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Kenda Big Block Tires Reviews

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Eric Hall


This is one of those tires that really makes you choose between the age old trade off with tires being tread life vs traction.


These tires have phenomenal traction both on and off road.  They're made of a rubber compound so the grip is fantastic.  I hear they're used quite a bit in colder climes due to that fact (studded of course).  They're described as a 60/40 (on/off road) tire but I wonder if that's true because they seem more off road to me, like 40/60 or even 30/70.


I'm really very pleased with performance on the front (21"; '11 GSA).  They're grippy, don't want to wash out and last a decent amount of time.  However... the rear (150/70/17) tires have lasted me only about 1,100 miles (in some cases less).  Now, I've heard they re-formulated the rubber to last anywhere from 15%-25% longer but I can't seem to find any verification of that anywhere.  If someone has that, please post in a follow up.  I have used one front and probably four rear tires, so I have a good bit of experience with them.


I've heard people say "at a low price (~$118 for 150/70/17) they're a great bang for the buck."  I beg to differ.  If I go through three Kenda Big Blocks ($354/3300 miles) for every TKC-80 ($180/3200 miles) then my cost/mile is double for the Big Block; not such a good deal after all.  Now if for some odd reason, you're getting close to 3200 mile off a rear Big Block then God bless you!  Jimmy Lewis loves his Big Blocks, but I think he also gets a deal on them.  He unloaded a lot of them about a year ago for a good price.  I hear they were the older, softer compound and Kenda wanted to clear them out to make room for the new rubber (haven't verified this).


If I lived in MN or Calgary and was going to stud my tires for winter, this would be the tire for me.  Not here in sunny SoCal though :(

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