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  2. Just had a look at the tracks in the google drive @jasonr Gosh so many pretty colors. I have no idea what they mean lol! I remember Eric had some tracks from a few years back, but I can't find them in my Garmin. Ohh well I guess this year it will be all about making new friends, seeing some old ones and tearing it up on some new tracks! [mention=500]bruinjon[/mention] I'm not going to use the tracks we rode on! Ha! Where is this hill climb folks are talking about? The one I see all the photos of?
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  4. I've got some stuff. Still up riding in British Columbia tho. Check out my Rever.
  5. Or expedite the process of turning the dust cake into cement... Looking forward to seeing you Jason.
  6. Justin, did you manage to sign up? Still going?
  7. Crap! You just reminded me that Drew Smith threw a rock at me on Titus Cyn Rd and broke my headlight lens. It's been duct taped for months and I forgot. Time to order up a million dollar replacement I guess.
  8. I'm glad I didn't have anything to do with the death of your headlight.
  9. No roosting! My headlight got shattered at TOD.
  10. I think Greg and I are going to put together some GPX files... Greg?
  11. Do you have this as GPX? I don't pay for Rever. Also, Cam probably knows I'll take my GSA where I shouldn't so he might want to point me somewhere and follow with a GoPro for entertainment value
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  13. @westenrogers I'm new to instagram but I'm trying to take pictures everyday of me doing ridiculous things on my GSA
    I've had the same Sena SMH10 for the last 10 years! It works perfectly sense the day I bought it, probably the best and most durable piece of equipment I've owned!
    They were a bit stiff at first, hard to find the shifter and couldn't tell how much pressure I was putting on the rear brake. Now I've been wearing these regularly for the past few months with zero issue and they are finally starting to feel quite comfortable. Boots are strong and very well made. They're extremely easy to put on and take off. 10 hour days and my feet feel great afterwards. Strong straps. Very durable material that really holds up to the abuse. Great budget boot for a cheap rider!
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    O'Neal Rider Boots The O'Neal Rider Boots deliver excellent protection and performance thanks to the metal shank reinforcements paired with the injection molded plastic protective plates. Features: Injection molded plastic plates protect against impacts Metal shank insert reinforces the shape of the boot and adds support Easy to operate, Snap-Lock adjustable four buckle closure system Durable Goodyear welt sole is properly balanced with no unstable rocking Metal toe guard to protect the sole against delaminating Moderate grip sole is great for track, trail and ATV riders Air mesh interior, generous heel support and cushioned insole for extra comfort Synthetic leather heat shield to prevent heat damage Rear pull tab for extra leverage Replacement straps and buckles sold separately
    These crash bars looked like the ultimate protection for the R1200GS Adventure. In the pictures and description Heed made these bars look like an unbelievable deal, but once out of the box you can understand why they're priced like they are. Cheap welds, cheap paint and a hard to understand instruction manual. After my first drop I noticed the right side had pushed into my cylinder head. I do like the upper bar design, they feel extremely strong and mounted to the bike well. Wish they would've put more time into the lower bars.
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    PN BMWFU0081SCBG Material: Steel Bending: CNC Cutting: Laser Welds: TIG Painting: Powder Color: silver No interference with the structure of the motorcycle Kit includes all necessary parts for installation
  16. Here is the tracks posted last year: Thats my personal google drive.
  17. We are trailor if the same route out of Antioch, I'm on rever but don't have tracks, been asking early in with no response's.
  18. Pretty sure it started happening in seattle before I left but currently in India for the week.
  19. Just to confirm. What country are you posting from? The browser check is something we do for specific countries that have a high rate of bots attacking the site. I see your profile lists Washington, but I know that people travel so I'm curious if you're in a different location at the moment. If you are in the US, you may have stumble on a bug we need to fix.
  20. Tried both and get same error. It maybe related to the browser check that happens now when you go to website directly. Have 5 screenshots of error meassage but the attached appears to have the only really info.
  21. Use registration email address and password vs. user name and pw.
  22. Time has come for some new nails on Big Bertha and today she will be getting the #Motoz…

  23. Any friends on Rever? Please share tracks!
  24. Dudes, who has tracks to share? need to plan my routes! anyone riding in from East bay area? i'm plannig to ride through Tioga pass on Thursday.
  25. Recently can not login or view xladv in tapatalk. Password and username are correct.
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