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Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boot Reviews

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The CE certified Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boot is positioned to the meet the needs of dual sport and adventure motorcycle riders who spend long days on the road and trail. The boot is made from full grain leather & suede and Alpinestars claims the Toucan as being 100% waterproof, provided by its GTX liner. The boot includes a host of design elements & technology, all designed to increase rider comfort and to allow the boot to be a decent walking boot when off the bike, all while maintaining good levels of support, control, and foot protection. The buckles carry over from Alpinestars top shelf off-road boots (Tech7/8/10) and they're both self aligning and cleaning for ease of use.  US sizes include 7 - 13, offered in your choice of black, black, or black (Henry Ford style). For a more comprehensive list of product features & specs, click the "Description" link on this page.


First Impressions


Right out of the box, I liked these boots. I was looking for a somewhat casual/understated boot that didn't make me look like storm trooper walking through the grocery store and these hit the mark. The lower Alpinestars logo is subtle and tastefully placed, not drawing attention to my feet. About the only "pop" is a little bright-work on the buckles that made their way over from Alpinestars Tech dirt boots, but attractive and  still subtle enough for my tastes.


In terms of the boot's overall look and feel, I think that pride of workmanship is evident in the choice of materials and construction of the Toucan boot. They just look and feel well built, where Alpinestars wanted to be sure that they'd provide buyers with a boot that would stand up to trail abuse and last for years. In terms of sizing, spot on with my normal shoe size, so I'd call them true-to-size.



When out riding, you never know what's around the next corner, especially riding in Alaska. This time of year, there's still snow, mud, and always plenty of water. Whether it's a big, deep puddle or a water crossing, sometimes there is no way around but through it. Alpinestars claims the Toucan boot as 100% waterproof due to the GTX liner and I tested this when my wheel broke through some ice on a wooded trail. My feet were fully submerged in ice cold water and I was relieved that they stayed dry and reasonably warm. In contrast, my buddy's boots didn't perform as well, riding back to the house with wet socks. Uncomfortable, but in Alaska, this can be dangerous!


I have worn these boots in temperatures ranging from -10F to 40F, riding in all sorts of conditions including snow, mud, and ice. To be clear, the Toucan is not a winter boot. When riding at -10, after about 20 minutes, my feet were starting to get cold. I just wanted to get out on the ice and play! But in warmer Alaska spring-time temps, my feet were comfortable;  not too hot or cold. In terms of the boot's soles, I found the traction to be excellent, always feeling well planted on the foot pegs. I also found them to be secure when walking on wet tile floors.


The Toucan boot is quite comfortable, both when riding or walking. There is enough support for when you're on the bike, but still enough flex to be a good walker. I ride my bike pretty much year around, including commuting, visiting friends, a romp in the woods, and even a quick trip to the grocery store (errands are always more fun on two wheels!). Regardless of the destination, the Toucan boot was well rounded enough to handle it. However, having never worn purpose built motorcycle boots, I found the extra support, structure, & mass to make shifting and braking a little more challenging. However, the guys are my local cycle shop assured me that this was pretty typical from where I was coming from and that I'd get used to the boots with more seat time. They were right and in no time, shifting and braking became more familiar.


Despite the boot being more flexible than your typical purpose built MX boot, I don't think that Alpinestars abandoned protection in the process. The Toucan features a lateral ankle protection system that creates a strong connection between the upper boot and lower foot that is very supportive, but still flexible. The heel cup and toe box are both armored and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) layers/panels are strategically placed in areas prone to impacts. Also, the sole features has integrated steel shank to support & protect your foot while also increasing its durability. Should you log enough miles to wear the sole out, they are fully replaceable.



Pros thumbsup.gif

  • Out-of-the-box comfort (no break-in req'd).
  • Casual look.
  • Truly waterproof.
  • HQ materials, fit, & finish.


Cons thumbsup.gif

  • Pricey.


Bottom-line professor.gif

Overall, the Toucan Gore-Tex Boot lives up Alpinestars claims. I like that one boot with happily pull trail duty on Sunday and a commute & errands on Monday, all without ditching safety to deliver rider comfort. I wish that they were a little cheaper, but at the same time, this boot really is a solid package. Time will tell, but I expect them to last for a while. Good job Astars!



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