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This is my first high-level jacket so my review may be a bit biased.

As I like to shop at my local dealer's whenever I can because I'm just the inquisitive monkey sort anyways my eye lighted on this jam in XXL on the rack. The 599.00 or so seemed a bit on the luxe side so after a good friend adjusted my price I left with said jacket.

I wasn't originally going to purchase a wet weather dedicated jacket as I had been served well so far with a set of frogg toggs over my Olympia or Triumph own brand jackets but since I had gotten a set of Monarch Pass trousers with suspenders I felt I should probably pony up for a jacket and ditch the separate outer wear which is a PAIN to put on trail side anyways.

Come the first big soakers of Spring and I'm up at Mt.Hebo in rain of all descriptions and not a drop gets inside except around openings like the neck and sleeves because of removing my equipment from time to time. Since I was wearing a Scorpion balaclava and glove liners no big deal. The venting works well although you can leak some water through especially on the long full length rear vents when fully open. The front two bottom pockets are waterproof but I'm not too sure about the uppers as my insurance cards all melted in my wallet and the zippers are not too well thought out for waterproofing there. Good access though and if I hadn't been reaching in and out on occasion for fueling and such it might've stayed dry. I've since learned to keep my important cards and papers in the pocket on my right sleeve.

The jacket comes with many neat features such as a built in kidney belt with adjustment and a removable chest armor plate that set this jacket apart from many in the field, especially at this price point. It was manufactured in Viet Nam and exhibits the typical quality associated with that country's textile products. It also has the usual adventure jacket trappings such as zipper in back for trousers, pockets everywhere and cinch down hook and loop adjustment straps on the body and the sleeves.

I had the chance to find out how well the D30 armor works under field conditions and I'm happy to say that thanks to this jacket I was saved from far worse injury.

I was riding up at Mt.Hebo at about 3200-3500 feet in a section that I had been down just a few weeks prior and I was having a lot of difficulty with my pinlock on the cheapy modular Helmet I chose to wear that day. As I was negotiating a stretch of what formerly was gravel road I felt my front wheel go into what turned out to be a rut in what used to be a PAVED road! Since getting out was impossible I was sent straight down the rut to a concrete slab that had heaved itself up due to the rains which promptly flipped my bike and I onto my left side into a concrete curb which runs down either side of the gravel at that point.

The bike hit the left barkbuster, tank and radiator shrouds and the crash bars and I landed on my left shoulder with a sickening pop. After popping my shoulder back in and righting the bike I was amazed to discover that my Jacket had taken all this in stride! All that I could see was a little 4-5 cm. mark where my shoulder had hit and that was it. My side was a complete bruise and lump mind you and I didn't ride there again for a couple of weeks while waiting for parts but I was so impressed that I wrote it up on ADV in the Yukon section as I wanted Scorpion to know what a great product that I felt they were making.

I was really surprised when the designer of the jacket got back to me personally thanking me for the feedback and promising to make running changes to the sleeves based on my suggestions. Apparently he designed jackets for another well known high end manufacturer but felt that they were pricing them out of reach of mere mortals and wanted to bring an ADV jacket to market at a more attractive price. I'd say he and Scorpion have risen to the challenge as that selfsame manufacturer's items are on display at the very dealership I bought my jacket at and outside of price and country of origin I don't see a lot of difference.

To sum it up, I won't be caught out without it. As far as I'm concerned it saved me major injury and is still in a serviceable condition thereby ensuring that I will look at other products being made by Scorpion. Great Product and good follow up equals future sales.

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