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Scorpion Yosemite Jacket Reviews

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I've been in the market for a set of all-season gear for quite some time now with the objective of extending my riding season. Spring time in North Carolina can have some pretty wild temperature fluctuations, with mornings hovering in the low 40's and afternoons up into the 70's! I have been very impressed with all the Scorpion gear that I've used in the past, so I decided to see if they had something that would meet my needs. The Scorpion Yosemite Jacket looked interesting, being positioned as true all-season & weather garment.


Product Overview

The Yosemite Jacket is part of Scorpion's XDR (eXtreme Distance Rider) line of gear. It comes in three color schemes: all black, grey/red/black, and tan/grey/black. I chose the grey/red/black color scheme. The jacket system is made up of three components: 


1) Outer shell

2) Removable wind-proof/waterproof liner

3) Removable thermal liner


The outer shell is made from 500 denier nylon (ballistic nylon) main body material with 1680 denier nylon abrasion zones on the arms, elbows, and shoulders. Sas-Tec CE armor in the elbows (extending down the forearms, about half-way to the wrist) and shoulders with a vented foam back protector that can be upgraded to a Sas-Tec Level 2 protector. The jacket is also compatible with an integrated kidney belt (sold separately). The rider's neck is fully covered when the jacket is fully zipped/closed-up and is kept comfortable and dry with a sewn-in neoprene liner.


To beat the heat, the jacket contains seven vents, including two large chest vent panels, a FULL back vent panel, full-length arm vents, and a torso vent on either side.  The chest vents include an internal panel that you can control with zippers to get the airflow exactly the way you want.  All external vent zippers (arms, back, and torso) are sealed to keep the rain on the outside of the jacket (where it belongs!).


For cold or wet days, zip in the water/wind-proof liner and/or the thermal liner and you're good to go. 


On the storage front, Scorpion has you covered there as well. The front chest vents also double as pockets and are sized for things like a map, energy bar, or other small items. In addition, there are two waterproof pockets on the front and a huge pocket on the back side. Inside you have a waterproof breast pocket on the left-front of the jacket that is accessible even with the liners zipped in.


Fit and finish is top notch, with plenty of NightViz reflective piping in strategic spots. In addition, Scorpion branding is prevalent on the sleeves and back of the neck with subtle 3D Scorpion logos on the upper back panel and just below the shoulders on each arm.



I have been wearing the Scorpion Yosemite Jacket (paired with the Scorpion Trey Pant)  every day for the last three weeks, rain or shine. On a particularly cold day (41 degrees F), I wore only a t-shirt under the jacket with all the liners zipped in. While comfort is a personal thing, none-the-less, I was perfectly comfortable at speeds up to 80mph. There was NO wind penetration at all! This jacket, with the AirGuard windproof/waterproof liner is 100% windproof AND waterproof. On another day, I had the pleasure to make my 30-40 minute commute in heavy rain with the temperature hovering around 42 degrees (F). Wearing my dress shirt and slacks under this gear, I arrived warm and completely dry, including my neck/collar! I was stunned that there was absolutely no water penetration whatsoever!


The liners can easily be removed with a couple zippers and snaps in the sleeves and torso area. To completely install/remove the liners takes about 3-4 minutes tops. In terms of getting a good fit, there are plenty of easy-to-use Velcro adjustment straps that allow for a customize fit for just about any body type. With all the liners installed, the jacket weighs in at just over 6 pounds (2.7kg). 


The jacket has plenty of ventilation. With all 7 vents open, enough air flows through the jacket that you barely realize you are wearing one. One thing to note: if you want complete wind blockage, you must have the AirGuard windproof liner installed. Just running the shell with the the thermal liner won't block the wind and you will feel the chill on a cold day. 


For reference on size, I am about 5'11", 212lbs with an athletic build. I went with the XL size which fits me perfectly.


Pros    thumbsup.gif

  • Stylish and extremely functional.

  • True 4-season performance, rain or shine, hot or cold.

  • Excellent fit & finish.

  • 100% windproof and waterproof with the liners installed.
  • Excellent value for the money.

Cons   thumbsdown.gif

  • I would like to see some foam or neoprene padding on the inside of the Sas-Tec elbow armor. When you bend your arms (E.g. opening or closing your helmet visor or adjusting the volume on a helmet-mounted Bluetooth headset), you can feel your elbows hitting the hard surface of the armor. Certainly not a show stopper and a non-issue in the riding position.


Bottom-line   professor.gif

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the engineering & innovation that went into the Scorpion Yosemite Jacket. It can easily replace all your other season-specific jackets. I am one of those ATGATT guys, so having riding gear that allows me to ride almost year around here in NC is important to me. The Yosemite jacket allows me to do that with style, comfort, and confidence that I'll be protected in a rider-down situation. You can't go wrong with this latest entry Scorpion's touring jacket lineup!


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