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Kriega R15 Backpack Reviews

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4.75 / 5 stars.  Bottom line up front, I'd buy this pack again.  And again.  I only wish the bladder (especially the bite valve) it comes with was better and the main zipper was two-way.  Those are small nitpicks, as bladders are basically a "wear item" to be replaced as the occasion merits, and the zipper is mean to be water resistant.

The strength of the R15 is in its carry system where the shoulder straps come together with a single center sternum buckle.  I'm a student of carrying heavy loads in all types of conditions thanks to the US Army, and I've never had a pack I put on that simply "disappeared" like the Kriega does.  It rides so well and so securely over your upper armor, you forget about it after about a minute.  I have never experienced fatigue that was a direct result of how the pack rides, and I ride long, difficult days most of the time.  Trust me, I'm an expert in this regard! That right there is a sale made, every time.  

The inner bladder pouch in the main pouch has a top velcro strap which is great for securing the top of your bladder so it doesn't slump down as you drink your water. It also has straps to cinch down for smaller bladders, preventing slosh.  This, again, is key to how it rides so well.  The bladder itself held a plastic taste the first few times I used it and the bite valve was nothing impressive.  It is a top-fill, so you can easily dump ice into it and get into it for cleaning.  I switched to a Source Dvide dual-compartment bladder with two hoses and couldn't be happier.  Best bladder ever.  

The main pouch has room for a good sized tool roll or maybe a very compact jacket/shell.  It also has a completely waterproof inner cell phone pocket with zipper.  That actually ends up being where I keep a lot of my small tools since it sits up high.  The outer pocket has a vertical zipper on the left side and is large enough for a first aid kit, powerbars, and a few other small items.  As far as I know, the pack is expandable with a module you can secure to the outside.  I've never bothered, as it's big enough already.  

I've recommended the Kriega R15 to people who were sketchy on the $140 price tag (shipped direct from the UK via DHL from Adventure Spec, which is Lyndon Poskitt's people, so I'm happy to support) and they came away raving.  Right now, I'm searching for smaller, cheaper trail packs that have the same buckle/strap system and will fit my three kids.  I'm a believer in this design.

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