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Bikemaster Universal Rear Stand Reviews

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Bryan Bosch


I bought this for tire changes and other wheel, drive, rear braking maintenance. The stand is super easy to assemble, but the tolerances, between the square bobbin brackets shaft and the square tube that it slides within leaves a bit to be desired. They don't slide in/out without some persuasion from a hammer, but I put a thin layer of grease to help out. Now that they are set in place for the width of my swingarm, I don't have any reason to adjust them. But, if you had several bikes, I suspect that this mechanism would loosen up with a bit of use.

Lifting the bike requires not a lot of effort and once lifted, the bike is quite stable. The stand sits on a pair of R&G Racing paddock stand bobbins

For shop use, this stand/set-up works quite well.

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