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Contour Roam 3 Reviews

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I've had this camera for about a month. Its very rugged and easy to use. Here are my likes and dislikes.



  • Easy to use, flip the button forward and its on.
  • Red dot makes it quick and simple to align camera.
  • Super rugged! I've dropped it and went swimming with it. Keeps on going!
  • Clearing the memory is simple, hold the format button and its wiped clean.
  • Mounts are easier to use than GoPro.


  • There's no removable battery.
  • Battery life is decent but without a removable battery your basically stuck with a dead camera until you're home.
  • The camera doesn't charge on a wall socket, only when its plugged into a computer or a TV monitor will it display charging. Weird.
  • Camera quality isn't "amazing". Perfect if you want a camera for daily riding or commuting. Prove your innocence if you get in a wreck.

I found this camera on Amazon for $89 bucks, it came with two mounts and a 8gb memory card. I bought it just for my commuting and it fits this purpose perfectly. So far I like it and it does what I want. The free program from Contour is called Storyteller. In order for you to make any changes in the settings you'll need to install this. Nothing special about the program.


Video shot with 720p setting (longest battery life). BMW K1600GT


Video shot with the 1080p setting. Ducati Mulitstrada 1200 Enduro


Another video with 720p setting. BMW R1200GSA

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