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Fox Racing Legion Downpour Jacket and Pants Reviews

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William Howard


Thanks for the opportunity to review this riding suit.  Fox Racing provided XLADV this jacket/pant combo and I was lucky enough to get to try it out!

I am reviewing the Fox Legion riding suit jacket and pants.

My initial impression when I  received these garments was the light weight, it feels like an outer shell. 


Typically,  I ride with either the Klim Badlands jacket or the BMW Rallye suit which are both sturdy, come with inner armour, and and made from thick materials, although I remove the inner armour on all my gear and wear body armor anyway.

This suit is totally different.  The fabric is thin, soft, light and very flexible. I thought I would use it riding in the local mountains for an off road ride in the morning. 

The weather was very cool around 47 degrees during the ride test and the temperatures rose to 73 later in the day.

The suit has several vents which I used as the day grew warmer. 

The jacket is water resistant and has vents in the front which can also function as pockets and there are pockets too, 2 large ones and a small one. I thought the small one would be a perfect fit for my Samsung phone, but it was slightly too small and I had to keep my phone in one of the larger pockets. I suppose the smaller pocket would fit a phone with no case or a smaller device. Although I kept my phone, wallet and sunglasses in those front pockets, the thin fabric allowed me to know exactly where all of my valuable were just by patting down the outside. Very useful. The jacket feels like a windbreaker when it's on and you can't tell your wearing it all because it is so light and flexible. I use Fox body armour for protection and the suit fit easily over my chest and arm protection which I always wear.

The pants are  made from the same material and have cooling vents and a single pocket, which is small.  The zip-tie like zipper is innovative and very easy to use especially when you need to open it on the trail during a break. My favorite feature of the pants would have to be the boot liner and the width of the pant leg. The outer, water resistant layer, zips open to reveal a waterproof liner which is closed with Velcro and snaps which prevents water from entering the boot during a water crossing. It works. In fact, I walked across the flowing stream several times with the suit on and never got my feet wet.

Both garments feature concealed., water resistant zippers which were convenient to use, reflective striping, and waterproof materials.

My overall impression is that this suit is very good for a single day ride with mostly moderate warm to hot weather. In extreme cold, I would be concerned that the suit may not be warm enough in very cold conditions under extended periods of time, based on its weight. 
Also, when compared to the other riding garments I have used in the past,  I'm not sure if  the Fox Legion would have superb abrasion resistance under extreme conditions like a crash or several crashes and I'm pretty sure that it's not waterproof making it a moderate adventurer, in my opinion. 

All in all, a very nice garment.

William Howard


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