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Guest beemer bunny

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bit of a lengthy read i am afraid.

below you will find the original review i left on the Klim website (left on october 18, 2016 and giving the jacket 4*), following my purchase of the jacket (through their dealer in france, on june 18, 2016) and a 2 week trip to morocco towards end september (which was in very hot and very dry conditions - only a 5 minute ride under very light rain).

TITLE: Great jacket, many improvements from previous version. Except for the collar.
I purchased this jacket a few months ago through your French distributor and have now taken a few trips with it. There is everything to love about it and it is a great improvement in comparison with the previous version, especially as far as the weight is concerned. You stay dry, no matter what, the ventilation was fantastic in 38° Centigrades (Morocco) and it is very comfortable to wear. I'd give it 5 stars... Except for the collar. The diameter is very wide, for the average person, and in case of cold or wet weather, once you have tightened the elastic of the collar, it really wrinkles it and presses rather uncomfortably against the skin and neck. The wrinkling means that cold air will still get through too. The snap button on the collar only allows a single adjustment. It also sits rather low and tends to press against the collar bone when you close it. If this new version had kept the collar system of the previous one, it would have been just perfect.

then came the return to europe in october. and the inevitable humid weather conditions we have here in autum, winter and spring. and that's when the issues with water getting through the upper arm air vent zippers became noticeable. the first time, i thought that i might have forgotten to close the vents, or might not have closed them completely. and didn't think too much of it. this happened a few times. i started questioning my skills at closing a zipper properly. but hey! how many ways can you close a zipper? only one, to the best of my knowledge.

however, last week, on july 20, 2017, after a one hour ride with 30 minutes of light rain, i arrived at my destination with both arms completely soaked through.

getting a little tired of this and with the prospect of a 6 month long trip in 2018 during which i'd rather not have to deal with such an issue, i opened a case with Klim on july 21, 2017 and sent a number of photos that were requested for their review.

in brief, their response was:

… that the external zippers of the jacket are water resistant but unfortunately they are not water proof. This could be part of the issue you are having.

the below text is quoted from their website:

The all-new Adventure Rally Jacket from KLIM® enjoys fourth-generation technology to bring you the ultimate global riding experience. Perfected in material, design and construction to be the one garment that can take you anywhere, from around-the-world trips to the brutal Dakar Rally.


the dealer i purchased it from repeated again and again, that it was 100% waterproof too. he was really trying to make a point here. mind you, he also said that the jacket was warm enough to wear in winter, which i can now honestly say is not true either. 3 layers of technical clothing and my BMW heated vest at the maximum temperature underneath it and i was still cold.

so it's waterproof, but it's not really waterproof after all.

there are some highly water resistant zippers, such as the zippers on the back of the jacket and the one of the emergency card/ID pocket, but definitely not in the exposed areas, such as the arm air vents, or even the two large chest pockets - i have had water in those too after riding in heavy rain.

so great for an around-the-world trip, as long as you avoid rainy days (even light ones...) and rainy seasons. or add a waterproof layer above your very expensive and supposedly waterproof jacket.

while some people have reported never having experienced water leakage issues, many others have.

to date (july 27, 2017), the case with them is ongoing.

i will conclude this by saying: caveat emptor

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