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Twinmax Electronic Carburetor Balancer Reviews

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I recently used a TwinMax balancer to calibrate my throttle bodies. I'm extremely pleased.

I've used a SyncPro in the past with good results (or so I thought), but my unit needs to have the fluid replaced again. It can evaporate if you forget to cap it off in storage (or the guy you lent it to doesn't cap it off). It's kind of a hassle to replace the fluid. And the readings are not as fine as I would really like. So I looked into the TwinMax, which is highly recommended by a lot of other BMW wrenchers.
I used it a couple of days ago to balance the throttle bodies on my '06 R1200GS.

The TwinMax is a lot easier to use than a manometer because it doesn't have to be vertical. You can hold it in your hand or set it down nearby. I set it on the under-seat storage while working, I could see it clearly while I had both hands on the cable adjusters.
The TwinMax also appears to be a lot more sensitive than a manometer, giving very fine readings in vacuum differential and being easy to calibrate before use. I was able to rough-in the adjustment on the TwinMax's medium sensitivity level, and then fine tune it until I had good readings at the highest sensitivity.

Today I took the bike for a test ride.
The bike runs better than it has since I've owned it. It's never been this smooth, not even after what I thought was a really good balance on the throttle bodies using the SyncPro.
I don't think it was very far out of balance before, but when you can get it JUST RIGHT, the smoothness is incredible.

I highly recommend this for balancing the boxer.

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