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Touratech USA Windshield Adjustment Bracket w/ GPS Mounting Bar Reviews

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Nate J.


I am happy with the Tenere's stock windshield location given my height (5'6"), and find that at the stock height the wind hits me toward the top of my helmet - perfect - the perfect spot to inject airflow into my upper helmet vents!

I mainly purchased the windshield mount as it provides accommodation for Touratech's windshield GPS mounts. Really all I needed was a place to mount my GPS (covered in another review).

The quality of the mount is superb as is typical for Touratech. I found the unit easy to install and robust. I give the unit four stars instead of five because of the horrible knurled knobs that are included with the mount. The idea is that the mount is adjustable, so the four adjustment bolts are provided with knurled knobs for ease of adjustment. I had read elsewhere that these nylon knobs wear over time, get loose, and eventually sometimes fall off and get lost (they can be replaced for $9 through touratech! OUCH!).

It seems that Touratech may have tried to fix this problem by making the threaded hole in the knob smaller than the bolt thereby making it tighter? Well, after an hour of trying to thread even 1 knurled knob onto it's accompanying bolt I gave up. I used a vice, vice grips, every technique I could think of and never got the knobs to thread. I headed down to my local hardware store, and for less than 3 bucks got 4 lock washers and 4 wing nuts - problem solved. My windshield is still adjustable if need be, and I don't have to fight with the nylon knobs - they are now in the landfill.


I found that at it's lowest setting the windshield sits at the same height as stock, but sits forward a little farther away from the chassis than stock. I can't really tell a difference on the highway, so I don't find this to be problematic; although, it does look a little funny to me sitting farther out, but I'll get used to it I'm sure - see pictures in my garage under this modification for detail.

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