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Garmin Montana 650t Reviews

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This works...so long as you set it up. There will be some discovery learning (which is code for, "You'll screw up a few times.") My number one complaint is that I have a hard time importing GPX tracks over a certain number of points. This is probably user error, but it should be very simple in this day and age. Often, they end up split, so a day-long 220-mile track ends up turned into its components when you use Basecamp to drop it onto the Montana. Happened at the 2015 LABV, both for mine and for a Monterra that my friend James was using.

Otherwise, the 100k topo maps are garbage (don't pay extra for these when you can get better at GPSFileDepot for free) and this doesn't have bluetooth. Don't care about blue-tooth? Obviously you've never synched it up for turn-by-turn or used bluetooth to load a GPX file when no one has the stupid old-school Garmin mini-USB (virtually all Android phones use micro-USB now). Also, not once have I ever wanted to take pictures with the camera, so that wasn't worth any extra expense, but YMMV. Finally, BirdsEye imagery is a total racket. Otherwise, it's very fully featured and will do what you want for damn near any application...so long as you invest some time in learning.

If I had it to do again, I'd get a Monterra, because the Android interface is more fully featured and intuitive. I held back because in the summer of 2014, it still had bugs to be worked out. I've heard the latest update has fixed most of that.

Also, the powered AMPS mount on my bike seems to have an intermittent fault where it cuts power to the unit, causing the unit to get confused and shut off. This is extremely annoying.

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