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Best Rest Products CyclePump Expedition Tire Inflator Reviews

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Bill Dragoo's photo.
Bill Dragoo's photo.
Air is one of those elements we take for granted... until we don't have any. If that happens to be beside the trail a long way from the local tire shop or home air compressor...gasping slack jawed at the omission to the toolkit does little to help. I've tried a lot of compressors and have occasionally drawn a vacuum when one didn't work. Fortunately, I've usually been able to bend things back into shape where one was crushed in my toolkit or borrow one from a well prepared friend, but there have been some close calls. Leaving such a vulnerable piece of equipment to chance is an unnecessary risk. I recently claimed ownership to a new BestRest CyclePump EXPEDITION Tire Inflator and Gauge combination. Quality is quality and is usually easily recognizable when something is as well built as this inflator and gauge. Aircraft grade aluminum with tough plastic impact protection wrap the Made in the USA pump, preventing the transport damage issues I've dealt with with my old pump. Brass connections ensure no more breakage on the nozzle and the gauge sports not only the same quality of construction as the pump, but also has a built in Schrader valve so it can be left in line on the valve stem during inflation. I was eager to test my new kit so I gave it a go in my shop today and was first pleased with the sound. In place of the typical self destructive rattle I'm accustomed to with lesser products, this thing virtually thumped at a rate sufficient to inflate the 150/70 x 17 rear tire on my BMW R1200GS to 30 psi in just over 2 1/2 minutes. At a tidy 2" X 4" X 6", the pump is a tad larger than my old one, but the peace of mind is worth the tiny bit of added bulk. An 18" air hose and a generous 8' power cord stretch out to nearly 10'. Battery clamps, cigarette lighter and an SAE connector are supplied for power attachment. Tough and generous storage pouches keep the inflator and gauge clean and isolated from the rest of my gear. It costs more than the cheapos but quality is like that. When I'm in the woods somewhere with a flat and the sun is setting on a chilly evening, do I really care that I saved a few bucks on the lump of plastic and pot metal taking up space in my toolkit if it fails to perform? A lifetime warranty ensures that your Best Rest Expedition pump will be repaired or replaced at no charge unless you do something dumb like trying to use it to pump water or plug it into the house electrical circuit. Company owner Dave Peterson's life philosophy includes doing the right thing regardless of cost. His commitment to this way of living is demonstrated in the products he manufactures and sells. Dave represents the kind of people we like to support. As for the pump, I'll call this a must have for any well prepared adventure rider. 
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