riders to list their ‘top-10’ calls by the last ones made or favorites list and is another added convenience of the advanced setup. The Turn-by-Turn+ empowers the rider to add extra customization to their navigation details on the go and from the bike’s TFT menu without having to stop and fish around for their mobile device. Sportier graphics and more dynamic looks (the plastics are color injected and using in-mold decals where possible for extra resistance, as seen on the KTM offroad bikes) comes with other, practical additions such as the new aluminum engine and tank protector. Other additions include a handlebar switch with hazard warning, different tires for offroad emphasis thanks to PIRELLI SCORPION STRs and LED indicators. 2023 KTM 890 ADVENTURE Highlights: // Upgraded ergonomics and bodywork for more protective and comfortable riding // Low weight, proven race-derived chassis for perfect performance yet practical compromise // Revised WP Suspension settings and adjusters for more response and adaptability // Optimized travel ‘friendliness’ with better TFT menus, App options, reworked Ride Modes, higher screen and more versatile and comfortable 2-piece seat // More offroad orientated tires with PIRELLI SCORPION STRs // Two fresh color options and new racier graphics set The 2023 KTM 890 ADVENTURE R was launched in September at the 2022 KTM Adventure Rider Rally in Tamarack, Idaho, the perfect backdrop to showcase the most extreme Adventure motorcycle in KTM’s arsenal. Featuring many of the same updates as the new KTM 890 ADVENTURE but with even more hyper-focused offroad attributes, there’s one more update to share for the “R” model. The 2023 KTM 890 ADVENTURE R will now be fitted with new Mitas ENDURO TRAIL+ tires, selected to deliver offroad-focused performance and thoroughly tested by offroad legends Quinn Cody and Chris Birch. These two new middleweight Adventure machines join the flagship 2023 KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R and KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S to comprise nothing less than the most exhilarating and capable range of 2-cylinder Adventure motorcycles on the market. Both the LC8, 1,301 cc powered KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R and KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S were completely redesigned in 2022 – the former being the most offroad capable, large-displacement machine available and the latter being the sportiest Adventure street motorcycle conceivable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Some of my latest adventures include weekend trips as I’m working a full time gig now (thankfully). These new Rigg Gear bags are fantastic Got a new set of TrailMax Mission tires on a business trip back in the US and brought them back. So nice and a huge improvement over the Motoz GPS. Then another trip out to Cauca Viejo GF pretending she’s riding lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Dear Eric, thanks for your suggestions. I searched on google and found some blogs like dirt bike for 13 years. But I am a bit confused about which one should buy. Can you recommend me one? Ref. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=dirt+bike+for+kids Gearbikes Thanks
  16. You might try our sister site, ThumperTalk. We are all about big adventure motos. TT is all single cylinder dirt bikes [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Hi, I need suggestions about dirt bikes. I am looking for a dirt bike for my child. He is 12 and 5'6".I searched on google and found some blogs about dirt bikes for 13 years. But I don't understand which one will be perfect. Can you give some ideas about dirt bikes? Thanks
  18. Hi, do you still have the rear mud guard??? 60006010100
  19. Pretty cool, we want more :)
  20. Got a new podcast up at Spotify and Apple. Got a few episodes up now on: Who I am and what is XLADV So you want to become and adventure motorcyclist? Trail etiquette Group rides GPS Forums have the depth that social media like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook don't have so with forums suffering declines in traffic, I thought I'd do something like this. I've been wanting to do one for a long time but was caught up on the tech part; particularly hosting the audio file but I found a good app for that: Anchor. This is a hobby for me, not my full time job. I do it because it's fun. I hope you enjoy it and would love to get your feedback as well as ideas for new topics and guests.
  21. New rotors, sprockets, chain, gear shift arm, pads and soon a new battery (think my usb plug is a parasitic drain). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I got a tip on avoiding this issue from a KTM tech on the east coast. He says the vent lines get clogged and you can clean them (2) by blowing air (having a compressor helps) down the vent lines. He says the lines get hot then cold, wet then dry and wet again and will attract dust particles and clog over time much like your blood vessels with cholesterol. It's a good tip but I don't know how many people really do this, nor how many shops will do this as regular service. Nor do I know of other motos this is a problem on. My guess would be larger diameter lines may be a better solution?
  23. Always a great time at the High Sierra Rally , Thanks Eric for putting together a great event in the most beautiful place in the world !
  24. This link shows some fuel dangerously shooting out of the fuel cap when opened: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CiMAtMqs0PB/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link It's caused by heat boiling the gas. Not sure if this is normal yet so many report it happens a lot. My anonymous friend says he saw it a lot when testing the early 790's and 890's. Other friends with 1290's report the same issue. Haven't seen it on other bikes. Some say the "vent got pinched" but I am not sure what the true story is. Another recent development with this platform is of course the Norden 901. Great bike too and designed to extend the market beyond what KTM alone can reach. That's a good and smart thing. We all want more adv motos being sold to new riders. The differences are truly minor but I find it funny how the moto press falls all over themselves trying to tell us how VERY DIFFERENT the two are. Okay. And then in case you missed it, there's a company called CF Moto selling basically the Chinese 890. They are KTM's mfg partner in China. Nothing wrong with it but I go back to my point that most motos in the world are made in China BUT they're usually $3,000. If KTM wants to make a moto in China (or India) that's fine but it'd BETTER BE F'ING PERFECT because I'd expect a discount on the bike if made there.
  25. Hi there, same here they wouldn't let me register without a CA based insurance. What I did is contract the cheapest one I could, uploaded the contract and cancelled it 2 weeks later after receiving the registration card. It cost me $60 (the insurance) in total so that's not too bad. I'll have to redo the same next year though... Cheers.
  26. I should have done a five year with AZ but did a two year. They sent me a letter saying they don’t show it is insured so they’re cancelling the registration. But it’s in Colombia and US insurance doesn’t cover it. I may as well take $500 and light it on fire? I may get it insured to get my new tags and then cancel the insurance. Doesn’t matter if they cancel my registration again; all I need are currently tags when crossing borders. John Howard told me he set up an llc in Montana and all his vehicles are plated there. I may do that next. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    • This video came out a few weeks ago and says things we already know about how great this new bike is and how eagerly anticipated it is.

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    • In the heat of summer, experience the cooler temps (6800' elevation) and epic big bike riding in the High Sierra. Gourmet catered meals (2 dinners, 2 breakfasts), professional photography, firewood, adult beverages, hot showers, bathrooms, nearby hot springs, general store. Vendor-sponsored raffle prizes! All to benefit Motorrad Angels(motorradangels.org), a charity that provides clean water filtration kits around the world.
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    • This mirror is the product of much frustration- I spent years breaking other designs and wondering what was going on behind me on the road. Eventually, when I dropped my bike and found myself buying two(!) new master cylinders as a result, I decided it was time to make a really good mirror, one that would function well as a mirror, and also protect the bike (and me) from damage.
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    • Time, 05:15 h. My alarm clock rings and it’s time for me to get my breakfast in my stomach, take a shower and jump on my bike! The 1,5 hour drive to the TT race track in Assen took me to the TT junior track and the CRT Holland training ground for the CRE track training. Here I met with 37 fellow Suzuki riders. Greeting us where the men and women from Suzuki Motors Holland who set up this training day.
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