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BMW Motorrad Navigator V Reviews

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I love how I can see everything on this GPS. Tire pressure, engine temp, ambient temp, MPG, Range est... etc Perfect touch to a already perfect bike

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After taxes, and some blood, we fitted the Nav 5 for navigation on the bike. Mostly because, on the '14 GS Adv and various other R-models, it was made for it. The wonder wheel on the left grip and GPS prep package contributed to the easy sell. If not, the GPS prep does give you a nice little bar to clamp things to, but for the most part, having the Nav 5 (Garmin) up there is just convenient for going places.

In other news, I only use the Nav when I have no clue where I need to go, and for the most part it is a distraction. The display off function works very well to get your eyes back on the road.

Garmin's being what they are, Basecamp is a horrific experience and better suited for those who are technologically seasoned and can stand to learn a software from the 90's era. Mostly good for reviewing and importing tracks and managing waypoints. For me, its 50/50 on if the route I created in Basecamp is going to recalculate, and to see lower level roads or dirt roads, you have to zoom so far in its useless. My favorite trick is planning in Google maps, using gpsvisualizer (dot com) to converter that route into a track (.gpx) and then bringing that over in Basecamp. Then the damned thing recalculates the route anyways, so I usually just drive off of tracks and if I get to far off that's when we go to active routes.

The newer boxer engines get the added ability to display telemetry. This is fun, and you can zoom in to basically get your Trip 1 and Trip 2, or whatever data you need to be big and up front. For running roll charts or other data, this is probably better suited than the map screen. I typically like seeing Trip 1 and Range.

Cost wise, you're only another hundred out over the latest and greatest Zumo's, and the benefits of having telemetry, and an aesthetically pleasing device may drive your desires to buy it. Needless to say, I haven't regretted the cost, but one could do just fine with a ram mount cradle and a smartphone nowadays.

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