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2012 Yamaha Super Tenere for Sale, Las Vegas, NV $6,100


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For sale is my 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 located in Las Vegas, NV, 46k miles, Asking $6,100 cash. No checks (other than cashiers check) or electronic payments. No test ride without cash in hand.

I purchased this bike used from original owner 4 years ago at 7K miles. It's been a great bike but I have been riding my other bikes more and need the space in my garage. 

It has just over 46K miles on it, with about 39k of those ridden by me. Mostly highway and pavement riding but it has been off-road and has been dropped a few times, however the crash bars prevented any damage to the bike itself. It has seen perhaps a total of 5K miles off-road with most of that gravel and forest service roads.

Clutch basket has been replaced with an OEM version from the second generation which is a recommended upgrade in the Super Tenere community. Also ECU has been flashed.

Bike is in good condition and rides without issue, however fork seals may need to be replaced  in near future.

Accessories/Upgrades include:
* ECU Flashed
* Clutch basket upgraded to second gen version
* Touratech heel guards on shifter and brake sides.
* Touratech adjustable windscreen mount with stock windshield.
* Altrider Skidplate
* Altrider Crash bars
* Amazon no name Aux lights (work really well and are super bright). 
* Touratech fog lights with guards,
* Oxford heated Grips
* Airflow Seatcover (works great especially in summer heat or in rain)
* DIY Top Box made from a Craftsman toolbox. It works very well and has USB ports with voltmeter. Approx 40Liters
* SW Motech luggage rack. Originally used to hold Givi Trekker boxes. I have also mounted Tusk soft luggage on them
* Headlight guard (clear plastic guard by Puig)
* PVC Pipe on left side that I used for tent stakes and other small items.
* Atlas Throttlelock.
* Tires are Dunlop Trailmax missions front and rear. Front has 15k miles on it, rear has 7k miles on it.
* Grip puppies foam grip covers.

Thanks for looking.














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