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  2. Dude! That Tomahawk and epic beaches. Bud, that is XLADV living. Maybe we start a moto food travel channel ... just saying. #livingyourbestlife #xladvlife be safe friend.
  3. Welp... Costa Rica border closure extended to April 1 now. I met a guy in San Juan del Sur who lives here in Estelí and he invited me back here to stay with him so I took him up on the offer. I was told the cigar factories are closed to tourists due to covid but he said no, he can get me some tours. So I did a few of those and have been enjoying the area. Had a tomahawk steak for $10 Food here is super good too! Check out our IGTV channel for the entire tour but for some great pics of the Nica Sueño factory
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  5. I had the D908 on my KTM 690. It is a great tire in most off-road scenarios. I don't ride a lot of deep sand, but it seemed to dig in well when i did. It also gripped very well on tarmac. Not noisy on the freeways. I felt that they had a short life (under 2000 miles), but I did a lot of city riding and long freeway rides to the trails, so I'm burning through most knobbies faster than most. I'm using the Motoz Rallz now on my Scrambler 1200 and love them, but they are much more noisy on the road.
  6. This is a nice pic a buddy of mine, Sam, got recently here with a girl he met locally. While my romantic activities have not exactly been as fruitful [emoji23] I am finding my time here in Nicaragua to be kind of a similar “romance” in the respect that I’m having a great time and will miss it when I leave. My place is just $10/day and I have to share it with a rather angry wasp who’s already stung my toe [emoji23]. It hurt like 10x more than a bee sting. Would not recommend it. A friend’s wife is Costa Rican and she said she called their embassy in Managua and said the border will open “next week” but most here say that’s wishful thinking. I’ll just keep surfing in the meantime.
  7. Anyone try these? I’d love to get your thoughts. I’ve seen these typically on the back of KTM 950/990’s and usually run by riders I looked up to. All I know is that they were designed for rally raid (“RR”) and have a very long life. Rich was running one in his 690 in Baja and when he got a flat, he didn’t recognize it until later that day because they’re pretty hefty and are designed to run on low pressures. I was always put off by them because I heard they were like $300 but heard they now go for as little as $170 and now come in a 150 width for the heavier adv bikes now (18” rear). There is no “D908 front,” but is paired with their D606. I hope to try one on the 990 when I get back but right now a 50/50 tire works better for this type of adventure I’m on. I think the only tire that comes close these days would be either the RallZ or Desert HT by Motoz. What Dunlop has to say about them: Designed for the speed, horsepower and weight of large-displacement rally-type machines. The D908RR is DOT approved for street-legal use. Reinforced tread blocks yield enhanced traction and stability. Generous open space around the shoulder area helps optimize traction in sand and mud. Heavy-duty casing for excellent bump absorption and allows lower air pressures for a larger footprint and increased traction.
  8. Took me long enough to get back here on the site, right? Well, I'm in the SF Bay Area now and my KLR is stuck in Mulege until I get down there after covid restrictions. Aarg! Have been busy writing but not as much riding as I'd like. Wanting that to even out more. I mean, motorcycling is the new safe sport, right? I wrote the moto adv column in Discover Baja, if you're looking for great places to explore. It's mostly about the border to the middle of Baja, Loreto-ish. It's about 4x4 and trailering your bike, too. I did a 4x4 trip across from Loreto to Scorpion Bay that was epic. Camped on the beach and learned to surf (sort of). Highly recommended. And here's the KTM 450 EXC rigged for Baja - lowered, stabilizer, Rekluse, etc. Seemed like most of the time I just hung on and let it do its thing. I'll try not to be a stranger!
  9. Missing out on winter in the states at $10 a night is pretty good choice!
  10. Mojave may not happen. Because of covid I’m not able to even conditionally reserve the site right now. They may reopen at some point but we’re 11 weeks out now and it’s getting tight. And my feeling is this person who approves the permits doesn’t want us there given she’s not been honest with me regarding when the tortoise hatchlings emerge (Sep not May). Harley is sponsoring the event so I will be bummed if we can’t make that happen. But if it does I will do my best to fly back and simply borrow a bike.
  11. But make it back in time for Mojave ride right? [emoji38]
  12. Maybe you can find a job! 😃 Or start another family...
  13. Stuck here for another month as Costa Rica extended their border closure until Mar 1. I may just stay here rather than explore more of Nicaragua because this place is just $10/night and I feel the extra month idle means I should probably save my budget for later.
  14. Not too much at the moment, balancing act with work. Outdoor dining back finally and slowly putting pieces back together. Going to be a long process. Wrenching on the 990 has been keeping me busy. TPS sensor needs dialing in along with a tune up soon. My happy place. Planning rides this season. Perhaps COBDR this year!
