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GoPro HERO3 Black Reviews

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Eric Hall


I use my GoPro HERO3 Black.  A lot.  Most of you have probably seen my videos; most all having been shot using this camera.  I first bought it in August of '13 after my older HERO2 was stolen in La Paz, Bolivia.  I may use it a lot but I'm really not the advanced video technology guy.  I basically just use it the same as I did the old one.  What I'd really like to do is to study this camera more so that I can get more out of it.




  • I guess what I like most about the camera is the video is better quality.   I can really see that in my videos after uploading them to my computer.
  • I also like the wi-fi capability as it interacts with the GoPro app on my Android phone.  This is often useful when trying to see what the camera's view is; if it's pointed too low or not (my most common problem).
  • I like that it comes with a remote, as it was always a guessing game if the camera was on or not, or which mode it was in.
  • As with the previous generation, I like being able to use the open-back housing to avoid fogging but also have the option of the closed back for when it rains or using under water!
  • I ended up buying a GoPole telescoping pole-mount and that really added a new dimension to my videos.




  • It's not really that easy to figure out all the proper settings.  I was filming in 1440 p but could never get the GoPro software to render the video in 1440 p (1080 p seems to be the max).  Chris Jones from the UK figured this out, but I was never able to despite a few skype sessions between us on the topic.  As for 4k, I have no idea what they're talking about.
  • I also can't view video on the GoPro app unless I had filmed it in a dumbed-down resolution; so I can't ever use this feature.
  • They claim battery life is 30% longer, but I never noticed any longer battery life.  Mine seems to last for about 45 min of use before I have to recharge.
  • The remote was nice, except they never included the special charging cable you need to charge it!  That's extra!  I ziptied it to my handlebars and used it a bit down in Baja but then the remote battery died and I didn't have the cable with me, so I just went back to manual use and haven't used it since.
  • GoPro's are generally so fish-eyed, they're really not good at seeing action in the distance.  You really have to get close to your subject to see what's going on.
  • I was a bit surprised it did NOT come with any sd card; not even an 8k card.  I had to buy that separately.
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