  15. Great article here on an experiment to boost three people’s Instagram followers. Crazy: there are 140 million people with over 100,000 followers. Obviously that’s impossible, meaning they’re nearly all fake. https://nypost.com/2021/02/02/hbos-fake-famous-reveals-tricks-used-to-gain-social-followers/
  16. Hopefully the rear brake line is tucked-up better for the production bikes.
  17. Another round of updates for the KLR-650. Kawasaki KLR®650 | Dual-Sport Bike | Escape. Explore. Envy.
  18. Thanks buddy. Gear had been great! Lots of ventilation and thankful I had it in heavy rain in Guatemala. Their Carlsbad suit is perfect for here. I thin the Adventure and Badlands might be overkill. You riding much? Peak season in CA now.
  19. Thanks buddy. Gear had been great! Blots of ventilation and thankful I had it in heavy rain in Guatemala. Their Carlsbad suit is perfect for here. I thin the Adventure and Badlands might be overkill. You riding much? Peak season in CA now.
  20. Certainly not XLADV, but still dual sport. Increasing to 300cc is a good move for this market. The KLX has to be putting out a bit more than the new CRF-300L due to a higher compression ratio. Would make for a nice addition to the garage. Kawasaki KLX®300 | Dual-Sport Bike | Capable & Powerful
  21. Wonder if the 850 is going to happen. It does seem to have a place in the market and even the CRF line-up.
  22. “When in doubt, Flash them!” Lol glad your safe, geez sounds like a lot of time wasted, but all a part of the adventure! How has the riding gear been holding up? Gortex too hot at times? Breathable enough?
  23. That must have been amazing! Yeah I think the stops are less threatening. More of just an annoyance [emoji23]
  24. Caught the replay of you recent live stream. When you were talking about the frequent and excessive police stops in Nicaragua, I recalled reading the same thing, back in the late 90's, in the book the Investment Biker. This time the stops sound a little less threatening as you and friends have described. Was station in Panama back in the late 90's. Flew to El Sal to support some nation building with a National Guard unit. We had to fly ten miles off shore when we passed by Nicaragua. Don't recall where we were in El Sal but I recall hovering over a volcano while it was spewing a bit of steam. Thing was, there were foot prints up there! 😆
  25. San Juan del Sur and day 4 of diarrhea [emoji23][emoji90] So while I could easily fly to Costa Rica or even sail there, for some reason I can’t ride there. Their land borders are closed due to covid restrictions until “at least February” which is for at least another five days or so. I’m happy to chill here for that period but when this started I said to myself I’m happy to simply turn around and come home should I encounter any of this covid hysteria. We have a vaccine now and death rates have also fallen and with the recent political changes it seems certain sectors are eager to dial back the fear factor a few notches. That leads me to think things may ease up soon but who knows? All part of the adventure as they say.
  26. FYI, got about 11,800 km on my trip so far. I left El Salvador Sunday and headed for the border with Honduras. I was going to stay the night in Honduras near the Nicaraguan border but when I got there they were closed! And I had to use a bathroom BAD! Oh well. Found a gas station down the road. My second bout of travelers diarrhea [emoji23][emoji90]. It was like 4:30 and the border was just a few miles so I decided to just go for it. The reason I blew through Honduras so quick is my covid test was good good for 72 hours and needed to kill two birds with one stone. I was going to go to San Pedro to see a Motorrad Angels volunteer who is working on the hurricane relief but he said all the work is done and he said his family was nervous about covid. Nicaragua is quite different. The immigration guy charged me $13 but wanted it in dollars and I’d just exchanged my dollars for cordobas 20 min earlier. They also don’t allow drones so, you know, I definitely don’t have that with me now [emoji23]. I did manage to get hustled by a tramitador or processor. He said I could pay a small fee and avoid a covid scan of my bike that could take hours but there’s no scan, just a scam. The Nicaraguan processor was honest and I gave him $10. A friend of a friend, Bayardo, met me at the border and we rode a short way to his place. Hospedajedonbayardo is the name. He has a hostel set up and does eco-tours of Canyon del Somoto. So I spent yesterday morning doing some canyoneering. After that I rode to Estelí and was going to stay the night and tour a cigar factory but it was just 2:00 and I figured I could make Managua so I did that. The highway police flagged me down and I played dumb like I didn’t speak Spanish so they waved me on. Not 5 min later another set of them flagged me down and said I’d passed the solid yellow line. Played dumb and they let me go again. The officer was just 23 years old! [emoji23] Then three more times they tried flagging me down and I said to myself this is bs, I’m not stopping! Never pulled over once since Sep 28 and five times in one day?!!! Id turn my head to the left as if I was looking at something really interesting on the other side of the road pretending I didn’t see them. If they chased me then fine, I’d stop but not to get shaked down or something. So I told this to a guy here and he laughed. He said “I should have told you the speed limit here is just 80 kph and auxiliary lights are illegal!” Okay. Well I know now [emoji23]
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